Soora 46


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. Ha, Miem:

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

Wisdom, O Mohammed! [: W. M.]


[3] 2. Revealing of the Book [: the Quran, including wisdom and admonition] from God, the All-Mighty, the Most Wise.) a


[4] 3. We created not the heavens and the earth b and [all moons, meteorites and meteors] that are between them, save with the true [promise of destruction] c, and for a destined end d, but the disbelievers [are] averse e from [the chastisement] that they [are] warned of.


[5] 4. Say: "Tell me your opinion concerning your associates whom you pray besides God; show me what [part] they created of the earth [as a whole], or have they any share in the [gaseous] heavens? f

Bring to me a [heavenly] scripture g, before this [Quran], or some narration from the knowledge [of the prophets, which confirms your association h], if you are truthful [in your claim.]"


[6] 5. And who is further astray than he who calls, apart from God, upon such a one as shall not answer his prayer [whatever he may pray] till Doomsday i ? And they [: the angels] are even heedless of their prayer j.


[7] 6. And when people will be gathered together [on Doomsday], [the angels] shall be enemies to them k, and shall disapprove their worshipping l.


2 a This has previously been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 40: 1-2.




3 b i.e. the planets including the earth.

3 c A similar aya has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran soora 6 and other sooras.

3 d It means: He assigned for them an appointment when their life will end and they will tear up; the appointment is Doomsday.

That is His saying be glorified in the Quran 82: 2, which means:

(And when the planets [shall break up into pieces that] shall be strewn about [in the space to be meteorites.])

It means: they will tear up and their parts will be dispersed in the space as meteorites, while the big pieces will be moons for the new planets.

3 e They do not pay attention to you, neither do they listen to your words.




4 f This has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 35: 40.

4 g In which is written that the idols are associates (or partners) with God in the creation, or written in it that the angels are Gods daughters, or that they will intercede for you.

But if you do not bring to me any heavenly book pointing out to this, then your words are refused and your claim is false.

4 h It means: or some narrated valuable words of the prophets.




5 i It means: even if he keeps up praying till Doomsday, his prayer will not be answered.

5 j They dont know about that; because the angels are in the ethereal heavens and the associaters are on the earth, so they cannot hear them according to the far distance between them; and even if they hear, they will not answer their prayer.

Similar to this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 35: 14, which means:

(If you [associaters] pray them [: the angels, to remove your distress], they hear not your prayer [because they are in the ethereal heavens faraway from you.]

And if they [: those angels present with you on earth] hear, they cannot grant it you [because they do not do anything without Gods command.]

On the Day of Judgment, they will disown your associating [them with God.])

Similarly, most people nowadays pray the dead imams and sheikhs to grant them their needs, and they do not know that the imams and prophets are not in the graves, but they went up to heaven to the paradises, and so they cannot hear the prayer of those who pray them, and they cannot answer anyone who ask his need from them, and they do not know the unknown in order to be intermediate or medium between them and God to carry out the needs of people, and moreover, they will disapprove those who pray them and ask their needs from them, and they clear themselves from them and will not intercede for them.



6 k i.e. the angels will be enemies to those who worshipped them and asked their need from them.

6 l i.e. they will object to them, rebuke and censure them concerning that.

Similarly, those who nowadays worship the tombs of prophets, imams and sheikhs, and sanctify them, ask their needs from them and vow their vows to them; so their consequences will be like the consequences of the associaters who worshipped the angels and asked their needs from them.



[8] 7. When Our revelations are recited to them, so clearly, the unbelievers say about the truth a when [Mohammed] has brought [it] to them: "This [Quran] is only a manifest magic b."


[9] 8. Or they may say: "He has forged it!" c

Say: "If I have forged it [as you claim], then [you should know that] you cannot avert from me [any part] of God ['s punishment] d;

He knows best what you exaggerate [in denying] ite;

He [: God] suffices as a witness between me and you; He is the Most Forgiving [to him who converts], the Most Merciful [to him who believes.]


[10] 9. Say [O Mohammed]: "I am not the first innovation of the messengers f;

even I know not what shall be done with me or with you [in the future];

I only am following that which is revealed to me [from my Lord];

I am only an obvious warner."


[11] 10. Say, [Mohammed, to them]: "Tell me your opinion: What if the [Quran] is from God, and you disbelieve in it [: what will your outcome be in the Next Life, before God?] g

Moreover, a witness [: Abdullah, the son of Salam] out of the Children of Israel testifies [for you] to the similarity of the [Quran teachings to the teachings of the Torah of Moses] h; so [the witness] believed, whereas you waxed proud [over Our messenger] i;

surely, God guides not [to the way of the truth] the wrong-doing people."


[12] 11. Those [Jews] who disbelieve j said to those ['Helpers' k] who believe: "Had there been any good [in the religion of Mohammed], the ['Immigrants' l] would not have outstripped us to [believe in] it m!"

[Then God be glorified said:]

But as had they not been guided by the [Quran, and had not pondered its revelations], they will say: "This [Quran] is an old invention o."


[13] 12. Yet before the [Quran, they denied] the Book of Moses p [their prophet, whom We sent to them as] an example [for them, so as to imitate him] and a mercy [to save them from Pharaoh and his men.]

And this [Quran] is a Book confirming [the messenger q]; in Arabic tongue, to warn the [idolaters] who wrong themselves [with their idolatry], and good tidings [of Paradise] to the good-doers.


[14] 13. Surely, those who say: "Our Lord is God [alone]", and then keep up [with His obedience and do not worship anyone else]; no fear [from the devils r, will be] for them, nor [will] they grieve [for parting from their families.]


[15] 14. Such s [will] be the fellows of the Garden to dwell therein forever in recompense [of the righteous work] that they used to do.



7 a i.e. the Quran.

7 b Because it attracts the heart to it.




8 c It implies: Will they say: he copied the Quran from the heavenly books, or will they say: he forged it from his own?

The answer is: neither this nor that, but it is a revelation, from God, which Gabriel brought it down to him.

8 d The meaning: how can I forge lies against God for your sake, while you cannot avert His punishment from me should I forge any lie against Him?

8 e i.e. your exceeding denial of the Quran: so that once you say: he has forged it, another time you say: it is magic, another time you say: it is the written fables of the ancients, and still another time you say: he is a poet; therefore, you have many different claims about it.





9 f i.e. I am not the first apostle or messenger sent to people, so that you may surprise and deny my message, but a large number of messengers preceded me.





10 g Wont it be the disgrace and the Fire?

10 h It means: He testified for you that the religion, the monotheism and the discarding of idols mentioned in the Quran is like that mentioned in the Torah; so this indicates the truthfulness of Mohammed, because his religion agrees with the religion of the previous prophets.

The witness was Abdullah, the son of Salam, who was a Jew; then he, together with a group of Jews, converted before the Prophet; he was one of the Jewish scholars.

10 i So because of being wrong-doers [: you wrong people], you did not believe in him.















11 j They denied the Quran.

11 k The Helpers are the people of Medina who helped the Prophet when he emigrated to them.

11 l The immigrants are the believers out of the people of Mecca who emigrated with the Prophet to Medina.

11 m But we would have been the first to believe in it.

11 o i.e. some of the written fables of the ancients.






12 p i.e. the Tablets which Moses brought down from the Mount Hor (or El-Tor), and they said: Who can believe they are from God!?

12 q To whom it is sent down.









13 r In the Barzakh world [or the Afterlife.]









14 s Who keep up with Gods obedience.



[Then God be glorified mentioned the Mahdi of the Last Days or the Comforter or Elia or Elijah of the End of Time, and He said:]

[16] 15. We have recommended man [: the Comforter: the Awaited Mahdi] to be kind to his parents; his mother bears him reluctantly, and reluctantly she gives birth to him. a

The bearing of [that child] till his weaning is [in a period of] thirty months.

[Then God be glorified said:]

At length when he reaches the age of full strength and attains forty years, he says:

"My Lord, inspire me c to be grateful for Your blessing wherewith You have blessed me and my parents, and [inspire me] to do righteous [work] that shall be pleasing to You, and be Gracious to me in the matter of reforming my seed; truly, I do repent to You d, and I am [one] of those who submit themselves [in compliance to Your commands and Your obedience.]"


[17] 16. Such [guides and the followers of their programs] are they for whom We [shall] accept the best of what they do e, and [shall] pass over their ill deeds; [they will be] among the people of Paradise; a true promise with which they were promised. f


15 a Because she lost her children by their death; therefore, she was reluctant to her pregnancy and her delivery, because she thought that her child would die after two or three years [like his brothers who had died before him.]

Then God be glorified explained that the period of time of bearing and suckling of this child would be thirty months; because the pregnancy lasted nine months and the weaning of the child after suckling him for twenty one months, so the total would be thirty months.

The reason for that because my mother weaned me three months before completing the assigned period [of twenty four months] for suckling; that is because my mother was pregnant with a female child, so her milk dried up. So the total pregnancy and suckling lasted thirty months. [While usually it should be thirty three months.]

15 c i.e. inspire me to do a work that I may carry out, and my purpose is to be grateful to your bounties

15 d Of the sins which I did in my youth time.




16 e i.e. We accept their instructions to people and their invitation to monotheism, better than their work for themselves; i.e. better than the religious duties; because the benefit of their fasting and prayers will be special for them, while their instructions will be general to people, and their benefit will also be general.

16 f i.e. as did We promise to admit them into Paradise, We shall fulfill Our promise to them.

So as such, did my mother bear me reluctantly, and her delivery of me was also with reluctance, because she lost every born child whether male or female, who would die when he would be few years of age; so she feared that I would die in the same manner.

Moreover, my mother bore and suckled me for total of thirty months, because she bore a female child following my birth, so she was depleted of her milk, three months before the stated period, so the total was thirty months.

Then when I came of age I migrated from Karbala to Hilla (Babylon); and when I attained forty years of age, I prayed God saying:

My Lord, inspire me some work that I do so that I may be grateful for Your blessing wherewith You have blessed me and my parents, and [inspire me] to do righteous [work] that shall be pleasing to You, and be Gracious to me in the matter of reforming my seed; truly, I do repent to You, and I am [one] of those who submit themselves [in compliance to Your commands and Your obedience.]"

So my Lord gave to me the interpretation of the Quran and inspired to me its meaning, and made me a guide to His religion and a preacher to His way, and so (Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds.)



[Then God be glorified started to dispraise the deniers of the guides, so He mentioned someone who was disobedient to his parents at the time of the Prophet:]

[18] 17. But the one who says to his parents: Fie [: Raqa] on you both [for your ignorance!] a Do you threaten me that I shall be brought forth [alive] out [of my grave to be judged], when generations have already passed away before me [and none came alive out of his grave]?

-- And they both cry to God for help [and for bestowing guidance, and say to him:] Woe to you! Believe! Surely, the promise of God [with the sending of souls to the Next Life and the Judgment] is true.

But he says: This is nothing but mere fables written [and invented] by the ancients.


[19] 18. Such [deniers of the messengers and guides] are they against whom the sentence of God is due [to punish them in the Fire] together with the nations of genies and men, who passed away before them.

Surely, they were the losers [because they substituted Hell instead of Paradise, and shame instead of honor.]




17 a It is narrated that it might be revealed concerning Abdul Rahman son of Abu Bakr; his parents said to him: Convert. And they insisted on him, so he said: Revive for me Abdullah son of Jadaan or the sheikhs of Quraish and I may then convert.



[20] 19. All [of the prophets, the messengers and the guides] will have [their deserved] rank [in Paradise], according to what [righteous work] each of them did [in the life of the World], and that [your Lord] will recompense them for their deeds in full, and they will not be wronged [by decreasing their reward.]


[21] 20. And on the day [of the death of people] those who unbelieve will be exposed to the Fire [; it will be said to them:] "You lost your good things in your Worldly life [inheriting all that to others], enjoying yourselves with [your lusts and sins a]; this day are you going to be awarded with the torment of degradation [and disgrace]; because you were arrogant on earth without right, and because you used to disobey [God.]"






20 a I said previously that fruits have spirits, as have trees spirits also; so the fruit which we eat in the life of the World, their spirits will remain in the ether world, so if its owner is a believer, the angels will bring to him such fruits in the Next Life to eat of them; but if its owner is a disbeliever, then such fruits will be an inheritance to believers; therefore, this is the meaning of His saying be glorified in this aya (You lost [or removed] your good things); it means: it went away from you and became the share of others.



[22] 21. Mention [to them, Prophet Hood:] the brother of Aad [tribe]; he warned his people at the 'Ahqaf' [: the region of sand-hills in Yemen confronting the sea]; and the [messengers, as] warners, have passed away before and after him;

[he said:] "[My people,] worship none other than God [alone.]

Truly I fear for you, [if you keep up with your idolatry,] the punishment of a mighty day."


[23] 22. They said [to him]: "Have you come to divert us from [worshipping] our gods? Then bring upon us [the punishment] wherewith you threaten us if you tell the truth [that you are a messenger.]


[24] 23. [Hood] said: "The knowledge [of when it will come] is only with God a; I convey to you [the message] wherewith I have been sent [to you by God]; but I see that you are a people in ignorance [of the final consequences.]"


[25] 24. Then when they saw [the punishment b as] a [cloud] coming from faraway towards their valleys, they said: "This is a cloud coming from faraway and is going to rain upon us."

[The angel, charged with their punishment, said:] "Not so, but it is the [punishment] you were asking to be hastened! a wind wherein is a painful chastisement."


[26] 25. "Which will destroy everything as commanded by its Lord." c

By morning nothing could be seen except their homes [while the people perished d].

[So as did We destroy the people of the 'Ahqaf'], thus [in the future] will We requite the guilty people."


[27] 26. And We had established them e [in the earth] in that f wherein We have not established you [: Meccans], and We appointed for them hearing, and sight, and [spiritual] hearts g; yet their hearing, sight and [spiritual] hearts availed them nothing h, since they denied the revelations of God, and they were overwhelmed by [the punishment] at which they had mocked.























23 a i.e. He knows when the punishment will come on you.








24 b With which he threatened you.












25 c So the hurricanes came and destroyed them.

25 d Save only Hood and those who believed together with him: they departed from them before the coming of the chastisement.









26 e i.e. the tribe of Aad.

26 f Body power, long life and much wealth.

26 g With which they may understand; but they turned away from the truth and did not listen to the word of Our messenger Hood.

26 h To discover the truth and follow the messengers, but they blinded themselves from seeing the truth.



[28] 27. We did destroy the cities a round about you [O Meccans], and expound for them the signs b [by various ways], that they might refrain [from their disbelief and transgression.]


[29] 28. Why did not helpbb come to them from those c that they chose as a means of access [to God]d; as gods apart from God?

But, instead, they were lost for them [at the time of need];

and such [words] were their invention e and what [lies] they forged [to people.]


27 a These were the people of Hood in Yemen, the people of Salih in Al-Hijr and the people of Lot in Palestine: the region of the present Dead Sea.

27 b i.e. We had explained for them the evidences and proofs to the correctness of Our words, as have We explained to you.




28 b b To rescue them from the punishment.

28 c Whom they worship.

28 d i.e. they chose gods apart from God, in order to bring them close to Him, and to be as mediation between them and between God as do they claim.

The meaning: Had these been gods as do they claim, they would have helped those [like the people of Hood, the people of Salih and the people of Lot] whom We destroyed before. In fact, they did not help or intercede for them.

28 e i.e. their lies: when they made them their intercessors and they worshipped them.



[Then God be glorified explained that there are believers and disbelievers among the genie, as are there among the humans, and He said:]

[30] 29. Behold We directed a group of 'jinns' (or genies) to you [Mohammed], in order to hear the Quran. So when they attended [the Quran recital], they said [to each other], "[Be silent and let us] listen."

As soon as [the Quran recital] was over, they went to their people, warning [them of God's punishment, if they don't believe.]


[31] 30. They said: Our people, we have heard a Book [: the Quran] revealed after [the Book of] Moses,

confirming a [Mohammed] that has it by his hands [and to whom it has been revealed.]

It guides to [the religion of] the truth and to a straight path [leading those who follow it to Paradise.]


[32] 31. "Our people, respond to [Mohammed] who calls to God, and believe in the [Quran]; so that [God] may forgive you [that which has passed] of your sins, and save you from a painful punishment [in the Next Life.]"


[33] 32. And whoso does not respond, to [the messenger] who calls to God, shall not frustrate or escape [from Gods power] in the earth, and shall not have any patrons beside Him [to deliver him from God's punishment.]

Such [who do not respond to the apostle of God] are in obvious error [away from the truth!] b














30 a It means: It confirms the mission claimed by the one to whom the book is revealed.

Such confirming is on account of the obvious revelations which the book includes and which indicate his truthfulness.


















32 b So up to this point, the words of the genies ended;

then God be glorified said:



[34] 33. Have these [associaters and deniers of God's might] not considered that God, Who created the heavens and the earth a, not being wearied by creating themb, is Able to revive the dead? Yes indeed; He is All-Able to do anything.


[Afterwards, God be glorified threatened the deniers of His might and those associating others with Him, and He said:]

[35] 34. On the day [of their death] when disbelievers are exposed to the Fire, [they will be asked]: Is not this the real truth [: neither illusion nor magic, as were you used to say about the Quran?]'

They will say: Yes indeed, by our Lord! [It is the really true.]

The [angel tasked with their punishment] will say: Then taste the chastisement because you disbelieved [and denied the Quran in the life of the World.]



33 a i.e. the planets including the earth, and created on them various kinds of creatures.

33 b i.e. neither was He frustrated, nor was He tired.



[36] 35. Therefore, [Mohammed,] persevere patiently [and forbear the hurt of your people], as did the apostles who had firm will and steadfastness a persevere.

And seek not to hasten [the punishment] for them b.

On the day [when] they [die and] see the [punishment] with which they are promised, [it will be] as if they had not tarried [in the life of the World] more than an hour in a single day [because the past had gone away.]

[Then God be glorified said:]

[This is] a proclamation [for you, idolaters and associaters; so respond to it]:

Shall any be destroyed but only the disobedient people? c



35 a In distress.

35 b i.e. do not pray God to bring the punishment on your people, because you then will lose them; but forbear patiently, until they will believe one by one, and you will have a large number of believers.

35 c It means: You only destroy the people who rebel against your obedience; so likewise concerning Us: those who rebel against Our obedience, We destroy them by the killing or death in the life of the World, and in the Next Life We punish them with a most severe punishment.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 46 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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