Soora 43


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


The meaning


More explanation

[God be glorified explained in this soora (or chapter) that He revealed the Quran in three categories:

the first one is wisdom i.e. admonition,

the second is the repeated stories of the prophets with their people,

and the third is the religious laws and statements like the prayers, the zakat alms, the fasting, the pilgrimage, the inheritance and others; so He said be glorified:]


[2] 1. Ha, Miem:

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

Wisdom [or admonition, and] Repeated [stories.] a [: W. R.]


[Then He be glorified said:]

[3] 2. And the enlightening scripture. b


[4] 3. We have made it an Arabic Quran c; haply you [people] may understand [and abandon the worship of stones.]


[5] 4. And the [Quran] is, with Us [in the spiritual heavens] in the Reference Book [: the Preserved Tablet] d, exalted [in placee] and full of wisdom [and admonition.]


[6] 5. Should We divert the 'admonition' [: the Quran] aside from you [and give it to another people]; for that you are a people exaggerating [in disbelief and association?]f


[7] 6. But how many were the prophets We sent amongst the previous generations?


[8] 7. And whenever a Prophet came to them, they mocked at him [as have your people mocked you, Mohammed.]


[9] 8. Consequently, we terminated the people who were even mightier than these [: your people.]

As such have We told youg the example h of the previous generations [of disbelievers whom We had destroyed.] i


1 a Which are mentioned in the Quran 15: 87, which means:

(We have offered to you, [Mohammed], seven repeated [stories] which had been written in the Torah and have been mentioned in the Quran], and the great Quran [in addition to that].)




2 b So these are three sorts; viz. the wisdom, the repeated stories and the religious laws.




3 c i.e. We have recited it to you in the language of the Arab.




4 d i.e. We wrote it in the Preserved Tablet which is the original book. So that any aya or soora of the Quran issues from God be glorified will be written at first in the Preserved Tablet by the angel in charge of the Tablet, then Gabriel will bring it down to the Prophet.

Similar to this in meaning is His saying be glorified in the Quran 85: 21-22, which means:

(Certainly it is a glorious Quran, in a Preserved Tablet [with Us, protected from any alteration and changing.])




4 e i.e. high [and far] from you and from being manipulated by hands.




5 f The meaning: Is it fair that We should divert the admonition from you to people other than you, so that they may get advantage of it and be guided to a straight and standard way [of monotheism and exclusive devotion to God alone]; then We should afterwards chastise you according to your disbelief and association; no, We do not do that, and We never wrong anyone.

Similar to this in meaning is His saying be glorified in the Quran 17: 15, which means:

(Nor do We punish [any people with the extermination] unless We send [them] a messenger [or apostle.])




8 g In the Quran ayat which We revealed to you, Mohammed.

8 h And lesson.

8 i When they denied the messengers (or apostles.)



[10] 9. If you a ask them b: Who created the heavens and the earth?

They will surely say: [It is God], the Almighty, the All-Knowing [Who] created them. c


[11] 10. [God] Who has made the earth well-prepared d for you [people], and has made therein ways e for you; that you may be guided f [in your travels.]


[12] 11. And Who sent down out of the sky [rain] water in due measure g, and We spread abroad, with the [rain, the plant on] a land that was barren h; even so shall you be brought forth [by migration from Mecca to Medina. i]


[13] 12. And Who created all the pairs j, and appointed for you [: people] ships k and cattle [: camels l] whereupon you ride.


[14] 13. That you may sit on its backs [: the ship m or the camel n, in your journeys], and then remember your Lord's grace o when you have sit on it p, and say:

"Glory be to [God] Who has subjected this [ship or camel] to us, eventhough We would not have been capable to control it [had He not subjected it to us.]" q


[15] 14. "And surely to our Lords [worship], we must turn." r


9 a Mohammed.

9 b i.e. the associaters.

9 c It means: They know very well that it is God Who created the heavens and the earth, but they worship others: because of their ignorance and their blind following of the program of their fathers.



10 d i.e. He made it prepared for habitation, livelihood, cultivation and for travelling from one country or city to another.

10 e Between mountains and in valleys.

10 f To your direction and so you may not miss the way.




11 g For the cultivation; so that if the rain increases, the plant will be destroyed; and if it decreases the plant will not grow.

11 h Devoid of the plant and the blessings.

11 i It means: As do We revive the dead land with the rain and so We provide for you with the plant and fruit; as such will We provide for you if you emigrate and you will be dignified in the city of Yathrib, after being humiliated in Mecca.

Therefore, believers, emigrate and do not fear of the need and poverty: We will provide for you and prepare for you your requirement of habitation, dress, food and others which you need.

The indication of this is that the soora (or chapter) is Meccan [that was revealed in Mecca], not Medinite [: was not of the sooras (or chapters of the Quran) revealed in Medina.]




12 j Out of mammal [feeding the young with the milk of their mothers], and animals that lay eggs, and the fish and the bird and others of His creatures.

12 k In which we ride or embark on sea.

12 l On which we ride in the land or in the desert.




13 m If the journey is on the sea.

13 n If the journey is in the land.

13 o For that He made your travelling easy.

13 p i.e. on the back of the ship or the camel.

13 q The meaning: Had not God subjected the camel to us, so it yields for riding, we wouldnt have been able to subject it and to ride on it, because it is huge and powerful; and had He not subjected the wind to us to move the sailing ship on the sea, we couldnt have moved it because it is large and because the distance is long; as such is the ship propelled by power: unless God had prepared for us the means of fuel, we couldnt have moved it on sea.




14 r It means: to the place where we will be secure of the associaters, concerning our Lords worship, we should turn and change our place and condition.

It is about the changing of their religion from the association to the monotheism [or the exclusive devotion to God alone], and the changing of their place from Mecca to the city of Yathrib by the emigration.

The indication of this is the saying of Abraham the loyal servant of God, as in the Quran 29: 26, which means:

("I am going to leave home to [where] my Lord [has commanded me; for] He is the All-Mighty [in His kingdom and will take revenge on you], the Most Wise [by sending me to the land of Canaan.]")

So (to [where] my Lord [has commanded me]) means to the place where I shall be secure to worship my Lord.



[Then God be glorified started to dispraise the associaters, and He said:]

[16] 15. Yet they have assigned to Him, out of His own servants, a part! a

Surely man [claiming such claim] is an obvious disbeliever.


[17] 16. So has He taken daughters to Himself, of what He Himself creates, and chosen you exclusively to have sons?


[18] 17. And when any of them is given the good tidings of [the birth of a girl-child for him], that which he has attributed to [God] Most Gracious, his face is darkened [with shame among his companions and his people, and he conceals [his grief, in his heart b.]


[19] 18. Or [has God taken the Christ for His son;]

The [Christ] to whom they form [statues] for ornaments [: the crosses which they wear on their necks and breasts c]

And the one [who claims this d] is unable to give any evident proof in the dispute, [but he merely says improvable words.] e


[20] 19. And they claim that the angels, who in fact are servants of [God] the Most Gracious, are females f.

Did they witness their creation [and see that God created them as females]? g

Their testimony [about that h] will be written down [by Our angels], and they will be questioned [on Judgment Day, a question of rebuke, not a question of judgment.]


[21] 20. They say, 'Had the Most Gracious so willed [that we should not worship them], we would not have worshipped them. [But it must be that He ordered us to worship them, and so we worshipped them.]

[So God denied their claim, and said:] Of that they have no [true] knowledge! They do nothing but insisting on lies! i


[22] 21. Or have We given them before this [Quran] a [revealed] book [in which We told them that the angels are the daughters of God], so they are holding fast with such [book and with this doctrine?] j


[23] 22. In fact, they only say: We have found our fathers following [the religion of] a sect, and we following after them are guided according to their guidance.


[24] 23. And as such [concerning the past nations] We sent not any warner before you [Mohammed] into any city but its luxurious men said:

We have found our fathers following [the program of] a sect, and we after them are following [their same program k.]


[25] 24. [And the warner] said [to them]: What! Even if I have brought you a better guidance than that you found your fathers following? l

They said: Certainly, we disbelieve in the [religion] that you are sent with.


[26] 25. So We exacted retribution against them m [and We destroyed them], then see [Mohammed] what terminal end was of those that denied [the messengers] n




15 a i.e. they considered the angels who in fact are the servants of God; they considered them His daughters, and so the begotten one is part of the begetting one.

It is related to His saying be glorified in this soora 43: 9, which means:

(If you ask them: Who created the heavens and the earth?)




17 b And he intends to kill her and get rid of the disgrace which has afflicted him because of her.




18 c So how can he be any god when he was crucified according to their claim? Because the god cannot be defeated or crucified.

This in fact is an objection to Christians: which implies: So has God taken the angels as daughters while you disdain the daughters? Or has He taken the Christ as a son, whom Christians believe he was crucified: because the god is irresistible and cannot be crucified, but He is Dominant and All-Mighty on His creatures?

18 d i.e. Christians, who claim that the Christ is the son of God, and others.

18 e It means: he wrangles and disputes without producing any argument, but his words are only claiming and asserting.




19 f So they claim the angels are daughters of God!

19 g It means: Were they attendant when God created them, and they saw that they were females?

Similar to it, is His saying be glorified - in the Quran 37: 150, which means:

(Or created We the angels [as] females while these [associaters] were present?)

19 h And what they forge against Us.







20 i This has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 6: 116.





21 j No, We did not give to them any book before the Quran, and We did not send them any messenger before Mohammed.











23 k And we shall not contradict them.




24 l So now follow my way, with which God has sent me, and leave the falsehood way of your fathers.

25 m i.e. the deniers.

25 n Was it anything else than termination and destruction?



[27] 26. And [remind them] when Abraham said to his father and his people [when he saw them worship the idols and the planets]: Surely I disown [as do my followers, all the idols and statues] that you worship,


[28] 27. Save only [God] Who originated me by division [of cells inside my mother's womb];

for He will surely guide me [to a land where I may separate myself from you.]'


[29] 28. And he made this [word a] as a word left with his people [to remember it] after he [left them and migrated to the land of Canaan], that they might turn back [from their religion and abandon the idol worship.]









28 a When he said: Surely I disown [as do my followers, all the idols and statues] that you worship.



[Then God be glorified mentioned His bounties to the tribe of Quraish, and said:]

[30] 29. But [O Mohammed] I have let these [: your people] and their fathers have the enjoyment [of life, giving them respite] a, till there has come to them the truth [: the Quran] and a well-known [truthful] messenger b.


[31] 30. And now that [the word of] the truth [: the Quran] has come to them they say: This is magic, and we do deny it.


[32] 31. They said, "If only this Quran was sent down to a prominent man out the two cities!" c


[Therefore, God be glorified replied to them and said:]

[33] 32. Is it then they who distribute your Lord's mercy? [so that they choose to the prophet-hood whomever they like; no, it is We Who choose the right man d]

[Then God be glorified explained:]

It is We that have distributed among them their livelihood in the life of this world [so We give much to some and less to others],

and we have raised some of them above others in ranks [of position, wealth, and many sons and friends,]

in order to let them serve one another [by making some work for others with money in recompense e]


[Then God be glorified said:]

But certainly your Lord's mercy is better [for you, Mohammed] than the [money] which they hoard. f


[34] 33. And lest that people should become one nation [: unanimously following the blasphemyg],

We would have made, for those who blaspheme in [God] the Most Gracious, for their houses: roofs of silver, and elevators with which they go up [to the higher floors];


[35] 34. And for their houses doors [of Indian oak], and couches [of ivory] on which they recline,


[36] 35. And decoration [of all such doors, couches, ceilings and others.]

And surely [when the Mahdi will be raised] all this [wealth and stuffs] will be the enjoyment of the life of the World h [while in the Next Life they will not have any fortune],

but [O Mohammed] the [prosperity of the] Next Life in [the neighborhood of] your Lord will [exclusively] be for the God-fearing.


29 a It implies: Concerning your people, We did not deal with them by hastening on the punishment for them, like we did to Abrahams people, but I let these associaters and their fathers enjoy the life of the World.

29 b i.e. who was one of them, and whose truthfulness and honesty they knew about.


31 c They meant by the two cities: Mecca and Taif [in Hijaz, in the present Saudi Arabia]; and they meant by the prominent man: Waleed son of Mughiera out of the city of Mecca, and Urwa son of Masuod out of the city of Ta'if.





32 d i.e. the one who is capable of the prophet-hood, able: to forbear its difficulties and the hurt for its task; who is truthful in his words, and is a trustworthy and having a firm will.

32 e So that the order will be in harmony, and works will not be suspended; and as such have We chosen for them an apostle [: Mohammed] out of themselves, to recite to them the revelations of their Lord, and to purify them of sins and teach them the book and the wisdom.

32 f It means: the prophet-hood to which We have chosen you, Mohammed, is better for you than the money which they hoard; because the money will finish, while the prophet-hood is for you and dedicated to your name till Doomsday.







33 g When people see the disbelievers having wealth, prosperity and luxury, then all of them will disbelieve; and because of their desiring for the life of the World, they will abandon the Next Life.


35 h People of this generation, have concerned themselves with building their houses and making gardens around them; they have constructed palaces and widened their mansions; they increased the means of their luxury and made for their comfort every craft: they made electric refrigerators, propane gas boilers and heaters, and ceilings fans, automatic washing machines, tools for enjoyment, plastic chairs, spongy couches, Kashanian [excellent Iranian] carpets.

They also made the ceilings of silver, as the Quran told us; they are the mirrors which they inserted in the ceilings and walls. Mirrors are made [by painting] of the silver nitrate solution, and God said (roofs of silver), but He did not say silver ceilings.

See also the tombs of the imams in Iraq and Iran; you will see all the walls and ceilings decorated with mirrors, and the windows are of silver and gold.

And all this is only the enjoyment of the life of the World, while the [prosperity of the] next Life in [the neighborhood of] your Lord will [exclusively] be for the God-fearing.

Moreover, it is narrated that Prophet Mohammed said: ((How about you [in the future], when you will construct high buildings and assign women-singers!))



[37] 36. And anyone whose sight is dim to [the Quran, which is] the admonition of the Most Gracious [God], We exchange for him a devil a who becomes his accompanying comrade [in both the life of the World and in the Afterlife.]


[38] 37. And the [devils] surely bar the [associaters] from the way [of the truth], and yet the [associaters] deem themselves rightly guided.


[39] 38. Till when the [associater] comes to Us [after his death], he says [to his accompanying comrade, the devil]: "Would that between me and you is the distance of the two sun-rises b an evil comrade! c "


[40] 39. And [the angels will say to the associaters and their accompanying comrades, the devils]:

"[Your disputing] profits you not this day; because you wronged [people in the past by means of your deception]; therefore, you will be sharers in the doom d."


36 a To deceive him.

i.e. We prepare for him a devil to deceive him, in substitution of the admonition about which he blinded himself and to which he did not listen.

This has also been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 41: 25, that is His saying be glorified which means:

(And We exchanged for them [some devils as] comrades [instead of the righteous believers], and they made fair-seeming to them [the idols] that were before their hands and [the evil programs] that they left behind them.)






38 b i.e. the distance of the sun-rise and sun-set; because the sun-set will be sun-rise due to the rotation of the earth around its axis; and because the sun-rise has no particular place.

38 c You were to me in the life of the World.




39 d In similar terms.



[Then God be glorified started to address His messenger, and said:]

[41] 40. So can you [Mohammed] make the deaf to hear, or guide the blind a and him who is in a manifest error? b


[42] 41. And if We take you [Mohammed] away [in your emigration from Mecca to Medina], We will surely exact retribution from them c.


[43] 42. Or [if] We show you the [defeat] with which We threatened them d; surely, We are All-Powerful over them.


[44] 43. So hold fast [O Mohammed] with what has been revealed to you [from your Lord]; surely you are on a right and standard path e.


[45] 44. Surely the [Quran] is an admonition to you [Mohammed] and to your people; and assuredly you [all] will be questioned [concerning this admonition and observing it.] f


[46] 45. And [O Mohammed] ask [Gabriel whom We sent g to] those of Our messengers whom We sent before you: [and the question is:]

"Did We ever appoint any gods to be worshipped beside the Most Gracious?" h


40 a He likened the associaters, concerning that they do not have advantage of listening and seeing the Quran, like the deaf and the blind.

40 b Dont be sad or depressed because they disbelieve you, for you cannot guide the one whom God has misguided on account of his wronging the weak people.




41 c In the life of the World before the Next Life, by means of a gradual destruction, starvation and illness.




42 d This points out to His saying be glorified in the Quran 54: 45, which means:

(Certainly the multitude [and majority] shall be defeated [in the battle], and turn their backs [running away.])




43 e i.e. a constant way of the truth.

So dont pay attention to that to which they invite you, and never listen to their words.




44 f The prophets will be questioned about delivering their message, and how people responded to it; the believers will be questioned in a way of judgment; while the disbelievers will be questioned in a way of censuring and rebuking.



45 g i.e. ask Gabriel about that, because he is a messenger of God whom He sent to the prophets and messengers.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 35: 1, which means:

(Praise is due to God, the Splitter of the heavens and the earth, Who appoints the angels as messengers.)

45 h And he will say: No, God never appointed any associate with Him, neither did He allow that anyone apart from Him should be worshipped.



[Then God be glorified mentioned the story of Moses, in order to confirm the heart of the Prophet, and that he might not lose patience about their hurt and mockery, and He said:]

[47] 46. And We did send Moses with Our [nine] miracles to Pharaoh and his princes, and he said: "I am the messenger of the Lord of [all] people. [He has sent me to you.]"


[48] 47. But when he brought them Our miracles, lo, they laughed at them [mocking at Moses, and thinking such miracles were only magic.]


[49] 48. Each miracle we showed to them was greater than the preceding one a.

We afflicted them with the chastisement [of the plagues], that they might refrain [from their transgression and stubbornness.]


[50] 49. And they said: O sorcerer, pray your Lord for us according to the covenant He has made with you [to relieve us from this plague b], and we shall surely be rightly-guided [to what you want.]


[51] 50. But as soon as We relieved them of their affliction, they broke [their pledge.]


[52] 51. And Pharaoh proclaimed among his people [lest they should follow Moses]:

'O my people, do I not possess the kingship over Egypt [from Alexandria to Aswan]?

And these [four] rivers [: River King, River Toulon, River Damietta (Dumyat) and River Tanis] flowing beneath me?

Don't you see [my monarchy and greatness]?'


[53] 52. [Is Moses then better c than I am] or am I better than this [Moses] who is lowly and can hardly speak [for he is a lisper d]?


[54] 53. "How come no bracelets of gold have been cast on him, [if he is truthful in his apostle-hood e]

How come the angels do not accompany him [to testify to his truthfulness, and help him in his mission]?"


[55] 54. He thus fooled [the minds of] his people, and they obeyed him; surely they were a people disobedient [to God.]


[56] 55. So when they saddened Our [apostle f ], We took vengeance on them, and We drowned them all together.


[57] 56. And we made them a [people] preceding [others to Fire], and a lesson to those [coming] after them.


















48 a It means: the successive plagues which afflicted them like: the locust, the insect, the frog and the blood: each one of these plagues was greater than its preceding one.







49 b And we will then release the Children of Israel; that you may take them with you.



























52 c So that you may follow him.

52 d Moses lisped with the letter r which he uttered ğ.

[Comment by the translator: French people usually utter the letter r as ğ which is in fact a matter of language and accent, not a lisp, while to Moses it was a lisp.]




53 e Their custom, when assigning one as their king, was to make him wear a bracelet of gold on his wrist, and a collar of gold on his neck.












55 f The one who was sorry for them in particular was the believer out of the people of Pharaoh.



[58] 57. And when the son of Mary was cited as an example a, behold, your people [O Mohammed] denied and had an aversion to the [example.] b


[59] 58. And they say: "Are our gods better [for the incarnation of angels], or is the [body of the fetus in Mary's womb for the incarnation of Jesus?]c

They have not cited such [example] to you [Mohammed] but only to dispute [with you against the truth]; they in fact are a contentious people d.


[Then God rebutted their words, and said:]

[60] 59. He [: the Christ] was only [Our] servant, on whom We bestowed Our favour [by sending him as an apostle e], and We made him an Example indicative to the children of Israel [of Our unlimited might. f]


[61] 60. And if We please [O people] We can make, out of you, angels in the earth to succeed [the angels who were before them.] g


[62] 61. And h the [Quran] is the knowledge concerning the Hour [of Doomsday] i, so do not doubt [and wrangle] about it and follow me [to what I am inviting you]; this is a 'just' way j.


[63] 62. Let not Satan hinder you [people, from the way of the truth]; for he is to you an enemy avowed.


[64] 63. And when Jesus came with the manifest miracles [indicating his truthfulness], he said [to them]:

I have come to you with wisdom k, and to explain to you some of the [religious matters] about which you differ; then fear God [and do not associate anything with Him], and obey me [to what I am inviting you.]


[65] 64. "Surely, God: He is my Lord and your Lord; worship Him [alone, and do not associate with Him anything]; this [religion to which I am inviting you] is a 'standard and straight' l way [leading you to Paradise.]"


[66] 65. But the parties from among [Jews and Christians] differed m.

So woe to wrong-doers [on account of their enthusiasm about Jesus and others.]

[And to them is woe] from the chastisement of a painful day n.


57 a It means: When We gave the parable of Jesus son of Mary.

As in His saying be glorified in the Quran 3: 59, which means:

(To God, the likeness of Jesus is as the likeness of Adam, whom He created from earth.)

57 b It means: they said: This is impossible, and in fact no man can be formed with no father.

That is because Quraish said that some angels came down of heaven and settled in these statues and they became gods.

The Prophet said: How can the angels intrude in these statues that are solid without internal space or hollow.

They said: As did the spirit of the Christ come down from heaven and enter the body of the fetus inside the womb of Mary.




58 c For our gods are big in volume and sufficient for the incarnation of the angels; while the body of the fetus is small and is not sufficient for the entering of the spirit which came down from heaven to become Jesus inside Marys womb.

58 d They like the disputing and wrangling.




59 e To the Children of Israel in order to warn them against worshipping the idols and to invite them to obey God Most Gracious; but We did not send him to be himself worshipped besides God; as have you [Quraish] worshipped the idols besides God.

59 f For that We created him without father.

Moreover, the angels are not gods, so that you may worship them; but they are some created beings like yourselves.




60 g i.e. to be successors after them.

That is because every man obedient to God and His messenger, will in the Next Life be one of the angels and to dwell together with them in the ethereal paradises.

As such were the angels human beings, then when they died, they went to the paradises on account of their righteous deeds and became angels.

The meaning: If you obey the commands of God and follow His messengers, you will be angels like those whom you worship, and you will be successors after them on earth.




61 h The word and is related to His saying in this soora 43: 44, which means: (Surely the [Quran] is an admonition to you [Mohammed] and to your people.)

61 i It means: The Quran explains about the portents of Doomsday and its circumstances, and what incidents and events and cosmic fluctuations will occur in it.

61 j This, my religion, to which I invite you is a religion of justice, inviting people to the way of the truth, justice and monotheism.




63 k i.e. the admonition.




64 l i.e. a plain way.





65 m i.e. Jews varied during the life of Jesus: some of them believed in him, while others denied. Christians also varied after the death of Jesus: some of them said: he is the son of God, some said he is God Himself, others believed in the Trinity, and still others said he is only an apostle of God.

65 n Which is Doomsday.



[Then God be glorified threatened, with punishment, the associaters among the Arab and also the Christians who worshipped the Christ and his mother; He threatened them with punishment if they do not believe; and He said:]

[67] 66. Are they waiting for aught but the Hour [of their death a], that it shall come upon them suddenly, when they are not aware [of its due time?]


[68] 67. Intimate friends on that day b will be enemies of one another, except the God-fearing c [: they will not be enemies of one another.]


[69] 68. [To them God will say]: MY servants, today there will be no fear for you [form cosmic events], nor shall you grieve [for leaving your families and wealth.]


[Then God be glorified started to describe those righteous servants]:

[70] 69. [They are those] who believed in Our signs d and were submissive [to God's command, complying with His obedience.]


[Then it will be said to them:]

[71] 70. Enter into Paradise, together with your wives, and rejoice.


[72] 71. There shall be passed round to them [by servants] platters e of gold [in which food and fruits are put], and cups [in which the drink is put], f

Therein g shall be whatever [food, drink and others that] souls desire, and glands [of the mouthh] taste delicious,

and [it will be said to them:] "In [Paradise], you shall dwell forever."


[73] 72. And this is the Garden which [belonged to disbelievers in the life of the World], [and which] you are given [this day] as an inheritance on account of what you did. i


[74] 73. You will have in it all kinds of fruits, from which you eat.




66 a When they will then believe, but their belief will not profit them; therefore, they will then regret.







67 b i.e. Doomsday.

67 c Who ward off Gods disobedience.











69 d i.e. in Our miracles brought by the apostles, and in the heavenly books.














71 e The platter is a large flat dish, in which is served food that is sufficient to satiate five persons.

71 f The meaning: The servants bring to them dishes of gold in which are put the fruits and foods, and cups in which are put the drinks.

71 g i.e. in Paradise.

71 h There are glands in the mouth which secrete fluids, and these are the source of tasting and feeling of the delicious taste; but it is not meant by that the looking eyes of man.





72 i I, [the interpreter of the Quran], said before, that the Garden or Paradise is the issue of the earth, so that the trees belonging to a disbeliever in the life of the World, will die and their spirits will go to Paradise and will be given to the believers. As such will be stuffs and the furniture ... etc. And all this will be an inheritance for believers in Paradise (or the Garden of heaven.)



[Then God be glorified explained about what He has prepared for the guilty in the Next Life, and He said:]

[75] 74. The guilty [will] dwell forever in the chastisement of Hell,


[76] 75. that [will] not be lessened or interrupted for them a, and therein they [will] despair b.


[77] 76. We wrong them not c, but they themselves did the wrong d.


[78] 77. And they [will] cry [while being in Hell]: "O 'Keeper' e [of Hell], let your Lord bring an end of us [by death f.]" He [will] say: "But surely you are going to abide [in Hell; souls die not.]"


[79] 78. "We did bring the true [religion] to you [in the life of the World], but most of you [people] were averse [and complying not] to the truth."








75 a But the chastisement is lasting on them.

75 b Of any hope of being saved, and will lose all blessings.






76 c By admitting them to Hell.

76 d So they deserve the chastisement on account of their wrong-doing.





77 e That is the angel in charge of Hell.

77 f And so we may be relieved.



[80] 79. Or have they contrived some plotting [against Mohammed Our apostle!?]

We too are contriving [a perfect plan against them.] a


[81] 80. So do they think that we do not hear their secrets and conspiracies? Yes indeed [We hear and see all that]; and [moreover] Our messengers are [present] with them, writing down [their deeds b].


[82] 81. Say [Mohammed, to them c]: "If d the Most Gracious had a son [or daughter], then I would be the first to serve [that son or daughter.]" e


[83] 82. Glory [and reverence] be to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Throne, f above [having the son or daughters] that they ascribe [to Him.]


[84] 83. Then [O Mohammed] let them be [after having warned them], to plunge [into their disbelief] and to play [with their idols as a child playing with her dummies] until they will encounter their day with which they are promised g.


[Some of the idolaters said: God is the god of heaven, and the idols are the gods of the earth, and we should worship those gods near to us on earth; therefore, His saying in this aya was revealed:]

[85] 84. And it is He [alone] Who in heaven is God, [as is He] God on earth h;

He is the All-wise [in His acts], the All-knowing [of the affairs of His servants.]


[86] 85. Blessed and increased be [Gods surplus to His creatures],

to Whom belongs the possession of the heavens and the earth i and all [moons, meteorites, meteors, clouds, and others] that are between them.

With Him is the knowledge of the hour [of man's death], and to Him you shall be returned [following your death j.]




79 a The meaning: Could they design a perfect plot against Our messenger, so that they would succeed in their plot?

No, they did not succeed in that; while on Our part, We are perfecting Our design against them.



80 b And recording their words.




81 c i.e. those who claim that God has a son.

81 d As a supposition.

81 e Because the prophet is more worthy to glorify that which should be glorified; but the angels are Gods servants, not His daughters as you claim, and it is not correct that I should worship the slaves apart from the Master.




82 f i.e. revering and exalting Him above having any son or daughters.





83 g Because they will submit and resign on the day of the conquering of Mecca. And you then will break up their idols and demolish their statues.












84 h It means: He alone is the God of the heaven and the God of the earth, and there is no other god in either of them.








85 i i.e. the planets including the earth.

85 j i.e. following your death, you will return to the world of souls [: the Afterlife], and He will judge you with justice.



[And when the associaters said: These [angels] are our intercessors before God, His saying be glorified was revealed:]

[87] 86. And those [angels, to] whom you pray besides [God], cannot intercede [for anyone] except [for] him who testifies the truth [admitting that God is One.] a

Moreover, the [angels] know even [that their intercession for the associaters will not be accepted.]


[88] 87. And if you [Mohammed] ask the [associaters:] who created them? they will surely say: "God [created us.]"

[So after having admitted this], how can they be turned away [from worshipping Him to worshipping others?]


[89] 88. And the saying of [Gabriel]: "My Lord, these [associaters] are a people who believe not."


[Then God be glorifird addressed His messenger, and said:]

[90] 89. Then [O Mohammed] pardon them [who convert and believe b] and say: "Peace [be to you, O believers.]

Surely, the [stubborn] will come to know [what chastisement they will have in the Next Life.]







86 a It means: They cannot intercede for whom they like, but only exclusively for monotheists who admitted the truth, and said: I admit that there is no god other than God alone and said this with word and belief, and did not associate anything with Him, and obeyed His commands secretly and publicly.





















89 b And do not take him to account about the past.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 43 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)



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