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[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. We sent Noah to his people, [saying to him:] "Warn your people [against worshipping the idols], before there come on them a painful chastisement."


[3] 2. [Noah] said: "My people, I am a warner [sent] to you [by God], manifesting [to you the proofs and evidences.]"


[4] 3. "That you should worship God [alone], ward off His [disobedience] and comply with my [instructions.]"


[5] 4. "And He will forgive you your sins a, and defer you to a stated term b; God's term [of your termination] when it comes cannot be deferred, did you but know [the truth.]" c


















4 a If you obey me, concerning that to which I invite you.

4 b It means: If you believe, He will not bring forward your death-hour, but will defer you in the life of the World till the fulfillment of your stated death-hour of each one of you.

4 c But they denied him, and none believed in him save only a few of them.



[6] 5. [Noah] said a: "My Lord, I have called unto my people night and day."b


[7] 6. "But my calling has only increased their flight [from me.]"


[8] 7. "And whenever I called them [to believe], that You might forgive them [their sins], they thrust their fingers in their ears c, veiled their [heads] with their garments d and insisted [on their disbelief and rebellion] and turned [extremely] arrogant [against me and against the believers.]"


[9] 8. "Then I called them openly [after calling them secretly.]"


[10] 9. "And I proclaimed to them e in public, and kept up calling [and advising] them." f


[11] 10. "And I said: "Ask forgiveness of your Lord; for He is All-Forgiving [to those who repent.]"


[12] 11. "So He will loose the sky upon you with profuse rain."


[13] 12. "And will give you more wealth and sons, and bestow on you gardens [in the life of the World], and bestow on you rivers [out of which you will water your gardens.]"


[14] 13. "What ails you that you hope not for [the reward of] God [and so to humble yourselves in your worship before] His majesty",


[15] 14. "Seeing that He has created you by stages [of development g]?"


[16] 15. "Have you not considered how God created seven [ethereal or spiritual] heavens h, as layers [one above another]",


[17] 16. "And let the moon [give] light therein i, and let the sun [to be as] a lamp j [above these heavens?]" k


[18] 17. "And God formed you from the earth like the plant l.


[19] 18. "Then He returns you into it [after death], and [on Doomsday] He will surely take you m out of the [earth to the space, then to the gathering-together.]"


[20] 19. "And God has made easy n for you the earth [for dwelling and cultivation.]"


[21] 20. "That you may go about therein, in spacious routes o."


5 a Complaining his people.

5 b It means: at all times, by night and by day.




7 c Lest they may hear my words.

7 d Lest I may see them and talk to and advise them. It means: they cover their heads with their clothes making them as a veil between me and them.

This word has also been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, soora or chapter 11.




9 e Their faults and the consequences of their associating others with God.

9 f But both my proclaiming and persisting [in advising them] were useless.




14 g Fetuses, infants, boys, adolescents and so on you passed through various stages, until you have become adult men.




15 h They are the Paradises or Gardens inhabited by the angels, prophets, martyrs and the righteous.

In my book The Universe and the Quran I have explained fully about The ethereal heavens





16 i To give light to those who inhabit these heavens.

16 j i.e. having a little light and heat like the lamp.

16 k An aya similar to this one has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 25: 61, which means:

(Blessed be [the grace of God] Who has placed in heaven [constructed] mansions, and in [heaven] has let [the sun be as] a lamp, and a moon giving light [to people of Paradise.])

People of Paradise has also been described in His saying be glorified in the Quran 76: 13, which means:

(Reclining in the [Garden] upon couches; they shall neither see therein sun [or heat] nor moon [or piercing coldness.])

I think that you say this aya contradicts the previous aya!

The answer to this question is that in the first aya: He describes it as it is now in the present time while the moon exists and as such does the sun exist.

While in the second aya: He describes it after Doomsday, because the sun will be drawn by the sun so it will stick to it, then the sun together with its satellites will tear up so that neither sun nor moon will remain.




17 l That is because the human body is formed from earthy substances like the compounds of calcium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron and others.




18 m And you will then be spiritual souls.




19 n And well-prepared.




20 o The Arabic word in the aya means: the roads between mountains.



[22] 21. Noah said: "My Lord, they have rebelled against me, and followed [their chiefs] whose wealth and children increase them only in loss." a


[23] 22. "And have devised [against the believers] a mighty device [like that of mighty animals b against weak animals c.]"


[24] 23. "And have said [to each other]: 'Do not forsake [the worshipping of] your gods: forsake neither Wadd, nor Suwa, nor Yaghuoth, Yauoq and Nasr d."


[25] 24. "And they have misguided many [of people away from the truth]; so [my Lord!] increase [Thou] the wrong-doers only in misguidance [away from the truth.]"e

[Then God be glorified said:]


[26] 25. Because of their sins, they f were drowned [in the water], and their [souls] were made to enter into a fire. g

And, apart from God, they found no helpers h for themselves [against the chastisement.]



21 a It means: They have followed the rich, among their people, who have been deceived by the money and sons; therefore, they have increased in their arrogance and stubbornness, and so they have lost their Next Life.




22 b Like the lion, tiger and wolf.

22 c Like the sheep, goat, rabbit and others.




23 d These were the names of some idols which they worshipped.






24 e So here the words of Noah have been concluded.









25 f i.e. their bodies.

25 g It means: Their bodies were drowned in the water and their souls were admitted into the fire.

25 h To help and save them from the chastisement.



[27] 26. And, [when he embarked on the ship], Noah said: "My Lord, leave not upon the land any dweller from among the unbelievers:


[28] 27. "Surely, if You leave them, they will misguide Your [believing] servants, and will beget none but those [like them:] the wicked and blasphemers"


[29] 28. "My Lord, forgive me and my parents and whoso enters my house as a believer [running away from the unbelievers], and [forgive] the believers: men and women alike; but increase You not the wrongdoers in aught but in ruin.



By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 71 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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