Soora 54


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[The Prophet salam to him passed by a group of Quraish tribesmen, who mocked him saying: if truly you are a messenger of God, then divide the moon in two halves, and we shall believe you!

Therefore, this soorah (or chapter) was revealed:]

[2] 1. The hour [of their death] has become imminent a, and the moon was detached [from the earth in the past, and will split b into two halves in the future, before Doomsday.]


[3] 2. Yet if they see a [miraculous] sign c they turn away, and say: "A magic!" continuously d.


[4] 3. And they deny [you, Mohammed e], and follow their own desires and [the command of] every luxurious commander. f


[5] 4. And there have come to them such tidingsg as indicate a deterrent h.


[6] 5. A wisdom i far-reaching but [the admonishing of] warners profits not [their peoples, who rather insisted on demanding the miracles.] j


1 a And We will punish them according to their stubbornness and mockery.

1 b The reason of its splitting is because of the depletion of the earth gravity, because the gravity collects the parts of the gravitated object and does not allow its break-up. And because the moon is attracted to the earth, then after the finishing of the earth gravity, its parts will break up. So at that time, the moon will split into two halves, then the sun will draw it to itself.

However, this aya has been explained in details, in my book The Universe and the Quran




2 c i.e. an objective miracle which they demand of you, and they see it taking place, they will turn away from you, and will keep up saying: magic!

This in fact is their reaction to the past messengers.

2 d Their saying magic is continuous at every time; it means: they continue to say this word and mockery: the grandfathers and the grandsons.




3 e As did the past nations deny.

3 f It means: They follow their chiefs and their commands.




4 g i.e. some of the tales of the ancients who denied the messengers.

4 h i.e. it includes a deterring and warning: about the various kinds of chastisement which afflicted the former generations, on account of their denying the messengers.




5 i It is the admonition and the knowing about the truth. It is opposite of the ignorance and the childish thinking and behavior.

It means: a sound admonition.

5 j i.e. the admonishing of the messengers who warned their peoples did not avail them from the objective miracle, because such admonitions did not influence those associaters.

In other words, the associaters did not accept the admonition instead of the miracle which they demanded and insisted on.



[7] 6. So [O Mohammed] turn away from them [after having warned them.]

[They will be punished on] the day when [Israfil ] the 'Caller' will call to something denied [by disbelievers and atheistsa.]


[8] 7. With humbled eyesights b, they will come forth from graves c like locusts scattered abroad [in the space.]


[9] 8. In compliance to [and following after the voice of] the Caller d, [and going up to him]:

"This is a distressful e day", the disbelievers will say.


6 a It is the punishment and disgrace that will afflict them in the Gathering-together.




7 b Because of the extreme exposure and shame among souls.

7 c They in fact resided in graves to protect them from the rays and heat of the sun, because there will be no place to protect them from the sun but only the graves; that is because mountains will disperse and be leveled with the plain land.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 20: 105-107, which means:

(They ask you [Mohammed] about the mountains [of Mecca, on that day.] Say [to them]: "My Lord, will smash them [into scattered dust.]"

So He will leave it as a level plain [in which there will be no hill or valley.]

Wherein you will see neither any elevation nor any depression.)

The meaning: Souls will get out of graves and scatter in the space like the locust coming [in large number and] scattering in the sky.

The reason that they will get out of graves, because the earth will split up and so they will be exposed from the earth; as in His saying be glorified in the Quran 50: 44, which means:

(On the day when the earth will split up, off them, hastening forth [they will come.])

It means: The earth will split up, off them, while being inside the graves, so they will get out of them and scatter in the space, then Israfil will call them to the Gathering together and they will gather at him.




8 d He is Israfil , one of the angels.

8 e Including difficulties for us and suffering.



[In these ayat, God be glorified mentioned the story of Noah with his people, and He said:]

[10] 9. The people of Noah, before [the people of Mecca], disbelieved [the punishment with which Noah threatened them a]; they disbelieved [the message of Noah:] Our servant, and said: "[He is a man] possessed!" And he was repulsed. b


[11] 10. Then [Noah] called on his Lord: "I am one overcome; then help [me against my people.]"


[12] 11. So We opened the gates of the sky, with water c pouring down profusely.


[13] 12. And We caused the earth to gush forth with [a large number of water] springs; so the water [of the sky and the earth] met for a decreed purpose [: to terminate Noah's people.]


[14] 13. And We bore him on [a vessel made] of planks [bound together] with thin ropes. d


[15] 14. Which ran [upon the water] in Our sight e, as a reward for him that was rejected f.

[16] 15. And We left [that event] as a sign [and lesson for later generations g.] Is there, then, any that will receive admonition h?


[17] 16. Then how [terrible] My chastising [them] and My warning were!


[18] 17. And We have made the Quran easy [to you] for admonition i. Is there, then, any that will be admonished [with it?]



9 a In case they did not believe.

9 b i.e. they rebuked and rejected him, and warned him that he should not speak such words neither should he forbid them the worship of the idols, or else they would pelt him with stones.












11 c Which did not stop for forty days.












13 d The ship was made of planks of wood tied together with thin ropes instead of nails, because they had not nails at that time, then it would be painted with pitch.





14 e And under Our observation.

14 f i.e. for whom they disbelieved and whose message they denied.





15 g Who will succeed after them.

15 h So that he may comply with the command of Our messenger and turn to God in repentance.







17 i i.e. so that you may be admonished with it.



[Then God be glorified mentioned another tribe that disbelieved:]

[19] 18. The [tribe of] Aad unbelieved [their messenger: Hood, so We destroyed them with the hurricanes]; then how [terrible] My chastising [them] and My warning were!


[20] 19. We loosed against them, on a day of ill-luck, a blast of cold wind a continuous [for seven nights and eight days.]


[21] 20. Plucking out men [from the ground and throwing them; so they die, and be] like stumps of palm-trees b cast [on the ground.]


[22] 21. Then, how [terrible] My chastising [them] and My warning were!


[23] 22. And We have made the Quran easy [to you] for admonition. Is there, then, any that will be admonished [with it?]










19 a It is the very cold hurricanes in Winter.





20 b God be glorified described them that they had huge bodies, so He likened them to the stumps of palm-trees.



[Then, God be glorified mentioned another tribe who denied the messengers, and He said:]

[24] 23. [The tribe of] Thamood unbelieved the warning [of the messengers.]


[25] 24. And they said: "Shall we follow a human being: one of us, [and discard what our fathers worshipped?]

[If we followed him], we would indeed be in error [far from the correct way] and suffering from madness!"


[26] 25. "Has the admonition [: the revelation] been particularly cast to him exclusive of us? But rather he is a liar, who covets [to be our leader.]"a


[So God disapproved their words and said:]

[27] 26. They shall surely know tomorrow [when the chastisement will come to them] which one is the liar b that covets!


[28] 27. For We are going to send the she-camel so as to try them, so watch them c [O Salih] and forbear [their hurt] patiently.


[29] 28. And tell them that the water is to be shared between them [and the female camel]: each [of them and the female camel] is to be present [at the water-spring] to drink in turn [every other day.] d


[30] 29. And they called their comrade [Qaidar, son of Salif] who drank [wine] and hamstrung [the female camel, while he was drunken e.]


[31] 30. Then, how [terrible] My chastising [them] and My warning were!


[32] 31. [For] We sent on them [the chastisement as] one [single] blast f, so they became like the dry stubble collected by one who pens [cattle.] g


[33] 32. And We have made the Quran easy [to you] for admonition h. Is there, then, any that will be admonished [with it?]



















25 a It is like His saying be glorified telling about the words of the associaters, in the Quran 23: 24, which means:

(He is only a mortal like yourselves; he seeks to gain superiority over you.)





26 b Is it Our messenger, or are they the liars?

This in fact is a threatening for them with the chastisement.





27 c And see what they will do.






28 d i.e. one day for them, and one day for the she-camel; so if the day is for the camel, she will come to the water-spring and drink; and if the day is for them, they will come to the water-spring and take the water, because it was little and insufficient for them and the she-camel all together. Therefore, they kept up to that for a little time, then they were bored with that, and they intended to kill the she-camel.




29 e So God terminated them with the earthquake.







31 f Which was the sound of the earthquake and the sound of the ceilings and walls when they fall.

31 g It is the broken parts of trees, collected by the one, who keeps the sheep in the pen, and which he uses for his sheep.




32 h It has also been explained about Prophet Salih in the Quran 7: 77, 11: 62,

26: 142 and 27: 45.



[Then God be glorified mentioned the story of Lot with his people, and He said:]

[34] 33. The people of Lot unbelieved [the messengers] who warned them.


[35] 34. We loosed on them [a shower of] pebbles a, save Lot's family whom We saved at the pre-dawn time.


[36] 35. A blessing from Us; even so We reward those [of your nation, Mohammed,] who are thankful. b


[37] 36. Indeed, [Lot] had warned them of Our 'punishing and chastising'; but they denied and disputed with [the messengers] who warned them.


[38] 37. They even asked him to give to them his [three] guests, so We obliterated their eyes [with blindness; saying to them:] "Taste now My chastising and My warningc."


[39] 38. And the [earthquake] punishment came upon them early in the morning, so [the wreckage] settled upon them. d


[40] 39. So taste [you] My chastising and My warning.


[41] 40. And We have made the Quran easy [to you] for admonition. Is there, then, any that will be admonished [with it?] e






34 a Which fell down and killed those who escaped the earthquake.




35 b So that We save him from the earthquake if it afflicts them.






37 c Of which I warned you; that is the disgrace and shame other than the chastisement in the Fire.




38 d And they were buried under the wreckage.






40 e So as to receive the admonition.



[42] 41. To the folk of Pharaoh, [the messengersa] came to warn them.


[43] 42. [But] they denied all Our [nine] miracles; so We seized them [with chastisement and drowning]: a seizing of One Almighty and Most Able [to have vengeance.]



41 a They were Moses, Aaron and the believer of the people of Pharaoh, and before them had been Joseph.



[Quraish tribesmen said: Should there be any sending to the Next Life and any requital, as does Mohammed say, then we will have there a better condition than Mohammeds companions will have; for God will surely give to us out of the prosperity of the Next Life and will not chastise us, because we have not disbelieved in the gods; while Mohammeds companions have disbelieved in our gods!

Therefore, His saying be glorified in this aya was revealed:]


[44] 43. So are your disbelievers better than those, [out of you, who believe?] a

Or have you [been promised] some immunity [against the punishment] in the [heavenly] scriptures? b


[45] 44. Or do they say: "We are a majority, united [to one religion], and will [certainly] be victorious [on the minority?]"


[So God be glorified said:]

[46] 45. Certainly the multitude [and majority] shall be defeated [in the battle], and turn their backs [running away.]


[47] 46. But the Hour [of their death] is their appointed tryst [for punishment], and the Hour [: the Afterlife punishment] will be more calamitous and more bitter [than the punishment in the World.c]


[48] 47. Surely the guilty are in error [far from the truth] and are crazy d.


[49] 48. On the Day [of Doom] when they will be dragged into the Fire upon their faces; [ it will then be said to them:] "Suffer the painful chastisement of Saqar e












43 a The meaning: Do you think that your disbelievers who disbelieve in the Quran, will be better than those of you who believe in Mohammed, to whom the Quran was revealed, and ally with him? No, it is not like that you think.

43 b No, at all; neither this nor that.



















46 c It means: the chastisement of the Next Life is more severe than the chastisement of the life of the World is.






47 d i.e. having mental disturbances.




48 e Saqar is one of big suns; it in fact is the Fire with which God threatens disbelievers and associaters.



[50] 49. Surely, We have created every thing a [to last] for a certain limited [time, and then will vanish.]


[51] 50. And Our commandment [to anything We want to destroy] is but one [wordb], as the twinkle of an eye [in its speed.]


[52] 51. We even have destroyed the likes of youc; is there then any that will be admonished [with this?]


[53] 52. And everything that they have done is [written] in the books [of their deeds.]


[54] 53. And every [sin], whether major or minor, is inscribed [in that book, so following their death We shall punish them accordingly.]


[55] 54. Surely, those who ward off [the disobedience of God] will be amid Gardens and [flowing] rivers,


[56] 55. In a place of true [promise d] of a King, Most Able e.



49 a The word thing means the matter; the indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 55: 26, which means:

(Whosoever upon the [earth] shall perish.)

It means: Every body of the animate beings will tear up and will vanish after death.




50 b That is to say to it: Be destroyed! And it will immediately be as We want.




51 c i.e. the past generations who were like you in the disbelief.


















55 d i.e. in the place to which We promised them, and in which We will fulfill Our promise.

55 e To admit the disbelievers into the Fire, and to admit the believers in Paradise.

The meaning: they will be in His neighborhood: together with the angels in the spiritual heavens, under the Throne. And God is above them over the Throne.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 54 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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