Soora 61


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. [All birds] that [fly] in the [gaseous] heavens and [all beasts] that [move] on the earth glorify God; He is the All-Mighty [in His kingdom], the Most Wise [in His creation.]


[3] 2. O you who believe, why do you say a that which you do not do?


[4] 3. Very hateful is it to God that you say what you do not do. b


[5] 4. Truly God loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a firm and compacted wall. c








2 a Which was their saying: Permit us to fight the associaters. Then when fighting was prescribed for them, they were too sluggish to fight; therefore, God be glorified said blaming and censuring them:




3 b It means: God hates anyone who says: I shall struggle for the cause of God, then will not fulfill his word.




4 c It means: They are firm at fighting and they rush forth for it, like the building with its compacted bricks and its firmness on the ground.



[6] 5. And [mention to them] when Moses said to his people: "My people, why do you hurt a me, when you well know that I am God's messenger to you?"

So when they deviated [from piety b], God let their hearts deviate [from the way of the truth]; [for] God guides not the people that are disobedient. c


5 a They hurt him by disobeying his command and disbelieving him.

5 b i.e. when they deviated from doing charity, severed the relation with the kindred and disobeyed [God.] Therefore, He said after that:

5 c It means: God dislikes those having bad manners; and He likes the kind-hearted, the one who is truthful in his words, the generous and the one who fulfills his promise and covenant.



[God be glorified mentioned in the previous aya the story of Moses with his people, and in this aya He mentioned the story of Jesus with his people and his foretelling of a prophet that will come after him, whose name is The praised one or Ahmed in Arabic. So He said be glorified:]

[7] 6. And when Jesus, son of Mary, said: "O Children of Israel, I am God's messenger to you:

confirming the [Ten Commandments of the original] Torah a that was before me,

and giving you the glad tidings of a messenger to come after me, whose name shall be 'Ahmed' [: the 'Praised One'.] b

But when he brought to them the manifest miracles, they said: "This is a manifest sorcery." c


[8] 7. And who is more in doing wrong than he who forges a lie d against God, while he is invited to the Islam [which leads to his safety e], and God does not guide the people of the wrong-doers.


[9] 8. They f desire to extinguish the light of God [: the Quran g] with [the words of] their mouths h, but God will complete [revealing] His light [to His messenger Mohammed] however much the disbelievers [who deny it] are averse.



6 a Which Moses brought from God, and which was written on two tablets of stone.

6 b For the Prophet is named Mohammed and is also named Ahmed.

[This is confirmed by a poetry of the son of Zibiery, a poet who ran away after the conquering of Mecca, and said this poetry apologizing to Prophet Mohammed and asking his pardon; he named the Prophet (Ahmed) in that poem. The poetry is written by the late interpreter in the Arabic edition of this book.]

6 c It means: Jews had denied such miracles and said: This is a manifest sorcery (or magic), as have your people denied the Quran and said: This is a manifest sorcery (or magic.)

A similar aya of this one, has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 7: 157.









7 d By claiming that the angels are the daughters of God, and that they will intercede for Him before God.

7 e But he does not respond to the one who invites him.





8 f i.e. the associaters.

8 g With which are guided those that are astray from the way of the truth.

8 h The meaning: They want to disprove the Quran by denying it and saying it is the written fables of the ancients; therefore, their likeness is like one who wants to extinguish the light of the sun with the blowing of his mouth.



[10] 9. It is He [: God] Who has sent His messenger [Mohammed] with the guidance and with the religion of the truth [: the Islam], so that He will make it prevail over all religions [in the time of the Mahdi or the Comforter]; eventhough the associaters are averse [to it.] a


9 a A similar aya to this one has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 48: 28.



[11] 10. O you who believe, shall I direct you to a commerce that shall save you from a painful chastisement?


[12] 11. You shall believe in God [alone a] and His messenger b, and struggle in the cause of God with your possessions and yourselves. That is better for you [in the Next Life than staying and enjoying the life of the World], did you but know [what lasting prosperity is in Paradise.]


[13] 12. [So] He will forgive you your sins and admit you into Gardens below [the trees of] which rivers flow, and into good dwellings in the Seven Gardens c; that is the supreme triumph [of those admitted into these Gardens.]


[14] 13. And another [commerce] which you love [in the life of the World; that is]: help from God [for you against your enemies] and a speedy victory [coming shortly, when you will conquer their city]; so give to the believers the glad tidings [of admission into Paradise in the Next Life.]





11 a And shall not associate anything with Him.

11 b Whose orders you should never oppose.





12 c The Arabic word Eden in the aya which means seven, has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 9: 72.



[15] 14. O you who believe, be the helpers of [the religion of] God [: so as to help your prophet as did the Disciples help Jesus],

as did Jesus, Mary's son, say to the Disciples [: the Apostles]: "Who will be my helpers for [the religion of] God?"

Said the Disciples: "We will be the helpers [of the religion] of God."

And a party of the Children of Israel believed [in Jesus: becoming the Christians], and a party disbelieved [in Jesus: remaining as Jews.]

So We aided those who believed [: the Christians] against their enemies [: the Jews] a, and they [the Christians] prevailed [over Jews; and as such will you, Muslims, prevail over all religions.]



14 a i.e. We helped Christians against Jews, and they prevailed over Jews.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 61 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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