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[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. No, but I [: God] swear by the Doomsday! a


[3] 2. And no, but I [: God] swear by the 'censuring soul' [: the Comforter!] b


[4] 3. Does man [: the denier of the sending forth to the Next Life] deem that We cannot recollect his [rotten] bones?


[5] 4. Yes, indeed; We are Able even to restore [the prints of] his fingertips c.


[6] 5. But man d aims [from his denying the sending of souls to the Next Life] to go on as a profligate e.


[7] 6. He questions [with denial]: "When will Doomsday take place!?" f


1 a Such kind of oath in the Quran indicates the future; it is an oath of threatening with Doomsday, i.e. you will then be taken to account and be punished:

So that disbelievers will be punished, and believers will be taken to accounting.



2 b It means: I swear by the 'censuring soul' who blames people about their bad deeds, and rebukes them concerning their acts;

so he will kill the disbelievers, and confirm the believers and help the religion and invite people to believe in the Lord of nations and worlds,

who will have the arguments and proofs and will interpret the Quran,

and who will be sent and raised in the end of time,

and who will be helped by the Most Gracious;

he is the author of the book (The Interpretation of the Revelation.)

It is written in the Gospel of John, chapter 16: 7-8 that the Christ foretold about the coming or advent of the 'censuring (or reproving) soul' [or the Counselor or the Comforter who will reprove the world]; he said:

But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Paraclete (or the Comforter) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.

When he comes, he will reprove the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment.

>> So the word reprove means: he will blame and rebuke the sinners and guilty.

>> While his saying: in regard to righteousness means: the food which man offers for the sake of idols, and for the sake of imams and sheikhs [and saints]: this is not allowed; but it should exclusively be offered for the sake of God alone.




4 c That is the fingerprints in which every man differs from others.

It means: We are Able to restore the fingerprints as they were before, but there is no need to resurrect the dead bodies because the soul is the true man, and the soul will remain and will not die or perish.




5 d Who denies the sending of souls to the Next Life.

5 e i.e. he aims from his denial to keep up on his sins and drinking wine in his future days, and that he should not forsake that.




6 f Which is a question of one who denies and does not believe about it.



[Then God be glorified started to answer the one who asked, and to explain some of its portents, and He said:]

[8] 7. So when the sight becomes dazed a.


[9] 8. And the moon is cleft [into two halves.] b


[10] 9. And the sun and moon are joined together.c


[11] 10. On that day, [the denying] man shall say: "Where to flee [from the chastisement and punishment?]"


[12] 11. By no means! he will not at all be hidden [in any shelter!]


[13] 12. On that day, the [only] repose and settlement will be in the neighborhood of your Lordd.


[14] 13. On that day, the [disbelieving] man shall be informed:

of every [prohibition] he preferred [to do, and so he committed],

and [of every religious duty he] neglected [and so he did not do.] e


[15] 14. But man has, in charge of his own soul, [some] seeing [angels. f]


[16] 15. Even though he gives [all] his excuses, [no excuses will be accepted.]



7 a i.e. it will startle and be confounded when he will see the portents which he denied before.





8 b i.e. the affliction that will befall the moon and divide it into two halves.




9 c That is because of the finishing of the earth gravity, at that time the sun will draw the moon to itself and it will stick to the sun, then Doomsday will occur, the solar system including the earth will tear up, so the living beings will die and souls will scatter in the space; so at that time











12 d It means: anyone desires for rest and settlement, let him go to the neighborhood of his Lord, to dwell in the spiritual heavens together with the prophets, messengers (: apostles) and the righteous servants of God, and that will be according to his faith and righteous deeds.

Similar to this in meaning is His saying be glorified in the Quran 51: 50, which means:

(Therefore, flee to God; for surely I am a plain warner to you from Him.)




13 e It means: he will be informed about the religious statements that he changed and altered; i.e. he preferred the prohibitions so he committed them, and he neglected the religious duties so he did not apply them.




14 f Who write down his deeds and record his words, so that no denial or apology may avail him.



[When Gabriel came to the Prophet and recited the revelation to him, the Prophet started to read simultaneously with him in order to know it by heart, so that he might not forget it; therefore, His saying be glorified was revealed:]

[17] 16. [O Mohammed] move not your tongue with the [Quran revealed to you by Gabriel] to hasten [to learn] it [by heart, or lest you might forget it.] a


[18] 17. It is up to Us to collect it and to recite it. b


[19] 18. So, when we [: Gabriel] recite it, follow [and recite] after his recitation [to ensure that you have learnt it by heart.] c


[20] 19. Then, [after a long period of time] We will explain it [to people d.]


16 a It means: Do not hasten to learn it by heart, so that you recite simultaneously with Gabriel, but wait until Gabriel finishes the [Quran] recital, then do you recite it [after him.]




17 b It means: We will prepare some men after you to collect the Quran, and other men to recite it; therefore, do not fear that some of it may be lost.

In fact, after the Prophets death, the Quran was collected by Zayd son of Salama [The translator: or he was Zayd son of Thabit?]; and that was according to the command of Othman son of Affan in the time of his caliphate.




18 c It means: Then if Gabriel recites and completes his recital, then read you after him.




19 d It means: After a long period of time, We will explain to people, the ayat of the Quran that are ambiguous to them, and the statements of the Quran about which they are confused.

Therefore, it is the 'censuring soul' [: the Paraclete or the Comforter], who will bring the explanation of the ambiguous ayat of the Quran.

Similar to this in meaning, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 38: 88, which means:

(And you [people] shall surely come to know the explanation of [the ambiguous ayat of the Quran], after a [long period of] time.)

In fact, God be glorified has inspired its explanation into me [Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly, the interpreter of the Quran and the Bible], and expounded to me its statements about which people are confused; all that is according to what my Lord taught me, Whose favor on me is so tremendous.



[21] 20. No, a but you [people] love the present fleeting [life of the World.]b


[22] 21. And [you] leave aside the [deferred] Next Life. c


[Then God be glorified started to describe the condition of people on that day, and He said:]

[23] 22. Some faces, on that day, will be radiant [with gladness and delight.] d


[24] 23. Awaiting for their Lords [reward.] e


[25] 24. And [some] faces on that day shall be gloomy f.


[26] 25. Expecting to be inflicted with some back-breaking calamity g.


20 a No, they do not choose the repose and settlement in the neighborhood of God, but

20 b The meaning: They do not prefer the home of the rest and lasting [of the Next Life] to the home of the toiling and perishing [of the life of the World]; because the Next Life is postponed, while the life of the World is present now.




21 c i.e. you desire for what is present even though its advantage is little, and you forsake what is deferred even though its advantage is much; and therefore, you love the life of the World, and forsake the Next Life and do not strive for it.




22 d These will be the people pertaining to the right.




23 e i.e. they await for entering Paradise after the Judgment is over.

It does not mean the looking at God be glorified as have some commentators said; because even Moses, to whom God spoke, did not see Him when he said: "My Lord, show me [Yourself], in order that I may look at You." And God be glorified said: "You will not see Me.

As such His Beloved Servant, Mohammed, did not see Him during his ascension to heaven, when at that time he was nearer to see Him [but he could not see Him.]

Moreover, how can anyone of His creatures see Him, while He be glorified said in the Quran 6: 103, which means:

(Sights perceive Him not, but He does perceive sights, and He is the Compassionate [about His servants], the Well-Aware [about His creatures.])

So had it been meant the looking at the face of God be glorified then He would have said:

They will see their Lord; because the looking is by the material eye, and the seeing (or sighting) is by the ethereal eye i.e. the spirit.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 68: 5-6, which means:

(So you [Mohammed] will see and the [associaters] will [shortly] see [when they will die and go to the Next Life.]

Which [party] of you is afflicted with madness.)

The meaning: You will see, following your death and going from the life of the World to the Next Life, how they will be chastised; and they will know which of you are the mad, when they will see the Fire with their sights.

Moreover, God be glorified said in the Quran 52: 15, which means:

(Is this then magic!? Or do you not see [the truth!?])

The meaning: Is this chastisement magic, as did you say in the life of the World when you heard Our revelations and you said: This is magic and we will not believe?




24 f Their faces will be dark red [or dusky] in color like the color of the blood. These will be the people pertaining to the left.

The Arabic word in the aya is derived from the name of dates before their ripening; which are of many kinds, some of dates are red and some are yellow.

This word has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 74: 22, which means:

(Then he frowned and was gloomy- [faced.])

It means: dark red like the date before its ripening.




25 g On account of its severity. This in fact is a parable about the extreme calamity. So someone may say: This disaster has broken my backbone.



[27] 26. No, [they will not get rid of the chastisement, nor will the intercession of any intercessor avail them.]

[Then God be glorified started to explain about the condition of the dying one on his deathbed, and He said:]

But when the [soul a] reaches to [the level of] the collar bones b.


[28] 27. And it is said c: "Who is an enchanter d [that may heal him? Or a doctor that may cure him?]"


[29] 28. And he became certain that it is [the death inevitably and] the parting [from the life of the World.]


[30] 29. And [after death], leg shall be wrapped with leg. e


[31] 30. On that day [of death of each one of them], the driving [of the soul] shall be to your Lords [judgment.] f


26 a Of a dying man on his death-bed.

26 b The collar bone is a bone in the upper part of the shoulder.




27 c By the family members of the one dying on his deathbed.

27 d The enchanter (or wizard) is the one who writes incantation and prayers for the patient so that he may be cured.




29 e God be glorified meant by that the two legs of the ethereal soul not of the body.

The meaning: his two legs will become bound with each other as if they are tied with ropes; so he cannot walk on earth by feet as did he walk before his death, but he will move forwards like the one gliding on the ice.

Moreover, if he wants to separate one of his legs from the other one, he will separate them with difficulty as if he separates the magnet from the iron; because there will be an attraction between his two legs.

I myself saw that; and the incident which happened to me is written in my book Man after Death under the title of: Was it death or fainting?

And in my book An Hour with Ghosts under the title of: A trip in the world of ghosts




30 f It means: the angels will drive the souls that get out of the bodies because of the death: they will drive them to the judgment of your Lord Who will justly judge them according to their deeds and doctrines: either to the prosperity or to Hell or they will stay on earth to be punished with a mild and simple punishment for a limited time then they will be driven to Paradise [in heaven]; so that each one of them will be punished according to his sins.



[Then God be glorified started to describe some sins of the associaters who denied the apostle-hood of Mohammed and who allied with Abu Sufyan, so He said:]

[32] 31. For he did not believe [the Quran] and did not pray.


[33] 32. But he disbelieved [the apostlehood of Mohammed] and befriended [with Abu-Sufian, instead of allying with Gods messenger.]


[34] 33. Then he went to his family strutting a.


[35] 34. It is far better for you; it is far better for you b.


[36] 35. Moreover, it is far better for you, [disbeliever, to befriend with the believers among Mohammedcomapanions instead of befriending with the associaters.] c














33 a With his haughtiness and full conceit.




34 b O disbeliever, to befriend with Gods messenger instead of befriending with Abu-Sufian.]




35 c This is like His saying be glorified in the Quran 5: 56, which means:

(Whoso takes, for his Patron, God and His messenger and the believers surely, the party of God; they are the victors.)



[37] 36. Does man think that he will be neglected and left [without judgment and requital]? a


[38] 37. Was he not a scanty seminal fluid which was ejaculated [into the wombs]?


[39] 38. Then he was a structure shaped like the mosquito larva b, and he created [the embryo in his mother's womb, from the 'larva-like structure'], and [God] made symmetrical [his body parts c and made nice his shape.]


[40] 39. And He made from the [semen], the two genders: the male and the femaled.


[41] 40. Isn't He e then Most Able to quicken the dead? f


36 a So he thinks that there will not be any sending of souls to the Next Life, no accounting, and he denies the gathering-together and the punishment.

It means: he thinks that he will be left without taking to account.




38 b Like the shape of the mosquito larva.

The 'worm-like structure' has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 23: 14 and 22: 5

38 c So that no variation between the right and left eye, neither between his right and left ear; as such are his hands and legs: none of them differ than its counter organ.




39 d So as to reproduce and multiply. That is because the semen contains a large number of sperms: males and females; so anyone of them outstrips others and reaches the ovum of the woman and unite with it, will produce the gender of the embryo: either a male or a female.




40 e Who created them from the scanty seminal fluid, which was ejaculated into the womb.

40 f So why do you deny the sending of souls to the Next Life and the accounting, and you deny Gods might to resurrect the dead?


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 75 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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