Soora 77


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. [I swear] by the [winds], loosed a [on the tribe of Aad, whose story you] know well! b


[3] 2. Which then blew violently in tempestuous gusts c,


[4] 3. And by that which scattered destruction [of everything they pass on!]d


[5] 4. Then separated them apart [one from another!] e


[6] 5. And [by such an event] they gave an admonition [to people!]


[7] 6. Whether you are [children] excused, or [adults] warned:


[8] 7. [If you believe not], such [punishment] with which you are promised will inevitably inflict [you.]f


1 a The meaning: If you do not believe in My Oneness, neither believe My messenger, I will loose on you some winds and hurricanes, like those winds, which will terminate you.

1 b i.e. the their story is known by the Arab.

2 c i.e. with high speed.

3 d Similar to this in meaning is His saying be glorified in the Quran 51: 41-42, which means:

(And [there is a sign and a lesson] in [the story of the tribe of] Aad: when We sent against them the terminating wind, that spared nothing [the wind] came upon, without making it as crushed stubble.)

4 e It means: The wind separated man from his wife, son from his mother and brother from his sister; the wind lifted up man to several meters high then cast him on the ground so he would die.

7 f The meaning: Whether you are [children] excused, or [adults] warned, and if you do not believe, the chastisement with which We promised you will inevitably befall you [as a whole without exception.]

So the excused are the children, of disbelievers, who have not become adults yet. While the warned are the men and women warned by their messengers or apostles that the punishment will befall them if they do not believe.

The meaning: When the punishment or chastisement comes, it will involve all people, without sparing any child or elderly man.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 8: 25, which means:

(And ward off a trial which shall surely not afflict in particular the wrong-doers among you.)

It means: It will include all people.



[Then God be glorified explained about some portents of Doomsday, and He said:]

[9] 8. So when stars [: comets] will be immersed [in the earth.] a


[10] 9. And when the sky [: the atmosphere] will be riven apart. b


[11] 10. And when mountains will be scattered [by the wind] as dust c.


[12] 11. And when the messengers [: the apostles] are informed about an appointed time [to judge and give witness concerning their peoples.]d


[13] 12. For what day are they e appointed!?


[14] 13. For the Day of Judging f.


[15] 14. But do you know what the Day of Judging is? g


[Then God be glorified threatened those who deny the apostles, and He said:]

[16] 15. Woe, on that day, to deniers h!


8 a It means: they will fall on the earth, to cause burning and destruction, then will be buried underground.

The indication of this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 56: 75-76, which means:

(But, no! I swear by the falling [sites] of comets [in the future.] And it is surely an awesome oath, did you but know [that.])

Moreover, God be glorified said in the Quran 53: 1, which means:

([I swear] by the star [: the comet] when it will fall down [upon the earth!])

The second indication is that the falling of the stars will occur before Doomsday, and therefore, God be glorified said afterwards:

9 b i.e. it will split then tear up and its parts will separate from each other.

The sky is the gaseous layers, i.e. the atmosphere of the earth.

10 c i.e. they will crumble and become like the sand, which the wind will disperse and scatter on the earth.

This will occur because of the depletion of the earth gravity, and because of the heat which the sun will spread on the earth on that day which will last one thousand of our years, so the mountain parts will dismantle and scatter away.

However, some ayat, similar to this one, have been interpreted before.

11 d i.e. We will appoint for them a time to attend in order to judge and witness about their peoples.

The meaning: God be glorified will tell them about Doomsday, and their task of performing the accounting, judging and witnessing about their nations; so that they will attend that, and know about their duty on that day, as in His saying be glorified in the following aya:

12 e i.e. the messengers (or the apostles.)

13 f In which people will be judged: the debtor and the indebted; the disbeliever and the believer; and the associater and the monotheist.

14 g This is in a way of making serious consideration of it. The meaning: If you see that, you will see a great terror and a horrifying scene.

15 h Of the Quran, who bar people from the belief and who disbelieve in God Most Gracious.



[17] 16. Did We not destroy the ancients [who denied the messengers]?


[18] 17. So shall We [destroy] after them the later [generations who will deny the Mahdi and the guides.] a


[19] 18. As such shall We deal [in the future] with the guilty [among your nation, O Mohammed.]


[20] 19. Woe b on that day to deniers!


17 a It means: We will destroy, those who disbelieve in the Awaited Mahdi in the future, as will We destroy every disbelieving nation who deny the guides till Doomsday.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 13: 7, which means:

(You [Mohammed] are only a warner, and for every [erring] people [did We send] their guide.)

The meaning: To every erring (or misguided) people coming after you, Mohammed, We will send a guide: a man to guide them to the way of the truth.

19 b It means: A severe chastisement will be for them, following your death.



[21] 20. Have We not created you a from contemptible fluid b ?


[22] 21. Then We let it [settle] in a sure c [or safe] lodging d.


[23] 22. For a known period [of gestation e.]


[24] 23. And We were completely Able [to create him from contemptible fluid], so how Excellent We are as All-Able [to create him!]


[25] 24. Woe on that day to deniers [of Our might, the naturalists!]


20 a People!

20 b Which is the semen.


21 c Concerning preserving and growing it, till it becomes a complete fetus in the womb of his mother.

21 d Which is the womb.


22 e It means: the time period of the pregnancy which is nine months.

However, some ayat, similar to these, have been explained in the interpretation of the Quran, soora (or chapter) 23.



[26] 25. Have We not made the earth as a sheltering [for them:]


[27] 26. [Both for] the living and the dead? a


[28] 27. And [have We not] made therein high [mountains] b that heavily landed c, and given you to drink 'sweet and pure' water d ?


[29] 28. Woe, on that day, to deniers [of the Fire and chastisement!]


26 a The meaning: We have made the earth as a home and a hiding place during their life and following their death.

So during their life: the subterranean vaults, caves and caverns are their hiding places inside which they may go rapidly and hide; while after death, their hiding will be in graves, and caves will be their homes.

The meaning: We have made the cold crust of the earth thick; so that whatever subterranean vaults, wells and mines you may dig in it, you will not reach to the fire in the core of the earth.

This in fact is among Our favors on you; because had the cold crust been thin, then you could not have dug in it and dwelt inside it, but then a volcano would have erupted under your feet to destroy you utterly.

27 b To resort to them when it is hot in summer time and to make use of their rocks and metals.

27 c After being meteorites in the space.

27 d Which does not include much salt like the much salt of the sea water.



[30] 29. [It will be said to them then:] "Go [now] to [Hell and the chastisement] that you denied before." a


[31] 30. "Go now to a shade b of three layers",


[32] 31. "which is neither shady nor does it avail from the flame." c


[Then God be glorified started to describe Hell, and He said:]

[33] 32. It [: Hell] shoots sparks like the castle [in volume.] d


[34] 33. As it might be the yellow thick ropes [of ships.] e


[35] 34. Woe, on that day, to deniers!


29 a It means: Go to Hell which you denied in the life of the World.

30 b Which is a thick smoke emerging from the fire, having three divisions: some of it is suffocating, some is poisoning and some is burning.

The reason of its dividing into layers: because it includes the light gas which rises up, some of it is heavy so it goes down, and as such will it be of three layers or divisions.

31 c Its meaning: Neither does it give shade to man against the sun rays, nor does it guard him against its flame, but the rays go directly towards him and the flame is in contact with him.

32 d The meaning: Saqar shoots sparks into the [outer] space; the volume of each spark is as the volume of one of constructed extensive castles, and each spark has a tail

33 e He means by the sparks the comets; for God be glorified explained to us that they in fact are sparks which Saqar hurls into the space, and which have tails; the tail of each spark is like the ship rope in length, and that they are yellow in color like the color of the fire.



[36] 35. This is the day when they cannot utter a [any audible word,]


[37] 36. Nor are they permitted [to talk] so they may apologize.


[38] 37. Woe, on that day, to deniers!



35 a While the talking without sound like the using of signals, pointing or inaudible talking is not called utterance.

The reason for God be glorified said that (they cannot utter); because they will be ethereal souls who cannot make us hear their voices, while they can talk among themselves [and hear each other], but their talking is inaudible to the people of the life of the World.

[Refer to the book by the interpreter Man after Death under the title of The speaking and the uttering ]



[39] 38. This is the Day of 'Judgment Decision' a; We have gathered you b [in Hell] together with the ancient [who denied the messengers.]


[40] 39. [Then it will be said to them in rebuke:] So if you can design a plot [as used you to do against believers], try now to plot against Me.


[41] 40. But woe, on that day, to deniers!



38 a On which it will be judged between the disbeliever and the believer, and between the truth follower and the falsehood follower.

38 b The addressing is to the deniers.



[Then God be glorified mentioned those who ward off His disobedience and avoid His punishment, and He said:]

[42] 41. [Surely] those who ward off [the disobedience of God] shall [promenade] in the shade [of the trees of Paradise] and [shall drink of its water] springs.


[43] 42. And such fruits as they desire.


[44] 43. [It will then be said to them:] Eat [of the fruits of the Garden] and drink [of its water-springs] with good digestion as a reward for what [righteous deeds] you did [in your life of the World.]


[45] 44. [So, as did We reward the good-doers in the past], thus will We reward the good-doers [out of your nation, Mohammed!]




[46] 45. [But] woe, on that day, to deniers.


[47] 46. Eat and enjoy yourselves [in the life of the World] for a little timea; you are sinners b.


[48] 47. Woe, on that day, to deniers!






46 a It is only few days, and you will die.

46 b So, after your death, We shall punish you according to your sins.



[49] 48. When it is said to them: "Bow down in prayers [together with those who perform the prayers]; they bow not down [because of their pride and arrogance.]


[50] 49. Woe, on that day, to deniers!


[51] 50. Then, in what relation, after [or better] than this [Quran a] will they believe!?






50 a With its fluency, eloquence, miracles, telling about the past and foretelling about the future.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 77 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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