Soora 32


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. Alif, Lam, Miem.

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

(Recite To them, O Mohammed!) a


[3] 2. The Scripture [: the Quran], whereof there is no doubt, is being revealed from the Lord of nations and worlds. b


[4] 3. Or do they say: "[Mohammed] has forged [the Quran by himself!]?"

But [O Mohammed] the [Quran] is the truth [revealed] from your Lord, that you may warn a people to whom no warner has come before you c, that haply they may be guided [to the way of the truth.]


[5] 4. It is God Who created the heavens and the earth d and what [moons] are between them in six [of the] days [of the Next Life.] Then He mounted e the throne. You have not, apart from Him, any patron f nor any intercessor g; will you not receive admonition? h


[6] 5. He directs the 'amr'i [: the angels] from the heaven to the earth, then the [amr] will ascend to Him j [in heaven] in a day k, the measure of which is a thousand years of that you [people] count [of your years.]


[7] 6. That [Who sends down the angels from heaven to the earth] is the Most Knowing of all that is 'imperceptible' and all that is 'perceptible', the All-Mighty l, the Most Merciful m.


[8] 7. [God] Who created all things well [perfected] and started the creation of man [: Adam] out of mud.


[9] 8. Then He made his stock from a progeny n [of the yellow race and the black race] o, from despised [seminal] fluid.


[10] 9. Then p He perfected [the creation of Adam from mud], and breathed into him from His spirit [: Gabriel] q, and made for you[r souls] hearing, sight and '[spiritual] hearts'; yet a small number of you who thank God [for His bounties.]


1 a The explanation of a similar aya has previously been interpreted.

2 b The explanation of a similar aya has previously been interpreted.

3 c i.e. No messenger has come to them, before you, from the time of Abraham till the time of Mohammed.

4 d i.e. the planets including the earth.

4 e i.e. He sat on the throne. And it has been discussed about the Throne in my book The Universe and the Quran

4 f Other than God alone, to take care about your affairs in the life of the World, and to help you against your enemies.

4 g In the Next Life to intercede for you before God.

4 h Dear reader, notice His saying be glorified which means: (You have not, apart from Him, any patron nor any intercessor):

It means: There isnt for you any patron to take care about your needs and manage your affairs in the life of the World, but only God alone; and in the Next Life there will not be for you any intercessor whose intercession for your behalf may be accepted, but only after His permission or after His leave.

Therefore, the patronism is His own, and the intercession is according to His leave, and it is not for any of the messengers and saints to intercede for whom he likes and for whom he wants, but the intercession as a whole is up to God alone.

5 i I have previously said that the word 'amr' indicates the spiritual or ethereal creatures, like the angels, human souls, genies and devils.

The meaning: He sends down the angels from the heaven to the earth for many reasons: some of them are guards for the prophets, some of them are recorders writing the deeds of people, and some of them are messengers of God coming down with the revelation to the prophets, some of them are for helping the believers, and some of them are for chastising the disbelievers.

5 j i.e. the angels ascend to His side or neighborhood in heaven.

5 k Which is the final or last one of the earth days; because the heat which is in the earth core will gradually finish, and then the earth will stop its axial rotation.

So that, in one side of the earth, there will be a perpetual day which will not be followed by any night; while in the other side there will be a perpetual night which will not be followed by any day.

Therefore, the temperature will rise in the day side, while the coldness will increase in the night side; therefore, people will perish because of the extreme heat and coldness.

And the angels will ascend to heaven, together with the righteous souls; while the souls of disbelievers, the guilty, associaters and hypocrites will suffer the extreme sun heat.

6 l In His kingdom, so He will take revenge on associaters.

6 m To believers.

8 n This has also been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, soora 23.

8 o That is because some of Adams sons married the daughters of the black race and others married the Chinese daughters; therefore, there was mixing between the seed of Adam and between the black race and the yellow race.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 25: 54, which means:

(And it is He Who created from the [seminal] fluid a human [race], and made for [this human race] relations of lineage and marriage.)

So the relation of lineage are the Children of Adam because he is their ancestor, while the relation of marriage are those who issued from the Children of Adam and the daughters of the black race or the daughters of the Chinese.

9 p God said (Then He perfected him) after He said (Then He made his stock from a progeny): because the black and yellow races had existed before God created Adam.

9 q It means: Gabriel did the act of the breathing or blowing. And Gabriel is the Trustworthy Ghost or the Faithful Spirit'.



[11] 10. And they a say: "When we are [dead and our bodies are] lost in the earth b, how can we then be re-created?" c

[So God be glorified said:]

But in fact they unbelieve in the meeting with their Lord. e


[12] 11. Say [O Mohammed in reply to their question f ]: "The angel of death, put in charge of you, will take you[r souls] g; [when] then you will be returned to your Lord." h


[13] 12. If you [Mohammed] but only see when sinners lower down their heads [with humiliation and shyness] before their Lord [in the Afterlife: the world of souls; saying:] "Our Lord, we have seen and heard, then return us back [to the life of the World], that we may do [some] righteous [work]; for we [now] are certain [about the reward and the punishment.]"


[Then God be glorified said in reply to their words:]

[14] 13. If We had so willed, We could have given to every soul its guidance, but My due word was pronounced in truth i: "Certainly, I will fill Hell with [the wrong-doers of] the genie-kind and the man-kind altogether."


[15] 14. [Then it will be said to them:] "Therefore, now suffer [the torment] because you forgot [i.e. neglected] about the meeting of this day of yours j; [for accordingly] We have now forgotten [to show mercy to] you [: We have left you to your suffering] k; so [now] do you suffer the everlasting torment, on account of [the wronging] which you did [to the weak, in addition to the disbelief and the disobedience.]"


10 a i.e. the deniers, of the sending forth to the Next Life, say:

10 b It means: When we die, and our bodies decay and their parts are dispersed in the earth.

10 c It means: Are our bodies going to be recreated and return to life once again, after decaying, and after the dispersal of their parts in the earth? No, this is impossible.

10 e i.e. but in fact they deny the sending of souls to the Next Life and the Taking to account, because they deny the existence of the soul after death; while in fact the true man is the spiritual soul, not the body which will decay following death and become earth.

11 f And their denial of the sending forth of souls to the Next Life.

11 g It means: The angel of death will seize your souls out of your bodies. In fact God said: (seize you) and did not say: (seize your souls) because the true man is the spiritual soul, while the body is not more than a mould in which the soul forms, and the body will decay after the departure of the soul from it, and will become earth or dust.

11 h Following your separation from your bodies by death.

The meaning: It is not as do you imagine, that We return the dead bodies to life once again, because it is useless to revive them, but souls are perpetual, and they separate from bodies, and the angels will take them to the ether world: the world of souls, to be under Our control there and in Our seizure.

13 i i.e. I said and My word is True that after death there will not be any return to the life of the World, and now I will certainly fill Hell

14 j i.e. you acted like the act of those who forgot the meeting of this day, so that you forsook Gods commands, and in fact you disobeyed Him.

14 k Even as did you forget about the meeting of this day of yours.



[Then God be glorified told about the condition of believers and their deeds, and He said:]

[16] 15. Only those believe in Our signs: who, when being admonished therewith, they fall down [on their faces] in prostration a and celebrate the praises of their Lord and they are not arrogant [to worship Him b.]


[17] 16. [The night prayers make them] forsake their beds [because they prefer worshipping to sleeping] c.

They call on their Lord: [and they being] fearful [of His punishment] and hopeful [for His mercy.]

And they spend, [on the poor and needy], out of that We have provided for them.


[18] 17. No soul has any idea how much joy and happiness are waiting for them [in the Next Life], as a reward for what [righteous deeds] they used to do.


[19] 18. Is then he who is a believer [in God and His messenger] as he who is disobedient of God? They are not alike [in the sight of God.]


[Then God be glorified explained about the recompense of each of the two parties in the Next Life, and He said:]

[20] 19. As for those who believe and work righteous [works]; there will be for them [after death] the Gardens of Refuge d to dwell therein, in return for their [righteous] works.


[21] 20. And as for those who are disobedient, their abode will be the Fire. Every time they desire to come out of it, they will be turned back into it e, and it will be said to them: Taste the punishment of the Fire which you used to deny [in the life of the World.]


[22] 21. We will assuredly let them suffer [some] of the nearer chastisement [in the life of the World] before the greater chastisement [of the Next Life]; that they may desist [from their wickedness and obey their messenger.]


[23] 22. Who is worse in doing wrong than he who is admonished with the revelations of his Lord, and then turns away from them? f

Surely, We will take revenge on the guilty [in the Next Life.]






15 a In gratitude to God for guiding them to the belief, and for His favoring them with the Islam.

15 b And they do not disdain.


16 c This is a parable of a man who is worry about an affair, so that he turns in his bed right and left and cannot be at rest until he accomplishes that affair; so likewise such believers are described by God that they turn right and left in their beds waiting anxiously for the due time of the prayer in order to perform it.
















19 d In which they will reside, and to which they will resort, in the Barzakh world [or the Afterlife.]



20 e Because they are bound to its gravity and cannot escape from it.













22 f i.e. none is worse in wrong-doing than one whom they admonish with the Quran and logical proofs, and whom they invite to believe in God and His messenger, but he turns away from the Quran revelations; neither does he listen to them, nor does he contemplate them.



[When the revelation came down to the Prophet salam to him at the start, and he told his people about it, they denied and mocked him, and said: The one who brought the revelation to you is a devil [one of genies] and is not one of angels.
And none believed him, but only his wife and his cousin.

Therefore, he then conceived doubt about himself and felt himself inferior, and said to himself: If I had truly been a prophet, then all the tribe of Quraish, in addition to others, would have believed me.

So many ayat were revealed to him to reassure his heart and confirm his will; one of such ayat was this aya:]

[24] 23. We did give to Moses the Scripture a, so be not in doubt of giving the [revelation to you, and sending down the Quran onto your heart b], and We made itc a guidance for the Children of Israel d.


[25] 24. And We made [some] of them leaders [: prophets] who guided [their people to the statements of the Torah] according to Our bidding, when they forbore patiently [the hurt of their people], and [such leaders or prophets of the Children of Israel] had even a sure faith in Our revelations.


[26] 25. Surely, [O Mohammed], your Lord will decide on Judgment Day concerning the [associaters among the Children of Israel e], about that whereon they were at variance f.


[Then God be glorified warned the people of Mecca from following the ancient and grandfathers blindly, so He said:]

[27] 26. Has not the [Quran been sufficient] to guide [and explain] to them g: how many [past] generations We had destroyed before them h ?

And now [the people of Mecca] do wander amid their habitations i [and see their ruins, in their travels!]

Surely in such [terminating and ruining of ancient disbelievers], are indicative signs [of Our might.]

Shouldnt they hear? j


[28] 27. Have they not seen how We drive the water k [in the cloud] to the dry land [devoid of the plant], and therewith produce crops whereof their cattle and [they] themselves do eat? l

Dont they see [the growing green plant] m?


23 a Before you, Mohammed, as have We given the Quran to you by Gabriel.

23 b This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 27: 6, which means:

([O Mohammed, surely] you are given the Quran [by Gabriel] from a Most Wise, All-Knowing [God.])

And He be glorified said in the Quran 73: 5, which means:

(Surely, We will cast on you heavy words.)

In addition to His saying be glorified in the Quran 28: 86, which means:

(You [Mohammed] did not hope that [what is in] the [Heavenly] Book would be cast to you [through revelation], but it was only a mercy from your Lord [towards you.])

Also, similar to this aya in meaning, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 2: 147, which means:

([The Quran: the word of God is] the truth [coming] from your Lord; so be not you [Mohammed] of those who wrangle [with the people of the Bible.])

23 c i.e. the Scripture: it means: the Torah.

23 d i.e. by its statements, they were guided to the way of the truth.

25 e Because they did not listen to their prophets, neither did they work according to the words of their Lord.

25 f Concerning the altering of their religion, and their association in the worship of their Lord.

26 g This actually is a warning of the associaters among the Arab and others.

26 h Because of their disbelief, association and denial of Our messengers.

26 i i.e. the habitations of the past generations [which became ruins.]

26 j About their tales to take lesson and be not like them?

27 k This is like His saying be glorified in the Quran 7: 57, which means:

(Till, when they are charged with the heavy cloud, We drive it to a dead land, and therewith send down, [from the sky, rain] water.)

Moreover, God be glorified said in the Quran 35: 9, which means:

(God is He Who loses the winds, and they stir up [and collect] clouds, which We drive to a desolate [: dead] land.)

27 l Their cattle eat: the grass, the clover and the alfalfa (or the lucerne;) while they themselves eat: the cereals like the wheat, the barley, the rice, the corn or maize and others.

27 m This implies: dont they contemplate? Which also indicates their warning.



[29] 28. And they a challenge: "Where is that victory b, if you [Muslims] are truthful [with your words]?"


[30] 29. Say [O Mohammed, to them]: "On the day of victory, no profit will it be to unbelievers, if they [then] believe, nor will they be respited [to another time.]" c


[31] 30. So turn away [O Mohammed] from them, [even after you have warned them], and wait [for Gods victory against them], [for] they too are waiting [for your death.]


28 a The associaters among the Arab.

28 b With which you foretell us: about the conquering of countries, the glory of the Islam and its prevalence over all religions.

29 c He means by that those disbelievers and associaters who die or are killed, that their believing will not be accepted after death.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 158, which means:

(On the day [that] one of your Lord's portents will come, it shall not profit a soul to believe [at that time] that never believed before [the occurrence of that portent], or earned some good by his belief.)

The first portent which will appear in the universe will be that Moon will stop its circling [around the earth], then it will split into two halves, then it will be attracted towards the sun.

God be glorified said in the Quran 7: 53, which means:

(Those who before forgot it say: "Truly, the messenger of our Lord brought the truth.

[Now] have we any intercessors to intercede for us [before God?]

Or can we be returned [to the life of the World once again], to do [righteous deeds] other than we did?")

This also is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 5: 34, which means:

(Except those [Jews] who had repented [and converted] before you have overcome them, then know that God is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.)

So the believing or repentance at the time of authority and power will not be accepted because it will not be true belief, but it will be because of fearing of the authority, and for this reason the belief of disbelievers will not be accepted when the authority will be by the hand of the Mahdi; the first part of it will be the conquer of Palestine and delivering it from the hands of Jews.

For it is mentioned in the book of (Bisharat Al-Islam), page 83, a tradition from Ali the son of Abu Talib salam to him about the description of the Mahdi; he said:

The Mahdi will know the meanings of the inscribed book, the unrolled parchment, then he will enter the constructed house [of God.]

So the inscribed book is the Quran, the unrolled parchment is the Torah; it means: he understands their meaning and explains the ambiguous words of both of them, and the constructed house [of God] is the Holy House of God at Jerusalem; it means: he will enter the House of God at Jerusalem conquering it and defeating the Jews.

Similarly, the believing of disbelievers will not be accepted when a certain portent of Doomsday will appear, which will be the fission of Moon.

As in His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 158, which means:

(On the day [that] one of your Lord's portents will come, it shall not profit a soul to believe [at that time] that never believed before [the occurrence of that portent], or earned some good by his belief.

Say [Mohammed to these associaters and idolaters]: "Wait you [for the occurrence of that portent; for] we [too] are waiting [for your death in order that We will punish you in the world of souls or the Afterlife].")


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 32 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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