Soora 69


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. [The Doomsday] 'that which will undoubtedly come true.' a


[Then God be glorified said:]

[3] 2. What is 'that which will come true'!? b


[Then God be glorified said:]

[4] 3. But do you know [when it will take place] 'that [Doomsday] which will come true'!? c


[5] 4. [The tribes of] Thamood and Aad denied the 'Stunning' [Doomsday.]


[Then God be glorified started to explain how He destroyed such deniers of the messengers (or apostles), and He said:]

[6] 5. As to Thamood d: they were terminated by the 'extremely severe and successive' [earthquake.]


[7] 6. And as to Aad e, they were destroyed by a roaring, violent hurricane.f


[8] 7. Which He unleashed against them for seven nights and eight days [consecutive] g; and which cut [the trees and palms] like [the cutting by the sword]; so that you would see the people laid [prostrate: dead on the ground], as if they were hollow stems of palm-trees. h


[9] 8. And can you see any of them left surviving!? [No, they all perished.]


[10] 9. Pharaoh, and before him the [nations who denied their apostles], and the overturned [cities of Lot's people; all of them] invented the false [doctrine.]


[11] 10. And they [: each of them] rebelled against the messenger of their Lord; so He overtook them with a surpassing overtaking [with punishment.]


[12] 11. When the waters surged [in the time of Noah], We bore you [: your ancestors and grandfathers] in the [ship] that sailed [upon the water.]


[13] 12. To make that [event] an admonition for you i, and that the attentive ear may receive it j.


1 a Doomsday will inevitably take place according to a true promise of God.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 10: 55, which means:

(Surely God's promise is true, but the most of them have no knowledge.)

In addition, God be glorified said also in the Quran 31: 33, which means:

(Surely the promise of God [about the judgment, the punishment and the reward] is true; so let not the Worldly life deceive you [with its ornamentation, and so divert you from remembering God])




2 b Such interrogative exclamation implies that it is extremely important and very serious.




3 c The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 42: 17, which means:

(And what will make you [Mohammed] know that the 'Hour' [of their death] may be imminent.)

Moreover, this is in the Quran 33: 63, which means:

(You [Mohammed] do not know, [neither do they] perhaps the hour [of death of some of them] may be imminent.")




5 d People of Prophet Salih.




6 e The people of Prophet Hood.

6 f i.e. a cold wind having a roaring sound of its blowing and moving in the atmosphere. The wind was with extreme speed, exceeding bounds, which destroyed everything it passed by on account of its force and severe movement; which is called the hurricane.




7 g Till it destroyed and terminated them as a whole, so it was afterwards called The coldness of the old woman.

7 h Which has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 54: 20.



























12 i Which you should always remember and thank God for that He made you of the seed of the believers who embarked in the ship together with Noah, and so you have come to existence.

12 j i.e. the ears which hear and listen to the admonition, may hear and understand it.


[14] 13. So when the 'Horn' is blown with one blast. a


[15] 14. And the earth [together] with mountains shall be borne, and crushed with one crash b.


[16] 15. On that day will the inevitable c [event] occur.


[17] 16. And the [gaseous layers of the] sky d will split; for on that day the [sky] will be shabby e.


[18] 17. The angels will be on its sides [driving people to the 'gathering- together']; and above the [souls] on that Day [of Doom] will eight [etherealf heavens] bear the Throne of your Lord.


[19] 18. On that day, you [all] will be displayed g [to the sight]; no [soul] of you [was hiding] can then hide h.


13 a The 'Horn' is the crust that will form for the sun after the end of its life and the cooling down of its surface. The blowing will issue from its core: it will be the gases that will emerge through a crack occurring in the sun [crust] which will be accompanied by a great sound that will be heard by [all] the inhabitants of the earth and the inhabitants of the planets.

In my book The Universe and the Quran I have fully explained about The Horn




14 b i.e. they will be demolished all at once.




15 c i.e. Doomsday will take place.




16 d i.e. the gaseous layers of the earth atmosphere; i.e. the atmosphere will tear up together with the earth, and its gases will mix with each other to be a smoke.

16 e i.e. torn up and split up.




17 f i.e. spiritual. While now seven heavens bear it.

This is like His saying be glorified in the Quran 23: 86, which means:

(Say: "Who is the Lord of the seven [ethereal] heavens, and the Lord of the Throne [of Glory] Supreme?")




18 g In the space.

18 h Even though it was hiding inside the earth; because the earth will tear up; therefore, where will you go and in which place may you hide?

These ayat have been explained in details in my book The Universe and the Quran



[20] 19. Then anyone, given his book [of deeds] by his right [hand], will say [to the people in the gathering-together]: "Come, and read my book [of deeds!] a "


[21] 20. "[In the life of the World], I believed for certain that I will receive my account [and reward in the Next Life, so I worked for it.]


[22] 21. Then [on that day] he will be in a life [of bliss] pleasing [to him.]


[23] 22. In a lofty Paradise [in the seven spiritual heavens.]


[24] 23. The fruits whereof being near [at hand] for culling.


[25] 24. [Then it will be said to them:] "Eat [of the fruits of the Garden] and drink [out of its rivers] with good digestion [in recompense] for [the righteous deeds] that you forwarded in the days gone by.



19 a He says this gladly, because he knows it contains only the obedient acts, so he will not be ashamed that they may look at and read it.



[26] 25. But as for him given his book [of deeds] in his left [hand] he shall say [regretting and sighing]: Would that I had never been given my book [of deeds.]


[27] 26. "And that I had never known about my accounting!


[28] 27. "Would [death a] have brought about the end [of my life forever b.]"


[29] 28. "My wealth has not availed me [of anything.] c "


[30] 29. "My authority is gone away from me!" d


[31] 30. [Then God will say to the angels:] "Take him and shackle him e."


[32] 31. "Then broil him [by casting him headlong] in Hell." f


[33] 32. And thrust him in a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits [: winding that chain around him.]"


[34] 33. For he did not believe in God, the Great.


[35] 34. "And he used [neither to feed], nor to urge [people] on feeding of the needy."


[36] 35. "Therefore, today he has not here any intimate [friend to benefit him, nor any relative to save him from the punishment.]"


[37] 36. "Neither any food [to eat] saving the 'Ghislien' g "


[38] 37. "Which none but the erring [n their religion and doctrines] h eat."


27 a In which I died in the World.

27 b So that neither would I have seen the book [of my deeds], nor would I have known about the accounting.




28 c i.e. my wealth has not profited me anything today, neither has it helped me in avoiding Gods punishment.




29 d i.e. the companions, assistants and sons with whom I had power and hope for their help in the day of distress; all these have gone away from me; so neither may anyone of them profit me today, nor may anyone save me from the chastisement.




30 e i.e. chain him with shackles.




31 f This is the chastisement of the Barzakh [or the Afterlife] before the chastisement of Doomsday; the hell is the volcano; because every big fire is called a hell. The indication of this is His saying be glorified about the story of Abraham, in the Quran 37: 97, which means:

(They said [one to another]: "Build for [burning] him a building, and throw him into the blazing fire. ")

Therefore, any aya in the Quran similar to this one: that the angels take them to the fire or drive them or what is alike this will be special for the Barzakh [or the Afterlife.]

While on Doomsday, the gravity of the sun will draw them towards it, and the angels have nothing to do with admitting them into Hell.

For this reason, God be glorified said in the Quran 52: 13, which means:

(On the day [of Doom] when they will be thrust along, with an [incessant] thrust, into the fire of Hell.)

It means: they will assault Hell fire in groups and masses; and that is because of such gravity, and not by their own will.

Moreover, God be glorified said in the Quran 19: 71-72, which means:

(Every one of you, [people], without exception, will go towards [Hell]; that is an inevitable ordinance of your Lord. Then We shall save [from the gravity of Hell] those who warded off [God's disobedience], and shall leave the wrong-doers crowding therein.)

This will take place on Doomsday, because the sun will draw them altogether the believers and the disbelievers.

Then God will save those who avoid the association so that they do not associate anything with God in the worship, but they are sinners, therefore, the angels will save them from the fire after they fulfill their punishment in it.

While those who die before Doomsday, they will be involved in this aya, because they fulfill their punishment on earth, then the angels will take them to the Paradise or Garden of Refuge, if they are believers and monotheists [who consecrate their worship exclusively to God alone.]

The punishment on earth is of many kinds: some of them are imprisoned in his home, some of them are imprisoned in the desert under the sun rays and heat, some of them are imprisoned in his grave together with his dead body, and some of them are tormented in the fire: in volcanoes; and this is according to their sins.




36 g It is a plant, like the saltwort used for washing clothes; which is also called the Ghasool in Arabic.



37 h i.e. those who did not follow the religion of the truth, but followed the religions of falsehood.



[39] 38. No, I swear by [the earth and the planets] that you see,


[40] 39. and by [the gaseous layers above the earth] that you do not see! a


[41] 40. That the [Quran] is the recital of [Gabrielb:] a messenger honorable [before God.]


[42] 41. And it is not a recital of a poet [as you think]; but only a small number of you do believe [in God and His messenger.]


[43] 42. Nor is it the recital of a soothsayer [as you imagine]; but only a small number of you do receive admonition [of the Quran.]


[44] 43. [It is] a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.


[45] 44. And if he had forged and attributed any sayings to Us. c


[46] 45. We would certainly have taken away [the revelation] from him by force,


[47] 46. Then We would have stopped the [continuous] revelations to him. d


[48] 47. Nor could anyone of you e have kept [Us] off from him. f


[49] 48. And surely the [Quran] is an admonition to those who ward off [God's disobedience.]


[50] 49. And surely We know some of you are deniers [of the Next Life and the Judgment.]


[51] 50. And the [Quran will cause] a regret for disbelievers [on Doomsday g.]


[52] 51. And it h is the absolute truth i.


[53] 52. Therefore, you [Mohammed] shall glorify the name of your Lord, Most Great.





39 a The meaning: Every material thing, whether you see or do not see, will tear up and vanish. Therefore, do not hope with the matter and do not incline to it, because the matter will be destroyed, and you will go to the ether world: the world of souls; so work and strive for your Next Life, and forward righteous work for your souls in order that you may live there a happy life, and do not incline to the World and forsake your Next Life, so you may live there an unhappy life.



40 b Who revealed it to Mohammed.

















44 c i.e. if he had said some words of his own, not revealed to him by Us.









46 d The meaning: We would have taken away from him the previous revelations by making him forget it, then We would have curtailed from him the coming and going on revelation.

This is similar to His saying be glorified in the Quran 17: 86, which means:

(Had We willed, We could have taken away that which We have revealed to you [Mohammed.]

Then you will find apart from Us none to vouchsafe to [bring] it [back.])




47 e i.e. Meccans, and even anyone of his companions.

47 f It means: None of you can defend him against Us. The meaning: Mohammed does not lie for your behalf, because he knows that if God intends evil to him, you then cannot avert such evil.




50 g It means: They will regret for that they did not believe in it and did not scoop of its disciplines of knowledge.




51 h i.e. the promise with which We promise you about the Next Life.

51 i About which the believers believe and are certain in their belief.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 69 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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