Soora 26


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


The meaning


More explanation

[2] 1. Ta. Sein. Miem. a

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

(Purity and Safety, O Mohammed!)


[3] 2. These are the revelations of the Book that makes things clear. b


[4] 3. It may be you [Mohammed] will grieve yourself to death, for that they do not believe [in God alone, and forsake the worship of idols.]


[5] 4. If We will, We can send down upon them from the sky a portent c, and their necks shall be humbled to d it.


1 a These are abbreviated Arabic letters; each letter resembles a word, and the letter being the first letter of the word.

[The translator: just like you say UN which means: the United Nations.]


Ta means: cleanness and purity;

Sein means: safety; and

Miem means: Mohammed.

So the meaning is: Purity and Safety, O Mohammed!

[See the commentary of the next aya.]



2 b It means: These ayat (or Quran revelations) which your [companions] have written, few days ago in your Book, O Mohammed; anyone recites and works according to them, it will lead to the purifying of his heart from the Rayn [which is like the rust on metals], and will lead also to purifying his heart from what cover it of the ideas of the falsehood and the corrupt illusions.

Moreover, these revelations will also lead to the safety of the soul in the afterlife; i.e. the soul will be safe of the hurt of genies and devils, and will be safe of the punishment in Fire on Doomsday.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 56: 90-91, which means:

(Or if the [deceased] is one of the fellows of the right, then 'salam be to you [and congratulations]' from the fellows of the right.)



4 c To frighten them with it, as did We send the thunderbolt on the seventy men of Moses people, when they said to him: Show to us God conspicuously before our eyes, and they submitted themselves to Moses after the thunderbolt seized them.



4 d As did the companions of Moses submit themselves; i.e. they yielded and became humble.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 17: 59, which means:

(And We do not send [messengers] with miracles, but only to frighten [that particular nation.]



[6] 5. No recent admonition comes to them from [God] Most Gracious, but they turn away from it in aversion.


[7] 6. So now they have not believed [and they mocked the ambiguous ayat of the Quran], but it will come to them [in the future] the tidings [and the interpretation] of the [ambiguous ayat] at which they mocked. a


6 a If you calculate the letters of this Arabic sentence, which is

i.e. (but it will come to them [in the future] the tidings [and the interpretation] of the [ambiguous ayat] at which they mocked),

by means of the numerical value of the letters [a method in use at that time, and till now, the Arab poets use this method of calculation to state some certain dates];


[the interpreter of the Quran and the Bible Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly said:]

so if you calculate by this way, the result is: 1325 which is my birthday in the Hijri Persian lunar calendar, and if you add to it, 41, which is the difference between the solar and lunar months [calendar], the total will be 1366 Lunar AH, which is the date of publishing my Arabic book (The Universe and the Quran) including some of the ambiguous ayat.

So in the year 1325 AH solar calendar was my birth date, and in that date, but on the lunar calendar my book The Universe and the Quran in Arabic was published as was my Arabic book Man after Death


This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 10: 39, which means:

(But [actually] they have cried lies to the [word of God: the mysterious ayat of the Quran], the knowledge of which they comprehend not); i.e. such ayat which they did not know about their meaning, neither did they understand their implication.

(and even when the interpretation of the [mysterious ayat] will come to them [at the time of the Mahdi, they will also cry lies.])

[Therefore, after it, He said:]

(Even so had [the disbelieving nations] before them cried lies [to their apostles]); i.e. the past nations also denied their messengers [in likewise manner.])



[8] 7. Have [these associaters] not regarded the earth how much of every pleasant a kind [of plant], in spouses [of male and female] b We have planted therein?


[9] 8. Surely, that [plant] includes a sign indicative [of its Creator and Inventor], yet most of them are not believers [in the signs of God.]


[10] 9. And your Lord [O Mohammed], He is indeed the All-Mighty [in His creation], the Most Merciful [to believers.]




7 a i.e. beautiful.


7 b The plants are like animals in spouses male and female, and the fruits will not be formed unless after the impregnation.



[Then God be glorified mentioned the stories of His messengers to confirm the Prophet and encourage him to be patient, in order to be confident about the victory. And He be exalted started with the story of Moses and Pharaoh, and He said:]

[11] 10. [Remember, O Mohammed] when your Lord called to Moses: "Go to the people of the wrong-doers."


[12] 11. "The people of Pharaoh; will they not ward off [My punishment?a]


[13] 12. [Moses] said: "My Lord, I fear lest they should deny [my words.]"


[14] 13. "And I should be embarrassed [because they deny me], and my tongue should not speak plainly [because of my defective pronunciation of the letter R], so make [my brother] Aaron a messenger [to assist me.]"


[15] 14. "And I am under obligation to them for a guilt [of killing one of their men], and I fear they may slay me [in retaliation of him.]"


[16] 15. [God be glorified ] said: "Not so! [But fear not and] Go then [both of you] with Our [nine] miracles; for We b will be with you c, listening."


[17] 16. So go [both of you] to Pharaoh and say: "We are the Messengers of the Lord of nations and worlds. d "


[18] 17. "So let us take the Children of Israel with us."










11 a i.e. hasnt the time come when they should fear Me, and leave the Children of Israel and persecute them not?





















15 b i.e. My angels will be with you, listening.

15 c And now the [addressed] were three: Moses, Aaron and the serpent, i.e. the staff; and for this reason they were mentioned in the aya in plural in Arabic.





16 d In the aya, the Arabic word in the aya which means messenger is used in singular: because Moses in fact was the messenger, and Aaron was his assistant and helper.



[19] 18. [Pharaoh] said: "Did we not rear you among us as a newly born child? And did you [not] dwell among us for [thirty] years of your life?a "


[20] 19. "And you committed your [serious] offense [: the murdering of a man] which you committed, and you were ungrateful [to our favor, and our due right of growing you.]"


[21] 20. [Moses] said: "I did it at that instant [undeliberately] when I was out [of my mind. b]"


[22] 21. So I fled from you [and went to Midian], fearing you [might kill me.] Then my Lord gave me authority c and made me one of the envoys [to you.]


[23] 22. "And this d will be a favor that you will bestow on me, if you make ready the Children of Israel [to go with us.]"


[24] 23. Pharaoh said: "And what is the Lord of nations and worlds e?"


[25] 24. [Moses] said [in reply to him]: "He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what between them is, if you have a sure belief [in my words.]"


[26] 25. Said Pharaoh to those about him: Do you not hear [the words of Moses!?]


[27] 26. [Moses] said: "[He is] your Lord and the Lord of your ancient fathers."


[28] 27. [Pharaoh] said: "Certainly, your messenger who has been sent to you is crazy."


[29] 28. [Moses] said: "[He is] the Lord of the East and the West and what is between them, if you discern f."


[30] 29. [Then when the dispute increased with Pharaoh], he said [threatening Moses]: "If you take a god other than me, I will imprison you."


[31] 30. [Moses] said, "What if I show you something profound [proving my truthfulness?]"


[32] 31. [Pharaoh] said: "Produce it then, if you are truthful!"


[33] 32. So [Moses] flung down his staff [on the ground], and, behold, it was a profound serpent [not a staff.]


[34] 33. And he drew his hand [out of his bosom-pocket, after he introduced it there], and lo, it was white to the beholders.


[35] 34. [Pharaoh] said to the princes around him: "Surely this [man] is a magician expert [in magic.]"


[36] 35. "Who wants to exile you from your land with his magic g: so what do you suggest [concerning him h]?"


[37] 36. They said: " Put him off together with his brother [until we gather the magicians], and send gatherers into the cities [of the country, to collect the magicians from all cities of Egypt.]"


[38] 37. "To bring to you every magician expert [in the magic.]"





18 a So how have you come now claiming you are a messenger of God?








20 b It means: When I saw him beat and transgress on the Israelite, I lost my mind, so I beat him, and I was not aware about his outcome; I did not in fact intend to kill him, but he died by chance.





21 c By means of the miracles which He gave to me.







22 d It points out to his saying: "So let us take the Children of Israel with us."










23 e i.e. of what kind is He to Whom you invite me to worship?























28 f It means: if you use your minds and contemplate about the universe.








































35 g It means: He plans to seize the kingdom with his magic, then to exile you from your land and banish you from your country.

35 h And how to deal with him and counteract his case.



[39] 38. So the magicians were assembled together at the appointed time on a stated day. a



[40] 39. And it was said to the people: Will you also gather together?


[41] 40. "That we may follow the magicians if they are the winners."


[42] 41. Then, when the magicians came, they said to Pharaoh: "Shall we indeed have a wage [from you], if we should be the victors?"


[43] 42. [Pharaoh] said: "Yes, indeed, and you will then [if you overcome Moses] be of those brought close [to us.]"


[44] 43. Moses said to them: "Cast down whatever [ropes and staffs] you may cast."


[45] 44. So they cast their ropes and staffs [on the ground], and said: "With Pharaoh's majesty we shall be the victors [over Moses]."


[46] 45. And Moses cast down his staff [on the ground], and at once it started to bite that which they falsely devised b.


[47] 46. And the magicians then submitted themselves [to Moses.]


[48] 47. Crying: "We believe in the Lord of the worlds."


[49] 48. "The Lord of Moses and Aaron."


[50] 49. [Pharaoh] said: "Believe you in him before I give you permission [to believe?] Certainly, [Moses] must be your boss who has taught you magic! c But you will know [how I shall punish you!]"


[51] 50. " I will alternatively cut off your hands and feet after [tormenting you], and I will surely crucify you, all, on the trunks of palm trees."


[52] 51. The [magicians] said: "We are not pawns with you d; surely we are going to return back to our Lord. e "


[53] 52. "We hope our Lord may forgive us our offences, since we are the first to believe [in Moses concerning his apostle-hood.]"




38 a That is the festival Day of Ornamentation.


































45 b i.e. that about which they deluded people.



















49 c And for this reason, you believed in him.












51 d The meaning: The magicians said to Pharaoh: We are not pawns with you, so that you persecute us, but we are inevitably going to the ether world following our death, and we will go to our Lord, Who will show us mercy and admit us into His Gardens.

51 e It means: You only can deal with the body, but you have not any control on the soul which will return to God, and He will reward it according to its patience and God-fearing.



[Then God be glorified said:]

[54] 53. And We revealed to Moses [after We show to Pharaoh nine of the portents and miracles]:

"Set forth [by night] taking with you My servants [: the Children of Israel]; for surely you [all] will be pursued [by Pharaoh and his hosts.]"


[55] 54. And Pharaoh sent [princes as] gatherers into the cities [of the country to collect an army a.]


[56] 55. [He said to them:] "These [Israelites] are only a small band. b "


[57] 56. "And, indeed, they are enraging us. c "


[58] 57. "And we are a multitude shielded with protective means d."


[Then God be glorified told about the way of their destruction, and He said:]

[59] 58. So We drove theme out of gardens and [water] springs.


[60] 59. And treasures f and a fair estate g.













54 a To pursue after the Children of Israel, and he said to them:




55 b And we will defeat them and bring them bound in chains.




56 c Because they follow a religion else than ours, and because they departed from our country without our permission, and because they took with them the gold ornaments [of the Copts.]




57 d Like the coat of mail, the armor shield and the iron helmet: which protect from the beating of the sword.




58 e i.e. Pharaoh's folk.




59 f i.e. the hidden wealth: the gold, silver and jewelry.

59 g In which they dwelt: like the clubs, the princes meeting places, the parks and the palaces.



[61] 60. As such a, and We caused the Children of Israel to inherit b [all] that [in the Next Life.]

And they approached the [Children of Israel] at sun-rise time.


[62] 61. So when the two hosts saw each other, the companions of Moses said: Most surely we are being overtaken [by Pharaoh and his hosts c.]


[63] 62. [Moses] said, "No way; [they will not overtake us]; [for] my Lord is with me; He will guide me [to the way of safety.]"


[64] 63. So We revealed to Moses [saying]: "Strike the sea with your staff"; [so he struck it]; whereupon the [water] parted d, so that each part [of them] was like a great high mountain.


[65] 64. Then brought We the others [: Pharaohs host] near thereto. e


[66] 65. And We saved [from the sea] Moses and those with him, altogether.


[67] 66. Then We drowned the others f.


[68] 67. Surely, that [event] included a sign [of Our might], yet most of them were not believers. g


[69] 68. And your Lord [O Mohammed], indeed, is the All-Mighty [and will take revenge on the disbelievers in the Next Life], the Most Merciful [to the believers.]


60 a i.e. As did We drown them in the sea, as such did We expel them from such grace.

A similar aya to this one, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 44: 25-27, which means:

(How many [nice] gardens and [flowing water-] springs have they left [behind], and sown fields, and how noble a station, and what prosperity they had enjoyed and rejoiced in!)

60 b It means: He made them to inherit the ethereal out of them, not the material; and that is in the Next Life.

An example of that is His saying be glorified telling about the people of Paradise, in the Quran 39: 74, which means:

(And they shall say: "Praise be to God, Who has fulfilled His promise to us, and has made us inherit the [ethereal product of the] earth!)

It means: He has made us to inherit the ethereal and spiritual [out of it.]

And God be glorified said in the Quran 19: 40, which means:

(It is We Who shall inherit the earth and all who are on it, and to Us shall they return [after death.])

While God be glorified said in the Quran 55: 26, which means:

(Whosoever upon the [earth] shall perish.)

It means: Every material thing on the earth will tear up and perish, while every ethereal spiritual will remain and be an inheritance to believers in the Next Life; as did God be glorified say in the Quran 19: 63, which means:

(Such is the Garden (or Heaven) which We shall give for an inheritance to those among Our servants who ward off [God's punishment.])



61 c Whom we cannot resist.



63 d And there appeared in it twelve roads.



64 e The meaning: We let Pharaohs host move along the road on which Moses moved.



66 f It means: Pharaohs host, when the water came down on them in a heap, and they were drowned.



67 g It means: Most of the Children of Israel were not believers in spite of that they saw such signs and miracles; therefore, dont surprise of your people denial of the Quran when they ascribed it to the magic and sorcery.



[70] 69. And [O Mohammed] rehearse to them a the tale of Abraham.


[71] 70. When he said to his father and his people: "What is it that you worship?"


[72] 71. They said: We worship idols, and we shall continue to be devoted to them.


[73] 72. [Abraham] said: "Do they hear you when you pray [them]?"


[74] 73. "Or do they profit [you, anything] or harm you?"


[75] 74. They said: "No, but we found our fathers doing so."


[76] 75. [Abraham] said b: "Have you considered that which you worship!? c "


[77] 76. "You and your fathers, the elders?"


[78] 77. "I am against them, but [I am not against anyone worshipping] the Lord of the worlds. d


[79] 78. "Who created me, and Himself guides me [to the way of righteousness.]"


[80] 79. "And it is He Who gives me food and drink."e


[81] 80. "And when I am sick, He heals me." f


[82] 81. "And Who causes me to die [by night: the sleep], then gives me life again [by day time: the waking] g "


[83] 82. "And Whom, I ardently hope, will [in the Next Life] forgive me my sin on the Day of Requital. h "



69 a It means: to your people.



























75 b Disapproving their blind imitation of their fathers.

75 c i.e. give me your opinion about these idols which neither do they hear nor profit: how can you worship such idols!?








77 d It means: I am against your fathers and against the idols which they worshipped apart from God, but only I am not against the one worshipping the Lord of the worlds.

Then he started to enumerate the blessings of God on him, and he said:








79 e It means: He prepared, by some means, for me the food and drink.





80 f It means: He prepares for me the means of cure.




81 g He meant by that, the sleep. The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 60, which means:

(It is He Who takes your souls [out of your bodies] by night, and knows all that [evil] you [people] have already committed by day.)



82 h i.e. the day of the rewarding or recompensing for deeds.

Then he prayed God for many requests, and said:



[84] 83. "Lord, grant me judgment [in religious statements a], and join me with the righteous [of Your servants and be one of them b.]"


[85] 84. "Grant me honorable reputation among the latest [generations.] c "


[86] 85. "And [in the Next Life] make me one of the inheritors of the Paradise of Prosperity [in which Your prophets and messengers live happily.]"


[87] 86. "Forgive my father; for he was one of those astray [from the way of the truth.] d "


[88] 87. "And bring not shame on me on the day [of death] when they will be sent [from their bodies to the Afterlife e.]


[89] 88. "The day whereon neither wealth nor sons will avail."


[90] 89. Except him who comes to God with a heart free [from the association, hypocrisy, wrong-doing and stinginess. f]


[91] 90. And Paradise shall be near for those who ward off [the disobedience of God.g]


[92] 91. And Hell will appear conspicuous h to those who deceive [people i.]


[93] 92. It shall be said to them [by the angels j]: "Where is that you were worshipping,"


[94] 93. "apart from God; [now] will they k help you [by averting the doom from you], or help themselves [by averting the doom from themselves?]"


[95] 94. Then they will be thrown headlong in [Hell], they and those who deceived [them] l,


[96] 95. And the hosts of Iblies [: Satan], altogether m.


[97] 96. And they [will] say n, as they quarrel with each other in [Hell.]


[98] 97. "By God, we obviously were in manifest misguidance.


[99] 98. "When, [in the worship and obedience], we held you as equals with the Lord of the worlds."


[100] 99. "It was none other than the guilty o who misguided us [from the way.]"


[101] 100. Now, therefore, we have none to intercede [for us, as have the monotheists],


[102] 101. "Nor have we [out of these prophets] any intimate friend p."


[103] 102. "If only we had a [chance of] return [to the World], we shall truly be [some] of the believers q."


[104] 103. Surely, that [story of Abraham and the chastisement of criminal sinners which We told you about] gives an [evident] indication [about the existence of the prosperity and reward in the Next Life, which is special for souls not for bodies]; yet most of them were not believers.


[105] 104. And your Lord [O Mohammed], indeed, is the All-Mighty r, the Most Merciful s.


83 a i.e. give me a book including the religious statements about the lawful and the unlawful acts; so God gave him the Scripture [of Abraham.] The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 87: 18-19, which means:

(Surely, [We mentioned all] this in the former [heavenly] scriptures: the scriptures of Abraham and [the scriptures of] Moses [: the Torah.])

83 b It means: Let me succeed in doing every obedience and righteous acts, in order to follow the righteous servants and be like them in righteousness.


84 c i.e. make my words and instructions acceptable and agreed about in those who will come after me; so God answered his prayer and mentioned his instructions in the Torah and the Quran, so that the followers of the [heavenly] religions started to laud and honor him.



86 d This asking of forgiveness requested by Abraham was before he discovered the insisting of his father on worshipping the idols.





87 e The meaning: Let me not be naked among souls, but give me one of Paradise dresses so that I may wear and cover my shame with it.

That is because when man dies, he will be naked among souls unless the angels may bring to him an ethereal dress from Paradise, so he will wear and cover his shame with it.







89 f These are four manners of conduct, according to the four letters of the Arabic word in the aya.



90 g Because they went to the ether world, and therefore, they became near to reach it.





91 h After being unknown to people.

91 i And teach them the disbelief and misguidance.




92 j When they go to the Afterlife, following their death.





93 k The chiefs, kings and others to whom you made statues and you worshipped their statues.






94 l It means: the leaders and the followers.





95 m They will be his followers out of the genie, because some of the genie are believers who do not follow their father Iblies.




96 n i.e. the followers will say to their chiefs and kings, whom they worshipped in the life of the World.














99 o They distorted the truth and made the falsehood fair to us.











101 p So that we may ask him to intercede for us, but we opposed them all.





102 q Who are God-fearing and devoted to God alone in order to be saved of the punishment and attain the reward.












104 r In His kingdom: He will take revenge on disbelievers.

104 s To believers.



[Then God be glorified mentioned the story of Noah, and said:]

[106] 105. Noah's people denied [Gods] messengers [: Noah and the angels sent to him with Gods revelation.]


[107] 106. When their brother Noah said to them: "Would you ward off [God's punishment, for denying me?] "


[108] 107. "I am for you a messenger [of God], honest [about the message between me and your Lord.]"


[109] 108. "Then ward off God ['s punishment, and dont contradict me], and comply with me [about my bidding you to forsake the worship of idols.]"


[110] 109. "I ask you for no wage according to [the conveying of the message]; my wage is due only of the Lord of nations and worlds."


[111] 110. "Then ward off God ['s punishment, if you contradict me], and comply with me [about what I bid you to forsake the worship of idols.]" a


[112] 111. They said, "How can we believe with you, when the vilest [of business] b have followed you?"


[113] 112. [Noah] said: "And what have I got to do with their professions?"c


[114] 113. "Their requital [for their acts] is only up to my Lord, if only you could perceive." d


[115] 114. "I will never dismiss the believers [for your sake.]"


[116] 115. "I am only an obvious warner [to warn you of God's punishment.]"


[117] 116. They said: "If you desist not [from your words], O Noah, you will surely be stoned."


[118] 117. [Noah] said: "Lord, my people have denied me."


[119] 118. "So do some incident, between me and them, to make me victorious over them, and deliver me and my company of believers e."


[Therefore, God be glorified said:]

[120] 119. So We saved him, and those [believers] who were with him, in the ship loaded [with men and animals.]


[121] 120. Thereafter We drowned those who remained behind [and did not go with him in the Ark.]


[122] 121. Surely, that [incident] included an [evident] sign [indicative of Our might], yet most of them were not believers, [but in fact were deniers.]


[123] 122. And your Lord [O Mohammed], indeed, is the All-Mighty [in His kingdom, Who will take revenge on disbelievers], the Most Merciful [to believers.]

































110 a This repetition is for affirmation.




111 b They disdained some kind of work and professions like the barber, the cupper [whose profession is the cupping], the weaver, the shoemaker and some other professions; and they said: Such poor men have followed you, only that you may help them with money, and they are not believers in truth.




112 c i.e. what have I got to do with their professions, and whether anyone of them is a barber or a merchant?

My purpose is only to guide them to the way of the truth, and they have in fact accepted my invitation.




113 d The meaning: Their reward and recompense is with my Lord, whether they are truthful in their belief or liars: for certainly God knows their secret intentions.























118 e From the hands of the disbelievers.



[Then God be glorified mentioned another incident and He said:]

[124] 123. The Aad [tribe] denied the messengers.


[125] 124. When their brother Hood said to them: "Would you ward off [God's punishment and abandon worshipping the idols.]"


[126] 125. "I am for you a messenger [of God], honest [about the message which I will neither alter nor change.]"


[127] 126. "Then ward off God['s punishment, and dont deny me], and comply with what I [command you.]


[128] 127. "I do not demand of you any wage according to [the conveying of the message]; my wage is due only of the Lord of the worlds."


[129] 128. Do you build on every height a monumenta? [But] vain is all that you do!b


[130] 129. "And do you make statues, [amulets and icons], to [decorate] your castles: so that you may live forever?" c


[131] 130. And when you assault [your enemy], you only assault [without mercy] as tyrants [killing the child and the elderly.]


[132] 131. "Then ward off God['s punishment] and comply with my [call]."


[133] 132. "And ward off [the punishment of God] Who has bestowed on you [the numerous bounties] that you know."


[134] 133. "[Who] has bestowed on you the cattle and sons,"


[135] 134. "and gardens and [water] springs."


[136] 135. "I fear for you [if you disobey me] the chastisement d of a dreadful day."


[137] 136. They said: "It is the same to us: whether you admonish [us] or be not among [our] admonishers e."


[138] 137. "This [our religion] is but the customf of [our fathers] the ancients."


[139] 138. "And we shall not be punished [because of following the custom of our forefathers.]"


[140] 139. And they denied him, so We destroyed them [with the hurricanes]; surely that [event] indicated a sign [of Our might], yet most of them were not believers.


[141] 140. And your Lord [O Mohammed] is the All-Mighty [and] the Most Merciful.























128 a i.e. the buildings on hills and mountains, which they used to build for the idols, and which they called high places, shrines, sacred pillars, or fenced buildings. And they sacrificed in such places, for the idols, burnt incent and kindle the candle sticks.

Nowadays, people build similar places, which they call Maqam, like Maqam Al-Khidhr, Maqam Ali, Maqam Al-Sadiq and other graves of sheikhs.

Such shrines and high places are mentioned in many Books of the Torah [included in the Old Testament]

128 b i.e. Uselessly you expend money for their sake, and busy yourselves in serving them; but all that is useless contrary to what you think and you will not be rewarded for this as do you believe; in fact you will be punished but will not be rewarded.




129 c In the past, the owners of castles and palaces were used to decorate their palaces with statues and images of their idols on the walls, claiming that these would be a blessing of the house and for protection from death.

The meaning: You decorate your buildings and mansions with statues, thinking these will let you last in the life of the World and you will not die!

Similarly, Christians make statues of the Christ and his mother in their houses as a blessing and for protection as do they claim.






















135 d Which is the chastisement of the hurricanes in the World, and in the Next Life, the chastisement in the Fire.





136 e We will neither hear your words, nor work according to your command.






137 f Which we follow.



[Then God be glorified mentioned another event, and said:]

[142] 141. The Thamood [tribe] disbelieved the messengers.


[143] 142. When their brother Salih said to them: "Would you ward off [God's punishment?]"


[144] 143. "I am to you a messenger [of God], honest [about the message.]"


[145] 144. "Then ward off God ['s punishment] and comply with my [call]."


[146] 145. "I do not ask of you any wage according to [the conveying of the message]; my wage is due only of the Lord of nations and worlds." a


[147] 146. "Do you suppose you will be left here, secure, [with all these bounties?]


[148] 147. "In gardens and [water] springs."


[149] 148. "And crops and date-palms with intermingling full [strands in] spathes b."


[150] 149. "And you hew [the rocks] of the mountains [for building your houses] skillfully c.


[151] 150. "Then ward off God ['s punishment] and comply with my [orders]."


[152] 151. "And obey not the order of [your chiefs d] who exceed [in their sins.] "

[Then God be glorified described them and said:]

[153] 152. "[Those] who do mischief on earth, and they do not reform."


[154] 153. They said [answering him]: "You are only one of those [mad-men] who get up [from sleep] at dawn." f


[155] 154. "And you are only a human being like ourselves; so bring a miracle if you are [one] of the truthful [in your words.]"


[156] 155. [Salih] said: "This female camel has the right to drink [water from the well], and you have the right to drink, [each] on an appointed day. g "


[157] 156. "And do her no harm, lest there should overtake you the chastisement of a dreadful day."


[158] 157. But they hamstrung her h, so they became contrite.


[159] 158. And the punishment overtook them i; surely that [event] indicates a sign [to Our might], yet most of them were not believers.


[160] 159. And it is your Lord Who is the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful.j























145 a Some ayat, similar to these, have just been interpreted.
















148 b The [female] spathe with their strands will become the Bunches carrying the dates later on.




149 c i.e. being skillful in hewing and building them.










151 d They were nine men of the Thamood tribe.











153 f They said this because they saw him get up from sleep every day at dawn, to pray and worship God.

Comment by the interpreter: Some birds, like sparrows get up from sleep and tweet quarter of an hour before sunrise in Summer, while in Winter they tweet at sunrise.

But the crow rises half an hour before sunrise, while in the white nights (the 13th , 14th and 15th of the lunar month when the moon is fullmoon), the crow cries all the night.






155 g It means: a day for her and a day for you.











157 h i.e. slayed her.





158 i And they died by the earthquake.





159 j Some ayat, similar to these, have been interpreted in chapter or soora 7 of the Quran.



[Then God be glorified mentioned other people who also denied their messenger, and He said:]

[161] 160. Lot's people rejected the messengers.a


[162] 161. When their brother [in citizenship], Lot, said to them: "Would you ward off [God's punishment]?"


[163] 162. "I am to you a messenger [of God], honest [about His revelations.]"


[164] 163. "Then ward off God ['s punishment] and comply with my [orders]."


[165] 164. "I ask not of you any wage for [conveying of the message to you]; my wage is due only of the Lord of the worlds."


[166] 165. "Do you come with lust to males among people [and make sexual intercourse with them?]"


[167] 166. "Forsaking your wives whom your Lord has created for you?

Certainly, you are a people transgressing all bounds [in lust, even different from animals b.]


[168] 167. They said: "Lot, if you do not desist [from your words], you will be exiled [from our city.]"


[169] 168. [Lot] said, "Certainly, I deplore your acts." c


[170] 169. "My Lord, save me, and my family, from that which they do."


[171] 170. So We saved him and his family altogether.


[172] 171. Except an old woman [: his wife who was buried under the wreck] together with those buried, [by the earthquake, under the wreck.]


[173] 172. Then afterwards We destroyed the rest [by means of the earthquake.]


[174] 173. And We rained on them d a rain [of stones]; and evil was the rain of them that were warned [by Lot e.]


[175] 174. Surely, that [event] indicated a sign [of Our might], and [actually] most of them did not believe.


[176] 175. And it is your Lord, [O Mohammed], Who is the All-Mighty and the Most Merciful.




160 a it means: They denied Lot and the angels who brought down with the revelation to him; because, by their denying him, as if they had denied the angels too.


























166 b Which come in to their females by the front route, but you come in by the rear of the male.


















168 c Then he prayed his Lord and said:

























173 d i.e. on the rest of them who escaped the earthquake.

173 e But they did not listen to his words, and so they were terminated as a whole.



[177] 176. The people of the [miraculous] Tree [of Midian a] denied the messengers.


[178] 177. When Shu'aib said to them: "Would you ward off [God's punishment?]


[179] 178. "I am to you a messenger [of God], honest [about His revelations.]"


[180] 179. "Then ward off God ['s punishment] and comply with my [orders]."


[181] 180. "I ask not of you any wage for [conveying the message to you]; my wage is due only of the Lord of nations and worlds."


[182] 181. "Give full measure [in case you measure for people], and be not of those who decrease [the measure.]"


[183] 182. "And weigh with the standard weight b."


[184] 183. "Wrong not people in their rights c, and corrupt not, spreading your mischief in the earthd."


[185] 184. "And ward off [the punishment of] God Who has created you and [had created] the ancient nations."


[186] 185. They said [answering him]: "You are only one of [mad-men] who get up [from sleep] at dawn e."


[187] 186. "You are only a human being like ourselves, and even we believe you are a liar."

[188] 187. "So let pieces [of celestial stones] fall down upon us from the sky, if you are [one] of the truthful [in your call.]"


[189] 188. [Shu'aib] said: "My Lord is Best Aware of what [cunning, denial and mockery] you do [to me, so He will punish you according to your acts.]"


[190] 189. But they cried him lies; then there seized them the chastisement of the day of the 'shadowing cloud f '; it certainly was the torment of a dreadful day.


[191] 190. Surely, that [event] indicated a sign [of Our might], and [actually] most of them did not believe.


[192] 191. And it is your Lord Who is the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful.



176 a Which is situated about the Valley of Sinai.

And it has been explained about the people of the [miraculous] Tree [of Midian], in the Quran 15: 78.






























182 b i.e. the standard measure without any reduction or addition.

This has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 17: 35.




183 c i.e. do not reduce any of their rights, by way of plundering, stealing or cheating.

183 d i.e. do not do corruption in the earth, and so your corruption will spread throughout the earth, by means of your travelling and sojourning.







185 e For he used to get up from sleep to pray and worship God.

























189 f Which was a cloud that cast thunderbolts on them, so that fire came on them like the rain, then their land was quaked, and they died under the wreck.



[193] 192. And, truly, the [Quran] is a revelation from the Lord of nations and worlds.


[194] 193. The Faithful Spirit' [Gabriel] came down with it,


[195] 194. Upon your heart [O Mohammed], that you may become one of those who warn a.


[196] 195. In fluent Arabic language.


[197] 196. [The tales of the prophets in the Quran] is [even written] in the [heavenly] scriptures of the ancients. b







194 a i.e. that you may warn your people.




196 b The meaning: What stories and tales of the prophets are mentioned and written in the Books of the ancients like the Torah, the Psalms, the Gospel and the scripture of Abraham; isnt this a miracle for your behalf, O Mohammed, for that We told you about what is in such scriptures, in spite of that they are written in Hebrew and Syrian language, while you are one of the Arab and you do not know anything of such languages.

Moreover, you are illiterate and you do not read or write; and in spite of that, the history of the ancients and their stories are detailed in your Quran, O Mohammed, and in the correct way, while the scriptures of the ancients include many mistakes because of many alterations and changes by people; isnt this a scientific miracle; so why dont they believe?



[198] 197. Is it not a [clear] sign [of the truthfulness of Mohammed] for the [associaters] that the scholars of the Children of Israel acknowledge it a?


[199] 198. But had We revealed [the Quran] to one of the non-Arab.


[200] 199. Who b rehearsed it to them c, they would not have believed in it. d


[201] 200. [As if the Quran was non-Arabic]; as such have We made it traverse the hearts of the guilty. e


[202] 201. [The guilty] will not believe in [the Quran] until they [die and] face the painful chastisement. f


[203] 202. And the [death] will come to them suddenly, while they being unaware [about its coming.]


[204] 203. They will then say: "Shall we be postponed [to another appointment?g]"


[Then God be glorified said:]

[205] 204. So do they seek to hasten Our chastisement [to come earlier on them?] h




197 a It means: They know about these stories and they confirm them; and the associaters in fact asked those scholars, who said: Yes, these stories are written in our Torah and acknowledged in our history.



199 b i.e. this man.

199 c i.e. the people of Mecca.

199 d Because they do not understand it, neither do they understand the non-Arab language.



200 e The Quran to the guilty [among the people of Mecca] is as if it was non-Arabic, which they do not understand.

Therefore, as such have We made it traverse their hearts [without understanding it as if it was non-Arabic];

for God made on their hearts covers in order that they may not understand it, and in their ears He laid impairment so that they may not hear it.

That is because they are guilty, and God dislikes the guilty and does not guide him to the way of the truth; but He does guide anyone who has good manners, and is good-hearted and merciful.



201 f So they will then believe, when their belief will not avail them anything.









203 g In order to believe in it and work according to what God wants from us.







204 h When they said: God, if this [Quran] is indeed the truth [coming] from You, then rain down on us [a shower of] stones out of the sky, or bring us a painful chastisement." [This is according to the Quran 8: 32.]





[206] 205. Consider [O Mohammed] that if We let them enjoy [the life of the World] for [some] years.


[207] 206. Then [the torment], with which they are threatened, will afflict them i.


[208] 207. It will not avail them [anything of the punishment], whatever [years] they [may tarry] with enjoyment.


[209] 208. And never did We destroy [before them] any city [population], but had warners [to warn them.]


[210] 209. As a reminder j; and We never were wrong-doers k.






206 i Then will such years, in which We let them enjoy, save them of the punishment? Not, at all. And will you, Mohammed, have any advantage of bringing the punishment earlier on them? Not, at all.

It means: Dont seek to hasten the punishment for them, but persevere patiently so that your companions may increase in number.











209 j i.e. We send the warners to remind them about the fate and destination of the past nations and to admonish them to abandon the worshipping of idols; so if they abstain and become stubborn, We terminate them.

209 k By destroying them without sending them the warners.



[When Quraish tribe said to the Prophet: The one who brought the revelation to you is not an angel, but it is a devil, His saying be glorified was revealed:]

[211] 210. Not by the devils has it been brought down;


[212] 211. It is not meet for them, nor is it within their power.


[213] 212. Surely, they are debarred from listening [to the Divine Word.]


[214] 213. Call not, therefore, on any other god beside God, lest you will become one of those punished [in the Next Life],


[215] 214. And warn [about that] your tribe of near kindred.


[216] 215. And be modest and kind to the believers who follow you.


[217] 216. Then if they a disobey you [after the warning], say [to them]: "I am quit of all that you do."


[218] 217. And rely [in preaching your message and warning your tribe] on [God:] the All-Mighty [Who will help you against them], the Most Merciful [to the believers.]


[219] 218. Who sees you when you carry out [your duty of warning your people.]


[220] 219. And [He sees] your discretion in [your comrades:] the worshippers who submit themselves [to you and who are obedient to God.]


[221] 220. Surely, He is the All-Hearing [of your prayers], the All-Knowing [of your intentions.]
































216 a i.e. your kindred.



[222] 221. Shall I tell you [O associaters] on whom the devils come down?


[223] 222. They do come down on every sinful liar a.


[224] 223. [Into the ears of their followers], the [devils] whisper [false and true news] b, and most of the [devil followers] are liars.


[225] 224. And poets [do lie also c]; [and] deceivers d follow them [in this respect.]


[226] 225. Dont you see how they wander about in every valley e ?


[227] 226. And that they say what they fulfill not?


[Then God be glorified made an exception: the poets that are believers, so He said:]

[228] 227. Except those who believe and work righteous [works] and remember God [very] much [in their prayers and glorification of God], and [seek to] help [the believers f ] even after they were wronged [by the associaters.]

Surely those who wrong will know what a destiny they will have [following their death, and going to the world of souls.]





222 a The meaning: The devils come down on you with deception, and in fact they do not come down on Our messenger as do you claim.




223 b In order to distort the truth before them, bar them from the true way and lead them to total destruction.




224 c Because they praise the mean, for the purpose of money; and they dispraise the noble for that they dislike him.

224 d Who deceive people, invite them to the falsehood and bar them from the truth.




225 e In order to find someone to praise, and he then may give them some money.











227 f With what they can of poetry, money or other means.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 26 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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