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[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. About what do these [associaters] interrogate each other!?


[Then God be glorified told about the subject of their interrogation, and said:]

[3] 2. about the serious topic!


[4] 3. Concerning which they are at variance. a


[5] 4. Nay b, they will soon come to know [the truth about that c.]


[6] 5. Again nay d; for they will soon come to know [the truth about that e.]


3 a The topic about which they are at variance is the sending of souls to the Next Life and the resurrection: some people believe in it and others deny it.

Moreover, those who believe in it vary also concerning it: some people say: the sending to the Next Life will be for souls not for bodies; while others say: both souls and bodies will be resurrected altogether.

In addition, they differ about spirits: some admit the existence of spirits, while others deny that.

Therefore, this is the difference and disagreement of people about the sending to the Next Life.

While about the Accounting and Judgment: some say: the accounting will directly follow death, while others say: it will be on Doomsday.



4 b This is for deterring those who deny the existence of spirits; which means: It is not like what you imagine that man has no spirit.

4 c Following their death, and they will then see spirits, jinns (or genies), angels, devils and every ethereal creature.



5 d This is a deterring to those who deny the sending of souls to the Next Life.

5 e When they will go to the world of souls, by means of death, and they will then see the angels who will take their souls out of their bodies, and will see the chastisement with which We promised them, and what else they denied and disbelieved.



[Then God be glorified started to explain to people, the proofs of His might and ability about the sending to the Next Life: concerning His perfecting of His creatures, and that His manufactured things are intact without defect or flaw, and He said:]

[7] 6. Have We not made the earth well-prepared for you [people a]?


[8] 7. And the mountains [as] pegs [and balance for the earth?] b


[9] 8. And [have We not] created you in spouses [: male and female c]?


[10] 9. And made your sleep [for] rest?


[11] 10. And made the night [as] a veiling?


[12] 11. And made the day [for your] livelihood d ?


[13] 12. And [have We not] constructed above you e seven firm [layers of ethereal heavens]? f


[14] 13. And made [in the space, the sun as] a lamp blazing [with fire and heat?]


[15] 14. And sent down from the clouds profuse [rain] water?


[16] 15. That We may produce by the [rain water] the grain g and the plant h.


[17] 16. And gardens with dense foliage. i





6 a So as to dwell on it, to cultivate it, and for travelling between its mountains and valleys.




7 b For if mountains had not been existent, the earth would have swayed and rotated awkwardly, so that the climate would have extensively varied: one day very cold and the next extremely hot; and so they would have become ill and could not have been able to carry out their livelihood affairs.




8 c In order to reproduce and multiply.











11 d i.e. that you may seek after your livelihood.




12 e i.e. above the atmosphere of the earth.

12 f It means: seven ethereal heavens, compacted one over another.

Nowadays, they are the habitation of angels, and they are the Gardens which we shall enter after death, if God wills that.

The word firm means: perfected and strong so that they will not tear up or disperse whatever centuries and eras may pass.











15 g Which constitutes sustenance for man, like the wheat, rice, corn and others.

15 h Like legumes, the grass and others which plant and grow on the earth.





16 i i.e. with its tree branches densely twining and twisting around each other.



[18] 17. Surely, the Day of the 'Judgment Decision' a [be b] a time appointed [for judging and punishing them.]


[19] 18. On the Day [of Doom] c when the 'Horn' will be blown, and you [people] will come d, in crowds e.


[20] 19. And the sky shall be torn and have many apertures. f


[21] 20. And when mountains [: meteorites g] shall be moved [: attracted by the sun], and be in swarms h.


17 a i.e. Doomsday, as is it indicated in the next aya:

17 b The verb in Arabic in the aya is in past tense, to imply that God be glorified did warn them of it in the life of the World before the Next Life.




18 c Or Doomsday.

The 'Horn' and the blowing into it has been explained in the interpretation of the Quran 6: 73.

18 d From the earth to the 'gathering-together' in the space.

18 e In many masses.




19 f It means: At the start, it will tear and have apertures or openings as if they are gates; which will occur when the earth will stop its axial rotation.

Then it will tear up and the gases will mix with each other to become smoke; which will occur when the earth with the solar system will tear up.



20 g Which are in the space, circling around the earth; so when the earth gravity will finish because of the depletion of the heat in its core, and the earth will then stop its axial rotation, then no relation will remain between these meteorites and the earth, so the sun gravity will capture and draw them towards it.

20 h Like the swarms of the sand-grouse.



[22] 21. Surely, Hell is a place of ambushing [and trapping.] a


[23] 22. For the rebellious, a place of refuge b.


[24] 23. Therein they will tarry for ages [after ages.]


[25] 24. Neither cold [water] shall they taste in [Hell], nor any [fruit] drink.


[26] 25. But only an extremely hot water and a dark c liquid. d


[27] 26. A due recompense [for them] according [to their disbelief e.]


[28] 27. They were f uncertain about the 'Judgment. g '


[29] 28. And they ever said Our signs were lies.


[30] 29. But everything [about their words and works] have We recorded by writing.


[31] 30. [The angels will then say to them:] "Now taste [the chastisement], for [even if you cry for help] we will only increase your chastisement h."


21 a i.e. it withdraws the souls from the space to itself, and none of them may escape from it.




22 b i.e. a shelter for them to which they will resort and in which they will dwell.












25 c i.e. black and turbid.

25 d The meaning: There will be for them a turbid drink, which will be blackened by mixing with the soot of the smoke.




26 e And stubbornness and denial of Gods revelations.




27 f In the life of the World.

27 g Neither about the reward nor about the requital.












30 h In addition the chastisement you already have.



[32] 31. Surely, those who ward off [the disobedience of God] will succeed a.


[33] 32. Orchards and fruits.


[34] 33. And young maidens, of equal age, having small breasts [: i.e. small, the size of the ankle.] b


[35] 34. And a cup [of wine] overflowing.


[36] 35. They shall hear in [Paradise] no idle-talk, nor lies. c


[37] 36. A reward [for them] from your Lord; ample offering that will cause their satisfaction. d

[38] 37. Lord of the heavens and the earth: the Most Gracious, of Whom they cannot ask [concerning the intercession.]


[39] 38. On the day when the Spirit [Gabriel] and the angels will stand forth in ranks; none shall speak [intercession] except [for the behalf of] any [monotheist] about whom is permitted by [God] Most Gracious, and the [intercessor] will speak what is right e.


[40] 39. Truly that [day] is the inevitable day; therefore whoso likes [to be at rest and comfort in the Next Life], let him seek for a resort with his Lord [with repentance and righteous acts.] f


31 a In getting rid of the Fire, and gaining the reward of Paradise.




33 b That is because souls do not get older or elderly, but always are youth, even though the body gets older and elderly in the life of the World. So the soul will remain in its youth, whether it is a believer or a disbeliever.




35 c It means: neither will they hear the speaking of useless words of falsehood, nor will they say lies to each other.



36 d It means: We shall increase Our offering to them, until each one of them will say: This is enough for me; I have been satisfied.







38 e It means: Except that the intercessor is correct with his intercession, so he will intercede for a monotheist who has some sins, then God will permit the intercessor to intercede, and so he may then intercede for him.




39 f Similar to this is another aya in the Quran 76: 29, which means:

(Therefore whoso likes [to be successful in the Next Life], let him follow a way [leading] to [the Paradise of] his Lord.)



[Then God be glorified warned the associaters, among the Arab, of the chastisement, if they do not believe; and He said:]

[41] 40. We warn you, [associaters], of an imminent chastisement [following after your death a.]


[42] 41. The day when man [who is a believer] will look on [the charity] that his hands forwarded [to find it before him], while the disbeliever will say [when he will see the chastisement]: "O would that I were dust. b "





40 a In the Barzakh world [or the Afterlife.]




41 b In order to get rid of the chastisement, just as how my body has become dust, and so it has got rid of the punishment: [my body] will not be punished or taken to account.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 78 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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