Soora 96


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. Recite [O Mohammed] in the name of your Lord Who created [the universe from non-existence.]


[3] 2. [Who] created man from the 'larva-like structure' a.


[4] 3. Recite [O Mohammed], and your Lord is the Most Generous [more than all the generous.]


[5] 4. Who taught [the writing] with the pen [so that heavenly revelations, the religious knowledge and others might be written.]


[6] 5. He taught man [some knowledge and some sciences] that he did not know [before that.]





2 a Which is the larva of the mosquito, that has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, the sooras (or chapters) 22, 23, 75 and also in chapter 40: 67.



[7] 6. [Moreover, man longs to know the forefuture and the metaphysics.]

No, [We shall not teach him that; for then] man will surely rebel a.


[8] 7. If he knew [the metaphysics or the forefuture], he would forgo [the religion and the heavenly scriptures and would deny the existence of the Creator.] b


[Then God be glorified started to threaten this associater who denied the sending to the Next Life and the Judgment, so He said:]

[9] 8. Finally, the return [of the unbeliever c] will be to your Lord d,



6 a i.e. will blaspheme and will be arrogant.


7 b i.e. he would say: I do not need the religion.

It is also narrated that the Prophet salam to him said: Think about creatures, but do not think about the [essence of the] Creator.


8 c After his separation from his material body.

8 d Then We shall punish him for his unbelief, association and denial of the sending to the Next Life and denial of the Judgment.



[Abu-Jahl used to prevent the praying men from the prayers, and prevent people from believing in the Prophet; therefore, these ayat were revealed concerning him:]

[10] 9. Have you considered [what a punishment will be for 'Abu-Jahl'] who forbids


[11] 10. The servant [of God] when he prays? a


[12] 11. Have you considered [what reward will be for him] if he follows the guidance [of God] b ?


[13] 12. Or [what reward will be for him] if he bids piety [rather than forbidding the prayers]?


[14] 13. Have you considered, if he disbelieves [in the Quran] and turns away [from the truth, what punishment he will have in the Fire]?


[15] 14. Does he not know that God does see [his deeds, for which He will accordingly admit him into Hell]?


[16] 15. No, indeed, [he will not be delivered from the Fire]; surely if he refrains not, We shall [let the Fire] strike him on the forelock c.


[17] 16. The forelock of a liar [and] sinful [man.]


[When Abu Jahl came and spoke to Gods messenger, the Prophet salam to him scolded him; so Abu Jahl said: Do you scold me, Mohammed, while you know how many men are with me!?

Therefore, His saying be glorified was revealed:]

[18] 17. So let him call [then] on his counsel [henchmen.]


[19] 18. We will call out the stout [angels of punishment to take him.]


[20] 19. Nay! d Obey not his [words], but yield [to the command of your Lord], and draw nigh [to God by obeying Him.]









10 a The meaning: Have you, Mohammed, considered the one who forbids people from the prayers: what punishment will be for him!?





11 b Instead of following the misguidance.






















15 c And scorch him with its flame.

The fire of the Barzakh (or the Afterlife) is the volcanoes in which he will be chastised; while the fire of Doomsday is the Sun, after which Saqar will be.























19 d He cannot escape from the 'stout angels of punishment'.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 96 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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