Soora 23


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. Successful indeed are the believers [in the Book and in the messenger of God.]


[3] 2. Those who, in their prayers, are humble and submissive [to God.]


[4] 3. And who turn away from idle [or useless] talk.


[5] 4. And are active a to give the Zakat [alms.]


[6] 5. And they [men and women] guard their private parts.


[7] 6. Except before their wives or [the maidens] whom their right hands possess; then being not blameworthy.


[8] 7. But whosoever seeks after more than that b; those then are the transgressors [of God's restrictions.]


[9] 8. And those who faithfully observe their trusts and their covenantsc.


[10] 9. And who observe their prayers d.


[11] 10. These will be the heirs e.


[12] 11. Who will inherit Paradise f, to dwell therein forever.










4 a The meaning: They cook the food and give it to the hungry, and sew garments and dresses and give them to the naked.








7 b i.e. whosoever seeks after more than the wives and the maidens whom his right hand owns, then he indeed will transgress on Gods restrictions.


8 c i.e. they observe and do not violate the rights of people.


9 d They do not forsake even one of the obligatory dutiful prayers.

10 e I have explained about this inheritance or heritage in the interpretation of the Quran, 20: 63.

11 f i.e. the Garden which is also called Paradise, about which I have explained in the interpretation of the Quran 18: 106.



[13] 12. We created man a, from [his] ancestors b, from clay.


[14] 13. Then We made his [seed] from a scanty liquid [: the semen, to settle] in a sure [or safe] lodging c.


[15] 14. Then We made the scanty liquid [: the semen]: a structure shaped like the mosquito larva,

and made the larva[-like structure]: a morsel[-like lump],

then made the morsel[-like lump]: bones,

and clothed the bones with flesh,

then We formed it another creation;

so blessed be God d: the Best To Create. e


[16] 15. Then even after that f you shall surely dieg.


[17] 16. Then on the Day of Judgment you shall surely be sent forth [to be judged and recompensed.]


12 a i.e. Adam.

12 b It means: from a body of a man who had died and become mud, so God created Adam from that mud.

13 c i.e. Then We made his seed from the semen which settle in the womb.

14 d The Arabic word in the aya, translated here as blessed, has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 7: 54.

14 e God be glorified mentioned the stages into which the fetus or embryo passes while it is in the Unknown world, before the sciences of medicine and anatomy became capable of imaging this fetus, so:

Ø  (Then We made the scanty liquid [: the semen]: a structure shaped like the mosquito larva)

The science of anatomy and embryology explained that what is mentioned in the Quran is the true sequence of the fetus creation, and the words of the Quran cannot be substituted by any other words.

Therefore, in copulation, man secretes 26 million minute sperms; each one has a flat oval head and a long tail. It moves because of the propelling and spiral power of its tail; then when it reaches to the womb of the female, it meets the ovum of the female with which one sperm will fuse. The [fertilized ovum] afterwards will start to divide into two, then into four then eight then sixteen, and so on until it will form an oblong structure similar to the larva of the mosquito. The fetus will continue in the shape of the mosquito larva with its oblong shape for a period of about forty days.

Afterwards, this dot which increases by means of its division will become irregularly spherical, when it will be similar to a masticated piece of meat with its spherical shape and softness, when it then will be called the morsel [-like lump]; the length of which is not more than a quarter of an inch. The volume of the fertilized ovum will have then increased fifty times, and its weight will have increased eight thousand times!!

Afterwards, the morsel [-like lump] will start to divide into many cells, and [the cells will segregate into groups of cells, and each group will specialize to produce some parts of the fetus so the outer part of the morsel [-like lump], will start to make the skin and the nervous system, the middle part will make the bones, the muscles and the vessels. While the inner part will form the viscera or the internal organs.

As such, the fetus creation will develop from the semen and the fertilized ovum to the larva-like structure to the morsel [-like lump] and afterwards the muscles will form in addition to the bones. In most of the stages of the bone growth, at the start a sort of bone formation will be produced, which is more transparent but less hard and more in softness, which is the cartilage around which the substance of the bone will precipitate.

In the third month, the places of teeth will form in the bones of the two jaws, and the buds of the primary teeth will form. In addition, the temporal and nasal bones will start to be formed. The cells in all the parts of the morsel [-like lump] forming the systems and the tissues which will cover the formed bones with flesh.

So the fetus will develop in the way which the Quran mentioned without any change or alteration.

On the other hand, the sure [or safe] lodging mentioned in this aya, can only be appreciated by one who is oriented about the science of anatomy and embryology; for the science says: The morsel [-like lump] consists of a disc below which is a cavity called The yolk sac which will separate in the second month of the morsel [-like lump].

Above it is another cavity from which a cyst full of water called the amniotic cavity will surround the morsel [-like lump] completely, save only where the thick umbilical cord is connected; and as such will the morsel [-like lump] swim in a watery cover to avert from it any impact and bump!!

15 f i.e. after the completion of your creation.

15 g At the end of your decreed life time.



[18] 17. And We have created above you seven [gaseous] layers [for the dwelling of the genie] a; and We are not heedless of creatures [neither of genies nor of humans.]


[19] 18. And We send down from the sky b [rain] water according to measure c, and We preserve it in the earth d, although We are Most Able to remove it [completely.]e


[20] 19. And We produce for you, by the [water], gardens of date-palms and vines, wherein you have much fruit for you, and of the [gardens] you also eat [vegetables f in addition to the fruits.]


[21] 20. Also, a tree, [of the olive] issuing [and originating from] Mount Sinai g, which plants in holes h, produces oil, as well as relish for eaters i.


[22] 21. And in the cattle, there is a lesson j for you: We give you [milk] to drink from [the udders] that are in their bellies, and there are in them many advantages k [other than the milk] for you, and of them you eat [cheese, butter, fat, and yogurt, in addition to their meat.]


[23] 22. And upon [camels], and on ships, you are borne. l


17 a For each layer is a special way and doctrine; the indication of this is His saying be glorified expressing the words of the genies, in the Quran 72: 11, which means:

([In the past] we were different sects.)

It means: We were different and divided sects.

18 b i.e. from the gaseous layers.

18 c i.e. according to the need.

18 d On mountains in the form of ice, inside the earth in the form of water springs, and between mountains in the form of rivers, and the excess will go to depressions to form the seas.

18 e By evaporating it with the sun heat, and then We do not bring it back as rain, or We cast it on the cold poles in the form of accumulating snow far away from you; but according to Our mercy to you, We have not done so.

19 f Like the cucumber, snake cucumbers, melon, tomato and others.

20 g The tree is the olive tree, and Sinai is the name of the desert in which the Mount Hor or El-Tor is situated.

It means: Its origin is from this mountain, then its fruit fell in the nearby valley, so its seed planted in the valley and reproduced in it.

20 h It means: Its seed planted in holes and depressions between mountains in which the rain water collects.

20 i It means: Its oil is a relish to eaters; i.e. a fatty ingredient for immersing the morsel in its oil.

21 j Indicating Gods might and wisdom.

21 k Like the wool, the hair, the Wabar (or camel-wool), and the leather.

22 l It means: On the sea, you are borne on ships; and in the land, you are born on camels.



[Then God be glorified explained that most of people denied such bounties and were ungrateful to God for them, but they worshipped idols and denied the messengers, so He said:]

[24] 23. We did send Noah to his people, and he said: "My people, worship God [alone and forsake the idol worship]; you have no god but He; would you then ward off [Gods punishment and refrain from worshipping the idols]?"


[25] 24. And the chiefs who disbelieved among his people, said [to each other]: He is only a mortal like yourselves; he seeks to gain superiority over you a. Had God willed [to send any messenger], He could have sent down some angels [out of heaven.] We have never heard of such [an invitation to monotheism] among our forefathers.


[26] 25. "He is not other than a man possessed b; so wait on [and ignore] him for a time [of his death c.]"


[27] 26. [Noah] said: "My Lord, help me [against them] for that they deny me."


[28] 27. So We revealed to him: "Build the Ark under Our observation and with Our instruction [about how to make it], then when Our decree [to terminate them] comes to pass, and the 'clay oven of baking d gushes forth with water carry in [the ark] of each [kind of animal, cattle and birds] two spouses [male and female] and your family members, save those among them against whom the word has already been decided [by the Lord.] e

But address Me not on behalf of those who do wrong; they [inevitably] are going to be drowned."


[29] 28. And when you [Noah] have mounted on the Ark together with those with you, then say:

"Praise be to God Who has saved us from the people of the wrong-doing."


[30] 29. And say: "My Lord, cause me to land [after the deluge] with a blessed landing f [after getting out of the Ark], for You are the Best of all who bring to land."


[31] 30. Surely, that g included clear indications [to Our might and the truthfulness of Our messenger.]

And even We did put [Noahs people] to trial [by sending Noah to them to know which of them would believe and which of them would disbelieve.]



24 a i.e. He wants to become your chief.

25 b i.e. The genie afflicted him, so he became mad and delirious.

25 c And you will then get rid of him.

27 d The Tannoor or the 'clay oven of baking did gush forth with water, at the start: because they used to dig a hole in the ground and to build their 'clay oven of baking inside it, in which they, sitting on the ground, bake their bread. This custom is still in use in Afghanistan and with the Barbar [in addition to the north of Iraq.] And for this reason, the water gushed forth from the 'clay oven of baking, because it is inside a hole in the ground. And it was also the sign for the starting of the issuing of the water from the earth, and for the destruction of the disbelievers by drowning.

27 e This has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 11: 40.

29 f It means: a good region, suitable for dwelling and cultivation, to which I may come down [from the ship.]

30 g i.e. the saving of Noah and the drowning of those who denied him.



[32] 31. Then We formed after them another generation a.


[33] 32. And We sent among them b a messenger c, [one] of them; he said: "Worship God [alone]; you have no god but He; would you then ward off [His punishment]?" c c


[34] 33. And the chiefs of his people, who disbelieved and denied that they would meet the Next Life d, and on whom We bestowed prosperity e in the life of the World, said:

"He is only a mortal like yourselves, who eats of [the same] that you eat and drinks of [the same] that you drink."


[35] 34. "But if you obey a mortal like yourselves, then surely [by obeying him] you will lose "


[36] 35. "Does he assert to you that after you die, and become dust and [rotten] bones, you shall be brought out [of your graves: alive]?"


[37] 36. "It cant be true: that which you are threatened with."


[38] 37. "It is only our Worldly life; we die and [our children] live [instead of us]; but [following our death] we will never be sent [to the Next Life.]"


[39] 38. "He is only a man f who has forged a lie against God g, and certainly we do not believe him."


[40] 39. [Hood] said: "My Lord, help me [against them] for that they deny me."


[41] 40. [God be glorified ] said: "[Because of their much disbelief and association,] only a little while, and they will be remorseful." h


[42] 41. And the 'cry' i overtook them, with due j [punishment], and We made them as broken sticks [carried by the torrent k], so away with the people of the wrong-doing l.



31 a i.e. another people, in the next century following Noahs death; they were the tribe of Aad and their messenger (or apostle) was Hood.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 7: 69, which means:

(Remember [the favors of God on you] that He has made you successors [to possess the land] after the people of Noah.)


32 b i.e. The tribe of Aad.


32 c Whose name was Hood.


32 c c by refraining from the idol worship.

33 d i.e. they denied the sending to the Next Life and the Judgment.

33 e i.e. We gave them much wealth and so they prospered with various kinds of pleasure and enjoyment.

38 f They meant Prophet Hood.

38 g By claiming the apostle-hood.

40 h So God quaked the earth with them, and their houses collapsed over them and they died.

41 i i.e. they started to cry and yell, for the fear of the collapsing of their habitations over their heads.

41 j i.e. they deserved the punishment.

41 k It is the broken trees, canes, reeds and others carried by the torrent.
The meaning: Their bones were broken and they died.

41 l i.e. God drove them away from His mercy.



[43] 42. Then We formed after them other generations.


[44] 43. [When the punishment comes], neither may any nation be [punished] earlier from their appointed time, nor may they be postponed.


[45] 44. Then We sent Our messengers in succession: one after another [in time.] Whenever their messenger came to any nation they denied him: saying he was a liar a; so We made some of them to succeed others [to destruction and ruining] b; and We made them mere tales c; away then with a people who do not believe [neither in Our signs, nor in Our messengers.]


















44 a And they did not believe in the religion which he brought.


44 b We destroyed them successively: some after others.


44 c To people: they talk about them and mention them as lessons and parables of evil.



[46] 45. Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron with Our miracles and [with] an obvious authority.


[47] 46. To Pharaoh and his [people] chiefs, but these waxed proud [over Moses and Aaron], and were a tyrannical people.


[48] 47. And they said: " Shall we believe in two mortals like ourselves, when even their people are our servants!?"


[49] 48. But they denied both [Moses and Aaron], so they became of those who perished [by being drowned in the sea.]


[50] 49. And We gave to Moses the Scripture a; that they b may be guided aright c.
















49 a i.e. the Torah.

49 b The Children of Israel.

49 c And correct their acts.



[51] 50. And We made the son of Mary and his mother a sign a; and [after the incident of the crucifixion] We gave them shelter on a height [: a place in Syria] with small water-springs b and a flowing water-stream.


[52] 51. O apostles [of the Christ] c, eat of the 'good and wholesome' [kinds of food] and do righteous [deeds] d; for I am Most-Knowing about all that you do e.


[53] 52. And this is your [Christian] nation; it is one unified nation f, and I am your Lord; so ward off My [punishment g.]


[Then God be glorified told that they in fact divided into many sects, and He said:]

[54] 53. But [Christians] have divided [into parties; because of] their chiefs [who were] among them, [and they wrote] scriptures h; each party rejoices in [the scriptures] that they have [: deeming that they follow the correct way.]



50 a Of Our might; because he was born without father.

50 b The water collects from a small water spring in its bottom, but its water does not flow.

People have built a small mosque on this Rabwa or height, which nowadays is called the Mosque of Al- Rabwah; on the terminal part of Qasioun Mountain. In it there is a beautiful water stream. This mountain is situated to the north of Damascus and Al-Salheya.

51 c i.e the disciples. The meaning: Following the death of the Christ, We said to them: O apostles, eat etc.

51 d But do not corrupt this nation with dissension and division.

51 e Therefore, I will reward you according to your deeds.

52 f Therefore, do not divide it.

52 g And do not disobey Me.

53 h So they wrote four Gospels: the Gospels of Luke, John, Matthew and Mark.



[55] 54. So [O Mohammed] leave them a drowned in [the sea of] their [ignorance] till the time [when God will help you against them, so that you will kill and arrest them.]


[56] 55. Do they think that the wealth and children that We bestow on them.


[57] 56. [That] We hasten for them every good thing [of wealth and children: in recompense of their deeds and because they are honored before Us!?]

[No, on the contrary], but [actually] they perceive not.



54 a i.e. leave them alone, after you conveyed the message and warned them.



[Then God be glorified explained about the condition of the righteous believers, after He explained about the condition of the profligate associaters, and He said:]

[58] 57. Surely, those [believers] who fear a, in terror of their Lord.


[59] 58. And believe in their Lords revelations [that are in the Quran.]


[60] 59. And associate not [anyone] with their Lord [in the worship.]


[61] 60. And carry out their duties, with hearts fearful b; they will surely return to their Lord [after their death c.]

[62] 61. Such do hasten in [doing] every good work, and they outrace [others] for [Paradise.] d






57 a i.e. they fear of their acts, lest they may do some mistakes or they may forget about some of the obedience acts.



60 b Lest there should be of them any neglect of doing a duty or any deficient work.


60 c So He will reward them concerning their deeds and will admit them into His gardens.


61 d They outstrip others by one thousand years.



[63] 62. We task not any soul [with any duties] more than its capacity a, and We have a book [of their deeds] speaking the truth b, and they will not be wronged [with any increase or decrease.] c


[64] 63. But their hearts are [unaware] of this [Book], being immersed [in the sea of lusts], and [in addition,] they have other [bad] deeds, which they do, other than this [association.]


[65] 64. Until when [they die, and in the world of souls,] We overtake with chastisement their luxurious [chiefs who deny Our messengers], they will start crying out and supplicating.


[66] 65. [So We say to them:] "Cry not, this day, with supplication; for you shall never be helped by Us. d "


[67] 66. "My revelations were recited to you [in the life of the World], but you turned back upon your heals, running away [so that you might not hear them.]"


[68] 67. "Being proud [against Our messenger and his companions e] in the [Inviolable Mosque of Mecca]; by night did you rave together [dispraising Mohammed and his companions] and forsaking [the Quran and the listening to its admonition.]"


[69] 68. Have they not pondered [the Quran:] the word [of God] f, or have there come to them [a religion different from] that had come to their fathers, the ancients? g


[70] 69. Or have they not recognized their messenger [with his truthfulness and honesty], and so have they denied him? h


[71] 70. Or do they say: "He is possessed by [some] genies"? Actually, he has brought them the [religion of the] truth, but most of them are averse from the truthi.



62 a It means: but only less than its capacity.

62 b i.e. the truthful words.

62 c It is not any surprise that the book may speak; for we have, in the present life of the World, a book which witnesses against you with your words, and which writes everything even the whistling, that is the recorder and the tape is its book.









65 d i.e. We will not turn the punishment away from you, because you deserve it.


67 e And you did not listen to his words.




68 f It means: Would they ponder the Quran revelations and contemplate them, so that they may be guided to the truth!

Similar to this aya is His saying be glorified in the Quran 47: 24, which means:

(So will they not meditate on [the words of] the Quran?)


68 g It means: Did Mohammed bring a new religion different from the religion of Abraham, Noah and the other messengers, so that they deny his religion and do not believe in it?

69 h Havent they known him as truthful and honest, so why do they now deny his apostle-hood?

70 i Because they fear lest they may lose their authority and leadership.



[72] 71. And if [God:] the Just had followed their desires [about the intercession], surely the heavens and the earth and whosoever [living being] is therein would have been corrupted. a

Actually, We have brought them [the Quran b, which is] their 'admonition', but they have become averse from their 'admonition' c.


71 a So the Truth or the Just is God; and their desires are about the intercession which they ascribed to the angels, and said: They intercede for us before God, so God will give us what we want by means of their intercession.

So God denied their words, and said: Had God the Just followed their desires: to give them what they want by means of the intercession of the angels and other prophets, then the planets with all the living beings on them would have been corrupted.

That is because people are different among themselves according to the difference in their opinions, minds and demands; so that each one of them asks of God a sentence against his opponent, and everyone of them wants to be the king and president of his country; therefore, if God had given them their requests, then the planets and all their inhabitants would have corrupted because of the opposition and dissension among people.

For this reason, God does not accept the intercession of any angel or prophet about that, lest the order and harmony may be disordered and life may be distorted.

71 b It means: the Quran is their admonition which will remove their illusions and expose the truth to them.

71 c It means: They become averse from the Quran.



[73] 72. Or do you [Mohammed] ask them for any recompense [for conveying the message a ?]

But the recompense of your Lord is better [for you than their recompense is]; and He is the Best of those who give provision b.


[74] 73. Assuredly, you [Mohammed] are calling them to a straight and standard path c.


[75] 74. And surely those [associaters] who believe not in the Next Life are deviating from the [straight] way d.


[76] 75. But had We shown them mercy and relieved them of their distress e, they would have insisted to wander on blindly in their contumacy. f


[77] 76. Already have We inflicted them with the chastisement [: the drought, illness and distress], but neither do they humble themselves to their Lord [nor do they comply with Him], nor do they supplicate [Him.]


[78] 77. Until when We bring on them some kind of extreme chastisementg, then they will be in complete loss and in despair [of Gods mercy] therein.



72 a So the recompense has become burdensome to them, and for this reason they do not believe?

72 b Therefore, He will give you out of His favor, and you then will not need their wealth.

73 c It means: to the way of the truth; so why do they refuse to respond to you and to follow your religion?

74 d i.e. are deviating from the way of the truth. And they are away from the truth.

75 e That afflicted them: which is the drought, the illness and wolves that started to pursue them and eat their cattle.

75 f i.e. they would have increased in their misguidance and their wavering.

77 g Which is more severe than the first one was.



[79] 78. And it is [God] Who has formed for you[r souls] the hearing, the sight and [spiritual] hearts a: [but] small number of you who thank [God.]


[80] 79. And it is He Who has scattered you [O people] throughout the earth, and to Him b will you be gathered [following your death.]


[81] 80. And it is He Who gives life and causes death, and to Him, is [due, the glorification and thanksgiving in] the succession of the night and day c; will you [people] not then understand! d


[82] 81. But [actually] they say [words] like [the words] that the ancients said [about the denial of the sending to the Next Life and of the Judgment.]


[83] 82. They said: " Is [it true] that when we are dead and become dust and [rotten] bones, we shall be brought out [of our graves: alive? No, at all; this cant be.]"


[84] 83. "We, and our fathers, have been promised with this [vain promise of sending forth to the Next Life] before [the coming of Mohammed; but all this was false, and our fathers have not been resurrected out of their graves]; surely, this is nothing but the written fables [and lies] of the ancients."



78 a The hearing is the ear of the soul, the sight is its eye and the [spiritual] heart is its heart.
It means: God has formed for you[r souls] ears in order to hear, eyes to see and hearts to understand; as has He made such organs for your bodies; because the special senses of the body are only the molds in which the special senses of the soul are formed.

79 b It means: you will go to the ethereal world and be gathered together, so He will reward you according to your deeds, and punish you according to your acts.

This aya includes the best eloquence, when He mentioned in its first part the dispersion and in its last part the gathering.

80 c The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 25: 62, which means:

(And He it is Who has appointed the night and the day to be in succession, for him who desires to receive admonition and celebrates [his Lord], or desires thankfulness.)

80 d It means: Would you think about the formation of the earth, and the succession of the night and day, because of its rotation around its axis; so was this by mere chance, or has it a Creator Who created it, and a Wise One Who perfected its manufacturing; and so you should worship and thank Him for such bounties.



[85] 84. Say [Mohammed, to them]: "To whom [belongs] the earth and everyone is therein, if you really know [the truth?]"


[86] 85. They will say: "[All these belong] to God." Say: "Yet will you not realize the admonition a ?"


[87] 86. Say: "Who is the Lord b of the seven [ethereal] heavens c, and the Lord of the Throne [of Glory] Supreme d?"


[88] 87. They will say: "[All these belong] to God." Say: "Yet will you not ward off [God's punishment e ]?"


[89] 88. Say: "In Whose Hands is the ownership of everything [in the universe], and He does grant the asylum [to anyone who asks His protection], but against His will none can grant asylum f, if you know [the truth and work according to it]?"


[90] 89. They will say: "[The will is that] of God [which is superior to the will of the prophets.]"

Say: "Then how do you ascribe [the Quran] to a magic effect on you!?" g


[91] 90. But [in fact] We brought them the truth h, and surely they are the liars i.


[92] 91. Never did God take to Himself a son (or daughters j), and never was there with Him any [other] god k; for then each god would have distinguished what he created l, and some of them would assuredly have overcome others m.

Glory be to God; [He is above having any son, daughters or associate] that they attribute [to Him. n]


[93] 92. [God Who is] Most Knowing of [both] the absent [from your sight and from your knowledge] and the present [before you.] o

[Incomparable and] Highly Exalted is [God] above what they associate [with Him.] p



85 a And understand that the One Who was the All-Able to start the creation, will be the All-Able to redo it once again.

86 b i.e. the Owner.

86 c Which are inhabited by angels.

86 d That is over the seven heavens.

87 e According to your denial of His Oneness, and the association in His worship and your denying the sending to the Next Life.

88 f It means: If anyone of His creatures asks protection of any of His prophets, then that prophet, with his own might or intercession, cannot rid him from Gods punishment; because the will of God is above the will of the prophets.

89 g That is because they said: "This [Quran] is only an influential sorcery or magic."

90 h It means: Mohammed brought them Our true words, and he did not lie to them.

90 i By claiming that the angels are the daughters of God.

91 j As do the Arab claim that the angels are the daughters of God.

91 k As do Christians claim that He is the third in Trinity; for had He been as do they claim

91 l i.e. then each god would have distinguished his creation from the creation of others, and prevented him from possessing it, and then the fighting and struggling will take place among them, like the condition of the kings of the World.

91 m According to his might and wisdom, so the most mighty and most knowing among them will prevail.

91 n He is One having neither any son, nor any associate in the creation.

92 o i.e. He knows all that is hidden, unseen and unknown to you, and all that is visible and present before you.

92 p i.e. no comparison or resemblance between the Creator and the created beings whom they consider as associates of God.



[94] 93. Say [O Mohammed]: "My Lord, if You should show me [in my life-time, the gradual destruction a] that they are promised with,"


[95] 94. "My Lord, then leave me not alone with the people who are wrong-doers b."


[96] 95. Surely, We are Able to show you [Mohammed, the gradual destruction] that We promise them. c


93 a With diseases, or with death, killing and captivity, or with poverty; this is according to His saying be glorified in the Quran 7: 182, which means:

(Those who cry lies to Our signs, We will gradually cause their destruction, from whence they are not aware.)

94 b But save me from them by the emigration to the city of Yathrib [Medina.]

94 c But We do not hasten to punish them, haply that they may convert and become Muslims.



[97] 96. Therefore, counter [their] evil manner with [your] good manner; we are All-Aware of their claims [about you a.]


[98] 97. And say: "My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the [human] devils b annoying [and mocking.]"


[99] 98. "As do I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they should attend my [company.]"



96 a When they said: you are mad or possessed and they said you are a sorcerer or magician, and said: you are a liar.

97 b i.e. the men that are devils in fact.



[Then God be glorified told about the condition of the unbeleivers and the niggardly, at the hour of death, and He said:]

[100] 99. Till when death comes to one of them [and he is about to die], he says: "O [angels of] my Lord, return me [to the life of the World.]"


[101] 100. "So that I may do charity with [the wealth] which I left behind a."

[The angels will say to him:] No, [there will be no return for you.]

This merely is a word that he speaks b;

for there is behind them a barrier [: that is the devil who will bar and prevent them from the expenditure, if they are returned] till the day when they will be sent forth [from their bodies to the ether world or the world of souls c.]



100 a i.e. So that I may expend it, in the way of God, on the poor and needy.

100 b Which is not true; the word is his saying: "So that I may do charity with [the wealth] which I left behind."

100 c And for this reason, they will not expend.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 28, which means:

(And even if they were sent back [to the life of the World], they would return to that [disobedience] which they were forbidden; they, indeed, are liars [with their wishes.])



[102] 101. Then [on Doomsday] when the 'Horn' is blown a, there will be no more kinship between them that day, nor will one ask after another b.


[103] 102. Then those, whose judgment [in the gathering-together] is prolonged; they will be successful [in entering Paradise.]


[104] 103. But anyone, whose judgment is shortc; such will lose their souls: [by casting them in the chastisement] in Hell forever.


[105] 104. The [flame of the] fire will scorch their faces, and in it they will be black-faced [because of its smoke which will afflict them.]


[So God be glorified will say:]

[106] 105. "Were not My revelations recited to you, and you denied them?"


[107] 106. They will say, "Our Lord, our ignorance overcame us, [making us] wretched, and we were a people erring [from the way of the truth.]


[108] 107. "Our Lord, take us out of [Hell]! And, if we revert [to what You forbid us from], we shall be wrong-doers indeed [and shall then deserve the punishment.]"


[109] 108. He said d: "Hush e therein, and never speak to Me [with any word.]"


[110] 109. There was a group of My servants who said:

Our Lord, we believe [in what you have revealed and we follow the messenger]; so forgive us [our sins],

and be Merciful to us; You are the Best of the merciful [to those who obey your commands].


[111] 110. "But you chose them from a laughing-stock f, until [the devils g] caused you to forget My admonition, and even you laughed at the [believers.]"


[112] 111. "I have rewarded them, this day, [with Paradise] for their patience [about your mockery]; it is they indeed who are the successful [with the prosperity of Paradise.]"



101 a The Horn is the cold crust which will form on the sun surface; the blowing will be from inside the sun, through a crack in its crust; that is because of the gases issuing from inside the sun, which will cause a great sound that will annoy the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth.

I have in fact explained about this subject in my book: The Universe and the Quran with the title of The blowing through the Horn

101 b The meaning: On that day, every man will exclusively be concerned about himself, and will neither ask about his kinsman nor about his friend.

103 c It means: he will not be judged at all, but will be asked a question of rebuking and censuring.

108 d i.e. God be glorified said answering them.

108 e The Arabic word, in the aya, translated here as "Hush is a word of extreme rebuke said to dogs, and if it is said to man, it will be a word of abasing and humiliation.

110 f Mocking and ridiculing them.

110 g The devils have been mentioned in the aya 97 [of this soora or chapter], in His saying be glorified which means:

(And say: "My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the [human] devils annoying [and mocking.]")



[113] 112. He [The angel] will say [to those who deny the sending to the Next Life]: "For how long have you tarried in the earth, by number of yearsa?"


[114] 113. They will say: "We have tarried merely a day or part of a day, but inquire of those who count [the days b.]"


[115] 114. [The angel] will say: "You have not tarried [in the life of the World] but a little [in relation to the Next Life], if you had only known [the truth, the love of the life of the World would not have distracted you from the Next Life c.]"


[116] 115. "Did you think that We created you aimlessly d, and that you would not return to Us [following your death!?] e "


[117] 116. Then exalted be God f, the King, the True One: there is no god [in the entire universe] but He, the Lord of the Precious Throne g.


[118] 117. Anyone prays to another god besides God, without evidence to [his claim], will have his punishment from his Lord [in the Next Life]; for surely disbelievers will not succeed [but will lose.]


[119] 118. And [O Mohammed] say: "My Lord, pardon [the believers among my people], and be Merciful [to the poor among my companions]; for You are the Best of all the merciful [to those who ask for Your mercy.]"



112 a Why didnt you think, receive admonition and work in advance of your Next Life.

113 b And we couldnt think about the Next Life, and prepare for it.

In fact, they said: We have tarried merely a day or part of a day because it ended quickly and because they were occupied by collecting money, so as if it were one day.




114 c But your ignorance and stubbornness throw you in the chastisement.



115 d Without any aim nor any end.

115 e It means: You thought that you are bodies without souls, and that your life will end by your death, but you did not know that the soul is the true man, which on separating from the body: will be by Our capture and under Our control.

116 f Above creating anything in vain and uselessly.

116 g i.e. the Owner of the beautiful glittering Throne.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 23 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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