Soora 25


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. Blessed be [the Quran revelations from God] Who has sent down the 'Furqan'a [: the sundries or the sporadic revelations of the Quran] onto His servant [: Mohammed] that he may become a warner b to nations and worlds.


[3] 2. [God] to whom belongs the ownership of the heavens and the earthc, and has not assigned for Himself any son [nor any daughter], and has not any associate in the kingdom d; and has created everything [in the universe], making for it a decreed termination e.


1 a The Furqan is the ayat [: verses] and sooras [chapters] of the Quran revelations that were revealed sporadically and on occasions, every now and then.

The Quran is the aya or soora that Gabriel recited to the Prophet. Then when they were written down on paper, then they were called Book.

1 b i.e. warner of punishment for whoever does not believe, neither does he forsake the worshipping of idols.

2 c i.e. the ownership of the planets including the earth.

2 d Therefore, do not ascribe any son or daughters to Him, and do not associate anyone in His worship.

2 e i.e. He precisely decreed how long it will last, with a precise duration, with no addition or reduction.



[Then God be glorified started to dispraise the associaters and idolaters, and He said:]

[4] 3. Yet have they taken, besides [God], gods [of stone] that cannot create anything [of that in the earth], but are themselves created a; neither can they control for themselves any harm or benefit, nor can they control [any part of] death, life or resurrection.b


[Then God be glorified told about their denial of the Quran, and He said:]

[5] 4. Those who disbelieve say: "This [Quran] is no more than an invention which [Mohammed] has forged, and others [of Christians] have helped him about it."

[So God replied to them and said:]

But actually they have done [to Our messenger Mohammed], wrong and [said words of] falsehood [about him.]


[6] 5. And they say too: "[These are only] the written fables of the ancients, which [Mohammed] has copied, and which are dictated to him [continuously:] morning and evening."


[7] 6. Say [Mohammed, to them]: "[It is God], Who revealed [the Quran]; [He] Who knows the secret [that is] in the heavens and the earth c.

For surely [God] is Most Forgiving [to those who repent], Most Merciful [to those who convert and believe.]








3 a i.e. they are the idols that are created and made.







3 b The interpretation of two similar ayat has been explained in the Quran 7: 191 and 16: 20.




































6 c So He told you in the Quran about the past and the future, then how do you ascribe it to Mohammed who does not know the Unknown?



[8] 7. And they say: What sort of Messenger is this [Mohammed] that he eats food [as do we eat], and walks in the markets [to obtain his livelihood, as do we walk?]

Why has not an angel been sent down to him that he might help him about the warning?


[9] 8. "Or [why] has not a treasure been cast to him [so that he may not be in need of working], or why has he not a garden to eat of its [fruits?]"

And the wrong-doers [: the associaters] said [to the believers]: "You are only following a man, [whom they] bewitched [and so he has become mad.]"


[10] 9. See [Mohammed] how they describe you in many ways a, and how [their words] have led them astray [from true guidance], and so they cannot find any way [to disprove your case and refute your argument.]


[11] 10. Blessed is [God] Who, if that were His will, could give you [Mohammed] better [things in the life of the World] than the [treasure and the garden, that they suggested:

[so instead of one garden, He could give you] many gardens beneath which rivers flow; and He could give you many palaces. b
































9 a When they said: he is only bewitched, and he is in need and forsaken and he is possessed.








10 b But the wealth of the Wolrd is useless, because you are not immortal, and you will go to the Next Life, which is better and more enduring.



[12] 11. But [actually] they deny [the coming of] the Hour a, and for those who deny [the coming of] the Hour We have prepared a blaze b.


[13] 12. When it[s keepersc] see them from a place far-off, [they will increase its blaze so that] the [disbelievers] will hear the roaring sound of its [boiling] and [the rage of] its exhalation d.


[14] 13. And when they are cast into a narrow place therein e, chained together [by the gravitation of the sun f], they will invoke [God] for their perishing there g.


[15] 14. [So the angels will answer them and say:] Invoke [God] for your perishing, not only one time, but invoke for perishing so many times [which will not avail you anything.] i


[16] 15. Say [O Mohammed, to them]: "Is that [doom] better, or the Garden of Everlasting which is promised to those who ward off [sins]? It will be a reward for them [according to their deeds] and a final resort [to which they will resort and inhabit.]"


[17] 16. They will have therein j whatever they will desire [and] therein [they will be] immortal forever; that is a promise, asked of your Lord k.



11 a i.e. Doomsday and the sending to the Next Life.


11 b Which is Hell.





12 c i.e. the angels in charge of it.


12 d Which is the sound of the gases and flame gushing out of it.

Similar to this aya is another one in the Quran 11: 106, which means:

(Those who are wretched shall be in the Fire: there shall be for them sobbing and exhalation [of fire.])


13 e i.e. they will be cast in Hell, and the place will be narrow (: restricted or limited) for them because of their large number.


13 f From which they cannot escape.


13 g It means: they will ask of God to let them perish from existence, in order to get rid of the punishment.


14 i The meaning: your invoking will not avail you anything, whatever much many times it will be.



16 j i.e. in Paradise.







16 k It means: As did He promise them, in the life of the World, with the prosperity in the Next Life, He will fulfill His promise to them, as did they pray him [in the life of the World]: "Our Lord, offer to us that [prosperity of Paradise] which You have promised us with, by [the words of] Your messengers.



[18] 17. And on the day when He shall gather them together with [the angels] that they worship besides God, and He shall say [to the worshipped]: "Was it you who led My servants astray [from the way of the truth], or did they [by themselves] err from the way?"


[19] 18. Those [worshipped] will say: "Glory be to You! [You are exalted above having any associate!]

It is not for us [ourselves] to take for patrons apart from You a.

But You made them and their fathers enjoy [the life of the World b] until they forgot about the admonition [of the Quranc], and they [in fact] were a people, void [of wisdom and reason.]


[Then God be glorified address the associaters, and say:]

[20] 19. So [now] they have disowned what you had said [before d]; and [now] you cannot avert [the doom from yourselves] neither can they help [you.]

[Then God be glorified directed the address to Muslims, and said:]

And whoso among you [Muslims] does wrong [anyone, or wrong himselfe], We shall make him taste of a great f chastisement [in the Next Life.]





















18 a Then how could we order anyone to take us as patrons?



18 b With various bounties and long life in the World, so they exceeded in lusts.


18 c And did not receive its admonition.











19 d i.e. that they are our intercessors before God, so they have not interceded for you now, but they have quitted themselves from you.





19 e By associating others with God in the worship, or committing crimes.


19 f i.e. severe and lasting chastisement.



[Then God be glorified once again addressed the Prophet, and said:]

[21] 20. We never sent, before you [Mohammed] any messengers but that they ate food [as do you eat] and walked in the markets [as do you walk, so why do they criticize you concerning the eating and walking?]

And We made some of you [: the messengers and their peoples] a trial for others a; will you [: messengers] show patience [or lose patience: this is Our trial of you.]

But [O Mohammed] your Lord is ever All-Seeing [about His servants b.]



20 a i.e. We made the messengers a trial for their peoples, and the peoples a trial for their messengers (or apostles.)
It means: We send the messenger to his people to try them: will they believe or turn away from the belief; and We try the messenger by the hurt of his people: will he forbear their hurt or lose patience.
Therefore, it is required of the messengers (or apostles) to forbear the hurt of their peoples, and it is required of the people to believe in their messenger (or apostle); and by so doing We try some of them with the others.


20 b Therefore, He chooses for the apostle-hood, out of them, the one who forbears patiently and does not lose patience.



[22] 21. Those [associaters] who look not for a meeting with Us [in the Next Life a] say:

"Why are not the angels sent down to us [to testify the apostle-hood of Mohammedb], or [why] do we not see our Lord [to tell us that He has sent Mohammed to us c]!?"

[so God said:]

Indeed they have become proud within themselves [by saying such words], and their arrogance has exceeded all limits [in contradiction and opposition.]


[Then God be glorified threatened them with punishment, and said:]

[23] 22. On the day [of their death] when they will see the angels [of death seizing their souls d] no glad news on that day be for the guiltye, and [the angels] shall say [to them]: "An arrest [and detainment for you by devils] enclosed [on you till Doomsday. f ]"


[24] 23. And We shall turn to the [righteous] work [which the associaters] did, and We shall make it [as] scattered g dust. h


[25] 24. On that day, the dwellers of Paradise shall be better with their abiding-place [than the luxurious people are in the life of the World], and better with their resting-place [than the prosperous associaters are in the life of the World.] i



21 a i.e. they do not believe in the sending, of souls to the Next Life, and in the rewarding.


21 b And then we shall believe in his apostle-hood.


21 c And then we shall believe in his apostle-hood.


22 d Who will take their souls out of their bodies.


22 e This is a parable about their affliction with the chastisement; it means: The chastisement is for the guilty, and the good news, of admission into Paradise, is for the righteous.


22 f It means: Devils will capture and imprison you till Doomsday.


23 g i.e. like the dust scattered in the air.


23 h i.e. their righteous deeds will be useless to them, and they will not be rewarded for them;

that is because the deeds of the associater will not be accepted from him.



24 i When prophets, martyrs and the righteous die, they will be admitted to the ethereal paradises; while the monotheists [who exclusively devote themselves to God alone] that are sinners will be divided into two divisions: some of them will be admitted to Paradise when the earth will stop its axial rotation, while the second division that are the guilty among the monotheists will enter Paradise on Doomsday after they fulfill their punishment on earth.



[26] 25. On the Day [of Doom] when the sky [: the gaseous layers] shall be torn up [turning] into black thick cloud a, and the angels shall be sent down [from the ethereal heavens to the gathering together, by the leave of their Lord.]


[27] 26. On that day,the true ownership [which will remain and will not disappear, will be the ethereal, and] shall belong to the Most Gracious b; it will be a day of dire difficulty for disbelievers [because of its terrible afflictions.]





25 a i.e. into fog and smoke. It means: the gaseous layers will tear up and mix with each other to be like smoke or the black thick cloud.







26 b Who will offer it to whoever deserves it according to his acts; it is that included in the ethereal paradises.



[28] 27. The Day that the wrong-doer will bite at his hands [with remorse and regret about what he missed]; he will say, "O, would that I had followed [Mohammed] the Messenger taking with him a way [to guidance!]


[29] 28."Alas for me! Would that I had never taken 'that man' a for an intimate friend!"


[30] 29."[that man whom I took for friend] misguided me away from the admonition [of the Quran] even after [Mohammed] brought it to me [from his Lord; and Satan deceived me]; for Satan does always leave man in the lurch! b "










28 a 'that man' implies one of their chiefs and leaders who misguided and prevented them from believing in the Prophet.







29 b i.e. Satan always does clear himself of man and forsake him, after he leads him to destruction.




[31] 30. Then [Mohammed] the messenger [will] say: "My Lord, my people treated this Quran with neglect a."


[32] 31. Thus have We appointed to every prophet an enemy:some of the guilty b; but [O Mohammed] your Lord suffices as a Guide and as a Helper c.


[33] 32. And those who disbelieve said: "Why has not the Quran [as a whole] been revealed to him all at once [written in a book.]

[So God replied to their words, and said:]

as such d that We may thereby make firm your heart [to the belief e], and We have revealed it piecemeal f.


[34] 33. And they bring you [Mohammed] no argument g but We bring you the true [answer h as against it], and a better explanation [and exposure of the meaning.]


[35] 34. Those who will be gathered together having their direction towards Hell i they will be in the worst situation [in Hell j], and as to the way [of Paradise] they will be the most astray [from it.]



30 a i.e. they forsook it: neither did they believe, nor did they accept it.






31 b So that the matter of the prophet will spread.


31 c i.e. God is Sufficient for you as a Guide and a Helper of you and of whoever believes in your apostle-hood.




32 d i.e. as did We reveal it piecemeal, as such will We reveal it to you in the future, and We will not reveal it all at once, as do they suggest, and the purpose of that is


32 e And that you may be confident with the message, and in order that you will know it by heart, and will not forget it.


32 f i.e. And We divided it, as detailed phrases.


33 g With which they dispute against you so as to falsify your message and to contradict you.


33 h Which disproves and refutes their arguments.


34 i Deviating not right or left away from it, because its gravity attracts them to it.


34 j Their place in Hell will be the worst place, as will their obtaining of food and drink be in it.




[Then God be glorified mentioned the story of the prophets with their nations, so as to confirm His messenger Mohammed, and He said:]

[36] 35. And We gave to Moses the Scripture a, and assigned with him his brother Aaron as an assistant b.


[37] 36. And We said [to Moses and Aaron]: "Go to the people who deny Our miracles"; c so We destroyed them [in the sea] with an utter destruction.


[38] 37. And the people of Noah, when they denied the messengers d, We drowned them, and We made them a manifest lesson to people, and We prepared for the wrong-doers a painful chastisement [other than their affliction in the life of the World.]


[39] 38. And [We destroyed the tribes of] Aad and Thamood, and the People of the Violent Torrent [of Arim at Shebae], and [We destroyed f also] so many generations between [the tribe of Aad and the people of the Torrent.]


[40] 39. To each of them We mentioned the examples [and lessons] g, and each [of the stubborn peoples] We destroyed utterly.


[41] 40. And these [people of Mecca] must have visited the [four] cities [of Lot] which were rained with an evil shower [of stones.]

Have the [people of Mecca] not seen it [in their journeys, when they passed by it]?h

Nay, they expect not to be resurrected [after death.] i







35 a i.e. the Torah.







35 b To assist him in conveying the message.



36 c i.e. to Pharaoh and his people, but they did not believe.








37 d The messengers in plural: indicates Noah and the angels who came down to him with the revelation and with the instructions to make the ship.





38 e To whom the Torrent of Arim came, which destroyed their dam, drowned them and ruined their farms and gardens.


38 f Because of their wrong-doing and disbelief.




39 g Of those who passed away before them, and We warned them, but they did not believe, and they exceeded in their arrogance and disbelief.





40 h And so they should fear and take lesson.


40 i It means: No, they in fact saw those cities of Lot, but they did not take lesson, because they do not believe in the sending to the Next Life, neither do they believe in the second world which is the world of souls; so as to fear of the punishment and hope for the reward.



[42] 41. And when they see you [Mohammed, walking in the street], they only make jest of you, [saying]: "Is this [the one] whom God has sent as a messenger!?"


[43] 42."He would have misled us away from [the worship of] our gods, had we not been steadfast to them."

[So God be glorified replied to their words, and said:]

But they will know, when they will encounter the doom [following their death and the transmission to the world of souls], who is further astray from the [right] way [Mohammed is or they are the misguided.]




[44] 43. Have you [Mohammed] not considered him who takes, for his god, that which he desires a; would you then be a guardian over him b?


[45] 44. Or deem you [Mohammed] that most of them listen [to your words] or realize c?

Nope, [but] they [in fact] are like the cattle [straying from the way to the pasture]; they indeed are further astray from the way.



43 a i.e. who worships the gold, silver, stone or others which he desires.


43 b It means: Will you then be a guard over him, to protect him from Gods punishment in the Next Life.




44 c It means: Or that they use their minds concerning that to which you invite them?



[46] 45. Havent you [man] considered [the acts of] your Lord: how He has kept on the shadow [of the earth, which is the night, continuous on successive zones of the earth a: due to its axial rotation]?

Had He willed, He could have made it stationary [by stopping the earth from its axial rotation b];

then We have made the sun [setting] a sign indicative of the [coming of the night.]


[47] 46. Then We have withdrawn [the shadow: the night] to Us [by the sun-rising on that zone of the earth c], with an easy withdrawal.





45 a Transmitting from one zone to another, without ending.


45 b So that the shadow will be lasting on one side of the earth, and then those who will be on the day side will perish from the extreme heat; and those on the night side will perish from the extreme coldness.










46 c So that the shadow disappears from it.



[48] 47. It is also [God] Who has made for you the night [for] veiling, and the sleep [for] resting, and has made the day [for you] to spread abroad [and go after your provision and your affairs.]


[49] 48. And it is [God] Who looses the winds, with glad tidings, coming just before [the rain which is] His mercy [to people], and We send down [by the wind] from the sky [rain] water pure and purifying.


[50] 49. To quicken therewith a dead [barren] land a, and to give it for drink to what We have created the cattle and so many peoples.


[51] 50. And We have distributed [the water] amongst them b, [and We provided them with all such bounties] that they may remember [God c], but most of people insist only on ingratitude [for such bounties.]




















49 a The life of the earth indicates its fertility, and its death indicates its drought.


50 b i.e. We distributed the water in the earth, and divided it into two parts: some of it flows on the earth surface to be rivers and seas out of which they may drink, eat, purify themselves and to water their plants and cattle; and the second part will be distributed inside the earth to be as water springs and wells, out of which they also drink and water their plants and cattle.


50 c Who is the One giving them such bounties and that they should be grateful to Him.



[52] 51. But, had We pleased, We would have sent in every city a warner a.


[53] 52. Then comply not with the unbelievers [by yielding and agreeing with what they demand], but strive vigorously against them with the [Quran].



51 a In order to help you to convey the message, but no need for that, because God Himself will assist and help you against your enemies.



[54] 53. It is [God] Who made the two seas [the Nile River and the Red Sea] surge [with storms so that their waves surged a]:

this[water of River Nile] is cold, palatable and pure b and that [water of the Red Sea] is salt and bitter [to taste],

and He made, between the two, a barrier and a preventive partition c.


[55] 54. And it is He Who created from the [seminal] fluid a human [race] d, and made for [this human race] relations of lineage e and [relations of] marriage f; for your Lord can do anything. g


[56] 55. They worship besides God [the idols and statues] that [can] neither benefit them nor [can they] harm them; and the disbeliever is ever an antagonist of his Lordh.


53 a And the clouds rose up out of them and so there was profuse rain; and that was in order to deter Pharaoh and delay him from approaching Moses and those who were with him, but when he was not deterred, God drowned him in one of the two [seas.]

53 b It means: one of them is cold, pure of salt and suitable for drinking, which is the River Nile of Egypt; the other one is salt with bitterness, which is the Red Sea.
Water is cold when it flows, and usually the flowing water is colder than the continuously stagnant.

53 c To prevent the water from reaching from one of them to the other.

54 d It means: He created the Children of Adam from the rushing seminal fluid.

54 e It means: your relatives descending from your grandfather; i.e. your paternal relatives.

54 f These are your maternal relatives, who are related to you by marriage, so that you give them a woman or take out of them a woman for marriage.


Therefore, the Children of Adam are the descendants of Adam, but they were related to the other human races by marriage, so that some of them married the daughters of the Chinese: the yellow race, and so became related to them by marriage; and some of them married the daughters of the black race, and so became related to them by marriage.

54 g i.e. He is All-Able to create man, once from the seminal [fluid], and another time from the mud.

55 h It means: a partisan in fighting his Lord.

The meaning: The disbeliever supports the associater in his association and idolatry, and he fights the believer because of his belief.



[57] 56. We have not sent you [Mohammed] but only as a bearer of glad news [of Paradise to whoever believes] and as a warner [of punishment to whoever abstains, from believing, and blasphemes.]


[58] 57. Say: "I ask not of you any recompense for the [Quran and for conveying the message]; but [only that you should show kindness to your kinsfolk a; that is for] anyone who likes to follow a way [leading him] to the paradises of] his Lord. b "


[59] 58. [O Mohammed] put your trust in [God] c, the Ever-Living d, Who dies not e, and celebrate His praises [in your prayers]; for He suffices as the All-Aware of the sins of His servants f.


[60] 59. [God] Who created the heavens and the earth g and what [moons] are between them, in six days, then He mounted over the Throne; the Most Gracious [God]; so ask, about His [acts and might], [Gabriel who is] informed [of Gods acts and might.] h


[61] 60. But when they are told: "Prostrate yourselves in adoration to the Most Gracious", they say: " What is [this] Most Gracious!? We dont know Him.] Shall we prostrate ourselves in adoration to what you [Mohammed] bid us [and forsake our gods?]"

And [your words] increased their aversion [from the truth.]


[62] 61. Blessed be [the grace of God i] Who has placed in heaven [constructed] mansions j, and in [heaven] has let [the sun be as] a lamp, and a moon giving light [to people of Paradise.]


[63] 62. And He it is Who has let the night and the day to be in succession k, for him who desires to receive admonition and celebrates l [his Lord], or desires thankfulness [to Gods bounties.]


57 a Similar to this aya, is another one in the Quran 42: 23, which means:

(Say [O Mohammed]: "I ask of you no [money as a] wage for [conveying the message and teaching the religious law], save loving and being kind to [your] kinsfolk".)

57 b It means: Anyone who likes to follow a way leading him to the paradises and be in the neighborhood of his Lord, let him join his kindred and relatives with charity and love, if he is truly a believer.


58 c When you carry out [your duty of] bearing the good news [to believers] and warning of punishment [to associaters and disbelievers.]


58 d And so He will help you.


58 e So dont be afraid of these associaters and idolaters, for they will die.


58 f So He will punish them according to their sins.


59 g i.e. the planets including the earth.


59 h This aya has been interpreted in my book The Universe and the Quran


61 i His bounties increase for you and for the believers in the Next Life.


61 j i.e. He placed in the ethereal heaven (: or Paradise: or the Garden) the constructed mansions or palaces.

The Arabic word in the aya, which means: mansions (or high towers), has been explained in the interpretation of the aya 15: 16.

The people of Paradise (or heaven) in fact see the sun only with little light like the oil lamp, because they are in the space, not dwelling on any material earth which may reflect the rays so that the light will increase; and for this reason they only see it like the oil lamp.

In fact, the astronauts said, in the space when they went up to Moon, that they saw the sun like a lamp giving light, and the space dark like the night.

The oil lamp is a small oblong pot with a handle, made of painted pottery or copper, in which oil and a cotton wick are put, then it is kindled when needed; its light is not more than the light of a candle; usually it is put on a table, and was used by the ancient people, then when the electric lamp was invented and used, the oil lamp was discarded.

62 k i.e. succeeding each other.


62 l With praying, glorifying and magnifying God.



[Then God be glorified started to praise those who glorify and thank Him, and He said:]

[64] 63. The [faithful] servants a of [God] Most Gracious are those who walk upon the earth modestly; and when the ignorant address them [with improper words b], they answer: "Peace [to you.]"


[65] 64. Who pass the night [obedient to God: one time] prostrate [in their prayers] to their Lord, and [another time] standing [to recite the opening soora of the Quran.]


[66] 65. And say [in their supplication]: "Our Lord, avert from us the doom of Hell [in the Next Life]; for surely its doom is an extreme loss. c "


[67] 66. It is the worst settlement [to those who dwell in it] and the worst abode [to those who reside in it.]


[68] 67. Who when they expend [out of their money]: neither do they squander nor are they stingy, but they make their expenditure between these [two extremes d.]


[69] 68. And those who pray not another god, along with God, [to grant them their needs, and they worship none else than God];

And they kill not the [living] person that God has prohibited [his killing] save for the right [causee];

And they do not commit adultery.

For he who does such [bad deeds] shall face the penalty of his sins, [in the world of souls f.]


[70] 69. Doubled shall be the chastisement for him on Doomsday g, and he shall abide in that [chastisement] humiliated [and abased.]


[Then God be glorified excepted, out of these, the repentant, and He said:]

[71] 70. Excepting the one who repents [from his sin], believes [in his Lord] and works the righteous deeds; for God will change the evil [habits] of such [persons] into goodh, and God is Most Forgiving [to those who repent], Most Merciful [to those who regret.]


[72] 71. And whoever repents [from the words of association] and works the righteous [deeds, should] turn to God with a permanent repentance i.


[73] 72. And [those] who do not bear false witnessj, and when they pass by [people talking and playing in] vain, they pass by ignoring all that k.


[74] 73. And when they are reminded by the revelations of their Lord [if they are about to commit a disobedience], they fall not on [the disobedience, as does the hawk fall on its prey:] deaf [to listen to the admonition] and blind [of looking to the truth.] l


[75] 74. And those who say [in their praying]: "Our Lord, grant us from our wives [sons] and [from] our seed [grandsons, and make them] a cause of delight [for usm], and make us models to those who ward off [sins.] n


[76] 75. These will be rewarded with a most beautiful building [in Paradise] o because they endured patiently p, and they will meet therein with greeting [of the angels] and [their] word of "Peace" to each other.


[77] 76. Abiding in [Paradise] forever. Happy indeed will it be [as] a settlement [in which to dwell] and [as] an abode [in which to reside.]






63 a Who glorify and thank God.



63 b Like the reviling and mockery.






















65 c It means: Anyone enters Hell, will lose Paradise.


















67 d i.e. between the wasting and the stinginess.
















68 e i.e. except for the one who deserves the killing because of his murders.





68 f i.e. the afterlife.







69 g i.e. he will have more punishment than that in the Barzakh world (or the afterlife.)














70 h i.e. God will change their habits of doing bad deeds, to which they were accustomed; so they will do good deeds instead of their bad deeds, and all that is according to His guidance to them.

71 i And he should not afterwards return to do any work by which he may associate anyone with God: like the vowing to those other than God, seeking the help of those else than God, the glorification of those other than God, and other works of association nowadays prevailing among people.

72 j So anyone bears false witness shall be whipped forty lashes and jailed for two years.

72 k They will not sit together with them; neither will they participate in their discourse. Such meetings for vain talk and playing are where they read fairy tales, and the clubs for rapture, kidding, playing (chess, backgammon, domino) and other useless things.

73 l But they listen to the admonition and so they will refrain from committing the disobedience.




74 m In the life of the World as well as in the Next Life



74 n So that they may do like us in doing the righteous deeds.


75 o Which is a sort of building in Paradise, better than the mansion or the palace of the World.

Similar to this aya is another one in the Quran 39: 20, which means:

(But for those, who ward off [the punishment of] their Lord, will be lofty blocks of flats [in Paradise] in layers one above another.)


75 p For doing every obedient work, and avoiding bad act.



[78] 77. Say [O Mohammed, to these associaters]: "My Lord would not make any concern for you, were it not for that you prayed [and supplicated in the time of distress and prayed Him to send you the promised messengera], but now you have denied [the messenger], so [the punishment] will befall you."


77 a About whom the people of the Bible told you, in order to help you against your enemies and unify your word; but now when He has sent him to you, you have denied and opposed him and designed to kill him, but God saved him from your hands and helped him against you.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 28: 47, which means:

(Had they not [argued with Us], when a calamity befalls them for [the wrong-doing, disbelief and hypocrisy] that their hands produce, [We should not have sent them any messenger.]

[But they would have argued with Us] and said: "Our Lord, why had You not sent us any messenger? [before the affliction and punishment], We should then have followed Your revelations and have become believers [in the message of your messenger!]")


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 25 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)



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