Soora 99


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[Some of the associaters asked about Doomsday: when it will take place; so God answered their question and said:]

[2] 1. When the earth shall be violently quaked!


[3] 2. And earth shall expel its burdensome [insufferable, wicked souls]! a


[4] 3. And man shall say b [on that day]: "What is the matter with it!?"


[5] 4. On that day will [people] tell [each other] the news:


[6] 5. That your Lord has inspired it [to quake. c]


[7] 6. On that day, will people come up, scattered abroad [in the space] d to be shown [the reward of] their works.


[8] 7. And he who does the weight of an atom of good shall see it [written in the book of his deeds.]


[9] 8. And he who does the weight of an atom of evil shall see it [written in the book of his deeds.]



2 a The wicked is heavy and insufferable to people.

At that time, the guilty and wicked souls will go out of the earth and spread abroad in the space, because the earth will tear up following its final violent quaking, and its parts will disperse in the space to become as meteorites.

Here, God be glorified specified the wicked by the going out of the earth at that time, because the believers who are sinners, will have fulfilled their punishment and will go up to heavens, when that long day will begin: that day whose duration will be one thousand of our years.

But the wicked will stay on earth, facing its horrors, suffering its bitterness and encountering its afflictions until one thousand years will pass, when the [final] earthquake will occur, then the event of the destruction and ruining will take place by the tearing up of the entire solar system.




3 b They will ask each other: What is this quaking, unfamiliar to us, and what are these cosmic changes and disturbances?




5 c And that this quake is among the events of Doomsday with which God threatened us in the Quran.

Then after the quake the earth will split up, cut up and disperse in the space and become meteorites.




6 d Like the flying locust, as in His saying be glorified in the Quran 54: 7, which means:

(They will come forth from graves, like locusts scattered abroad [in the space.])


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 99 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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