Soora 45


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. Ha, Miem:

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

Wisdom, O Mohammed! [: W. M.]


[3] 2. Revealing of the Book [: the Quran, including wisdom and admonition] from God, the All-Mighty, the Most Wise. a


[4] 3. Surely, in [the creation of] the heavens and the earth there are signs [indicating God's might] for those who believe [in it.]


[5] 4. And [also there are signs] in your creation; and [in] what automobile beings [: animals and man] He has scattered abroad b there are [also] indicative signs for a people having sure faith [about such signs.]


[6] 5. And in the succession of the night and day [there are sings],

and [in] the provision [: the rain] that God has sent down from the sky: reviving thereby the earth after being barren,

and [in] the veering of winds c, there are signs to a people who realize d.


[7] 6. These [creatures e] are the signs of God [indicating His Oneness and His absolute might], that We reveal to you [Mohammed] with truth f; then in what relation, after [the relation of] God [: the Quran] and His revelations will they believe [if they do not believe in the Quran?] g







2 a This has previously been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 40: 1-2.




4 b On the planets including the earth.




5 c Southern and northern; hot and cold.

5 d That there is a Creator who created all that and perfected the creation.




6 e Just mentioned.

6 f i.e. with truthfulness.

6 g The meaning: They insist on their disbelief and denial.



[8] 7. Woe [: severe punishment] will be to every sinful liar!


[9] 8. Who hears God's revelations recited to him, and then insists on his arrogance a as if he heard them not; so give him tidings of a painful doom.


[10] 9. And when he knows anything of Our revelations b, he [only] takes them in mockery [before his friends c.]

For such [mockers about the revelations] there [will] be a humbling chastisement [in the Barzakh world or the Afterlife.]


[11] 10. After that [humiliating chastisement], there will be for them [the chastisement of] Hell; never will [the wealth] that they earn avail them anything d, nor [can] their patrons e whom they choose apart from God [avert them the chastisement], and they will have a grievous chastisement [in Hell.]






8 a i.e. persists on his disbelief.







9 b And he realizes the truth.

9 c To delude them that they are said-before words, are common and valueless; due to his stubbornness and arrogance against Our messenger Mohammed, because of his ignorance about the consequences.






10 d To avert from them anything of the chastisement, even if he ransoms himself with [all his wealth.]

10 e Like angels, sheikhs, imams [and saints], nor will their intercession for the behalf of the associaters be accepted.



[12] 11. This [Quran] is a guidance [to the way of the truth a],

but those who unbelieve in the revelations of their Lord will have a chastisement of painful wrath b.


[13] 12. It is God That has subjected for you the sea, so that ships may sail on it, according to His order c,

and that you may seek after [provision: out of] His bounty d,

and that you may give thanks [to God for such bounties.]


[14] 13. And [God] has subjected to you [all e] that is in the [gaseous] heavens and [all f] that is in the earth; all g [of that is according to a command issuing] from Him.

Surely in such [creation and subjection h are included] signs [indicating a Most Wise and a Most Able Creator i] to a people who reflect j.


11 a For those who accept its guidance.

11 b Which is the illness and the stinging of scorpions, snakes, wasps and others.

This Arabic word in the aya, translated here as the painful wrath, has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 34: 5.



12 c i.e. His law.

12 d By embarking on ships for trading.






13 e The wind, cloud, snow and rain.

13 f Rivers, seas, ships, beasts, cattle and others.

13 g i.e. all such subjection of these things is according to a command issuing from Him. While your idols have nothing to do with that; for it is God Who created such creatures and things with His might and subjected them with His wisdom in order that you may thank Him for [such bounties.]

13 h Of these creatures and things with their various kinds, colors and advantages.

13 i Created them, Who is not of their same kind; therefore, He deserves the gratitude and worship: for that He created and subjected these things for them.

13 j About this subject, and they are grateful to God for subjecting all that.



[15] 14. Tell the believers to forgive [the Jews] who do not hope for [the future prosperity and glory in] the days of Goda; that [God] may requite a [wrong-doing] people according to the [wrong] they have earned. b


[16] 15. Whoso does righteousness, it is for [the benefit of] his own soul; and whoso does wrong, [its evil] is against it,

then [following your death] you will be returned to your Lord [to find the reward of your work].


14 a The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 14: 5, which means:

(And remind them of the days of God ['s grace, in the time of Joseph.])

i.e. remind them of the days of Joseph and the blessings and glory they had in Egypt by means of him.

14 b It means: He will punish the Jews in the future according to their wrong-doing.

Similar to this aya is His saying be glorified in the Quran 2: 109, which means:

(Many of [Jews:] the people of the Bible, out of the jealousy [and envy] of their own [people: envying Mohammed], wish they can turn you [O Muslims] back as unbelievers,

after you have believed [in Mohammed],

and after the truth [about his truthfulness] has become evident to them.

But forgive [their offensive words] and pardon [them, as long as they do not harm or fight you],

till God brings His "Am'r" [: the Mahdi or the Comforter.])



[17] 16. Indeed, We gave the Children of Israel the Book [: the Torah], the kingdom, and the Prophet-hood, and We provided them with 'pure and wholesome' [food stuffs], and We preferred them [with excess of bounties] to all the nations [of their time.]


[18] 17. And We granted them plain Commandments in the affair [of the religion]: it was only after knowledge [about it] had been granted to them [and they understood it] that they fell into schisms: out of enmity among themselves a:

surely your Lord will judge between them on Judgment Day concerning that [religion affair] wherein they disagree.


[19] 18. Then We put you [Mohammed] on the [right] way of religion [: the monotheism b]; so follow that [way] and follow not the desires of [the associaters among your people] who know not [: because they have no heavenly book.]


[20] 19. Surely, the [associaters] will avail you [Mohammed] nothing against God [should you follow their desires]; and surely wrong-doers are friends of each otherc, but God is the Patron d of those who ward off [sins.]


[21] 20. This [Quran provides the] enlightenment of people e, a guidance f and a mercy to a people having sure faith [about the reward and punishment of God g.]










17 a i.e. the enmity and hatred among their kings, so they changed their religion, altered their rites, and worshipped two gold calf statues made for them by Jeroboam the servant of Solomon, and Jeroboam became a king after him.









18 b Or the exclusive devotion to God alone.








19 c It means: They follow each other in the wrong-doing.

19 d i.e. their Protecting Master; so that He takes care about their affairs and helps them against their enemies.






20 e Into their religion, their life of the World and their Next Life.

20 f To the way of the truth.

20 g Because it is they who will have advantage of it.



[Some idolaters said to some believers: "Should there be any life following death and should there be any reward for the gooddoer, then we too will be rewarded; because we honor the guest, feed the hungry and dress the naked"; therefore this aya was revealed:]

[22] 21. [Do the idolaters and associaters think that they will be rewarded for their deeds?]

Or do those, who slam [the honor of people with their tongues] a and work evil, expect that we will make them [prosper in the Next Life] as [will We give to] those who believe and do righteous deeds:

equal their life [in the World] and their afterlife [following death: so that We shall give them in the afterlife as have We given to them in the life of the World]?

[Nope, it will never be as do they say]; so how wrong they judge [for themselves!]


[23] 22. And God created the heavens and the earth [: the planets including the earth] with the true [promise: their destruction on Doomsday],

and that every soul may be rewarded [following death] for what [good or evil] it earned [in the life of the World];

and they will not be wronged [by increasing their punishment or decreasing their reward.]


[24] 23. Have you [Mohammed] considered him who takes as his god according to his ego b,

and God misguides him in spite of his knowledge c,

and has set a seal upon his hearing and his heart, and has placed upon his eyesight a covering d?

Who then shall guide him after God [has misguided him?] e

Will you [idolaters] not then reflect f ?







21 a This is like His saying be glorified in the Quran 6: 60, which means:

(It is He [: God] Who takes your souls [out of your bodies] by night, and knows all that [evil] you [people] have already committed by day.)





























23 b i.e. his own desires.

23 c It means: He is a scientist or is educated, and is not ignorant; but in spite of that, God misguides Him from the way of the truth, because he is a wrong-doer: he wrongs the weak and needy, and plunders their rights.

23 d So that he does not hear the voice of the truth, neither does he see his way nor can find it.

23 e i.e. none can guide him.

23 f About the consequence and punishment, and so you may receive admonition and may refrain from doing wrong.



[25] 24. They a say: "There is nothing but our [present] Worldly life; we die and our [children] liveb, and nothing but Time [factors] destroy us.c "

[So God be glorified said:]

Of that they have no knowledge e, they merely conjecture f.


[26] 25. When Our revelations g are rehearsed to them, being obvious [revelations], their only argument h is that they say: "Bring our [dead] fathers [to life again] if you are telling the truth i."


[27] 26. Say, [Mohammed, to them]: "It is God Who makes you live [the first life in the womb j], then makes you die k, then gathers you [in the Barzakh world l ] till Doomsday about which there is no doubt m; but most people do not know [the truth.] n


24 a i.e. the deniers of the sending to the Next Life, and of the Judgment.

24 b It means: Our children will be instead of us, and there isnt after this life any other life, such as you threaten us with, neither is there any angel to seize our spirits, as you say.

24 c It means: the means of death are not else than only the disease, the murder, the drowning, the burn or the ageing.

24 e Because they are in a material world, and they do not know anything about the ether world: the world of souls, and they do not believe in it until they go to it following their death.

24 f They depend on guessing, not on true facts.




25 g Which tell about the sending to the Next Life and the Requital.

25 h Of their refusal to believe.

25 i That there will be a sending to the Next Life and a Requital.

So they think that man is the material body which is buried in the grave, but they do not know that the true man is the spiritual soul, and that their fathers are present in the world of souls: hearing and seeing, but they do not see their fathers. Moreover, they do not know that the sending to the Next Life and the Requital, which they deny, is concerning the souls; and that there is no need to restore the bodies once again.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the next aya:




26 j i.e. He creates you in the womb of your mothers.

26 k After the end of your decreed life time.

26 l [Or the Afterlife], when you are ethereal souls.

26 m It is the day on which the solar system will tear up; there is no doubt about this incident [of Doomsday], because every material thing is going to be destroyed whatever it may last; so when that day comes, We will send the souls from the earth to the space where the gathering-together will be, as will the Judgment be.

But it is not as you imagine, that We will bring the dead bodies to life once again, then We will bring back the souls inside them; for this certainly is not logical: is it logical that We return the chicken into its eggs from which he came out?

For the purpose from forming the egg is not its shell, but the chicken that is formed inside it.

So the soul resembles the chicken and the body resembles the egg shell.

26 n Therefore, contemplate the words of the aya, and think about its meaning: for God be glorified did not mention any life after He mentioned the death, but He said that (He gathers you [in the Barzakh world] till Doomsday.)



[28] 27. To God belongs the ownership of the heavens and the earth a, and on the day when the Hour [of Doom] b will take place; on that day 'those believing in falsehood' will lose c.


[29] 28. And you [will] see every nation crowding d;

each nation [will] be summoned to [the judgment of] its Scripturee [and it will be said to them:]

"Today you are going to be recompensed according to that you did [before, in the life of the World.]


[30] 29. This, Our [heavenly] Scripture f, provides conclusive evidence against you with truth g;

h We recorded in successive copies [all] that you did [in the life of the World.] i


27 a i.e. the planets including the earth.

27 b It means: Doomsday.

27 c For they will lose Paradise and will be chastised in the Fire.




28 d Crowding on each other; some of them try to protect themselves by others due to the extreme heat of the fire.

28 e The people of the Torah will be summoned to the judgment of their Torah, and the people of the Gospel to their Gospel and the people of the Quran to their Quran; their prophets will judge them and the recording angels will testify about that which they did, and will say to them:




29 f It means: the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran.

29 g i.e. with the true words.

This in fact is a parable of the clear evidence to something, so it is said: Your hands speak or provide evidence about your crime; and Your leg testifies against you according to your act.

The meaning: What the heavenly books include of the commandments to abandon the idols, and the warning against the worship of idols, and the threatening with punishment for anyone holding fast with it; all these are conclusive evidences and sufficient proofs to forbid their worshipping and the holding fast with them.

So, as if the heavenly books speak with a fluent tongue and say: God is One without associate, so do not worship anyone else; but you changed and altered the teachings of the heavenly books, so that you worshipped the created beings instead of the Creator, and you considered them your intercessors according to your claims.

29 h Then the angels will say to them:

29 i i.e. we wrote your deeds in successive copies: one after another. It means: One copy per day, until it became a book.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in this aya, which means: (This, Our [heavenly] Scripture, provides conclusive evidence against you with truth), and He did not say: This is your book.

So the books of God are the heavenly books, while the books of people are the books of their deeds; each one of them has his own book of his deeds.

As God be glorified said in the Quran 69: 25, which means:

(But as for him given his book [of deeds] in his left [hand] he shall say [regretting and sighing]: Would that I had never been given my book [of deeds.])

At that time, God be glorified will ask Moses the [teacher] of the Torah, and say to him: Was it you who said to the Children of Israel: Worship the Baalim, Astaroth and the star Sirius? [Moses] will answer saying: Glory be to You, Lord; I did not say to them anything but only that with which You commanded me: Worship God my Lord and your Lord. I also ratified the covenants and pacts with them that they should not worship anyone other than You, and they should not associate anything with You; so they should not worship the cow, the stone, the star or the tree, but they altered their religion and associated after my death, and You know better about them than I do.

Then He will ask Jesus the teacher of the Gospel, and say:

Jesus, son of Mary, was it you who said to people: Take me and my mother as two gods apart from God? And Jesus will say:

Glory be to You, how can I say that of which I have no right? I only said to them that which You commanded me: Worship God my Lord and your Lord.

God be glorified will say: Was it you who said to people I am the son of God?

And Jesus will say: Glory be to You! I did not say that to them, but they forged and ascribed it to me falsely; I told them so frequently that I am the son of man, lest they should say the son of God. And You are the All-Knowing about everything.

Then He will ask Mohammed the teacher of the Quran, so God be glorified will say: Mohammed, was it you who said to people: Worship your imams and sanctify their graves, ask your needs from them, seek their help when you stand up and sit down, vow to them, swear by them and make your sons as their servants?

And [Mohammed] will say: Glory be to You, Lord; I did not say to them anything other than what You commanded me with: Worship God my Lord and your Lord, and do not associate with Him anything; but they changed their religion after my death, and became many sects; and You know better than I do about them.

So God be glorified will say: (This is the day [on which] the truthful shall be profited by their truthfulness. For them await gardens underneath [the trees of] which rivers flow, to dwell therein forever and ever.)



[31] 30. Then, as to those who believed and did righteous [deeds], their Lord will admit them to His mercy: [His Paradise]; such [admission] will be the manifest achievement.


[32] 31. But as for those who disbelieve [it will be said to them:] "Were not My revelations recited to you a? But in fact you waxed proud b and were a guilty peoplec.


[33] 32. And when it was said [to you]: "God's promise [with the punishment and reward] is true d, and the Hour [of Doomsday]: there is no doubt of its [inevitable coming]", you used to say: "We know not what [this] Hour is e; we have only a surmise; we are by no means certain [about its occurrence.]"


[34] 33. And they [will] discover that their deeds [in the life of the World f ] were evil [not good as they thought], and it [will] surround them that [punishment] at which they mocked g.


[35] 34. And it will be said [to them]:"Today We [will] forsake [and leave] you [in the Fire, and will not remember you with any blessing];

even as did you forget about [and neglect] the meeting of this your day [so that you did not prepare anything for it.]

And your resort will be the Fire, and you will have no helpers [to save you from it.]"


[36] 35. "That [chastisement] is [for you] because you took God's revelations for a jest; and the life of the World deceived you [with the wealth and with its alluring]."

Therefore, this day they shall not be taken out of it, nor will they be excused to repent [and return to that which pleases God.] h


[37] 36. Then praise be to God, Lord of the [ethereal] heavens i and Lord of the earth j, Lord of the worlds. k


[38] 37. His is the Majesty in the heavens and the earth, and He is the All-Mighty [in His kingdom], the Most Wise [with His acts.]




31 a So why didnt you think about and study them, so as to realize the truth and be saved of the chastisement?

31 b Over accepting and listening to the revelations.

31 c Because you denied and hurt the messengers (or apostles.)



32 d And will inevitably be fulfilled.

32 e Which indicates their denial of the occurrence of Doomsday and the Judgment.




33 f It means: At that time, it will be clear to them that their deeds which they did in the life of the World were evil, not good as did they think.

33 g i.e. they mocked its occurrence.

Similarly, my people and the citizens of my hometown Karbala are used to do: they do the deeds which God forbids because they are the association with God in the worship, while they think they are rightly guided.

They hit their heads with the swords, on the tenth day of the lunar month Moharram, with the blood pouring down on their faces and on the shrouds which they wear, in a disgusting way, while they think such of their acts are righteous, and that Hussein son of Ali son of Abu Talib will intercede for them before God, and willl admit them into Paradise in the Next Life, because they do such acts for his sake, because he was wrongfully killed.

This is one of thirty evil deeds which God is not pleased with, but they think they are good deeds by means of which they seek to be close to God and to Mohammed the messenger of God.

But when they died and went to the Afterlife, they discovered that such deeds were evil deeds, not good as did they think, and they regretted that.















35 h i.e. their repentance will not be accepted from them, nor will they be allowed to turn back to the good-pleasure of God.

This has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, soora 16.








36 i Which are the habitations of angels.

36 j The habitation of mankind.

It means: the Owner of the ethereal heavens and of all those who are therein, and the Owner of the earth and the other planets and of those who inhabit them.

36 k So you must always praise Him for His bounties.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 45 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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