Soora 79


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[2] 1. [I swear] by [the winds] that plucked out a [a people] immersed b [in their sins, and cast them away!]


[Then God be glorified started to describe those winds, and He said:]

[3] 2. And [by those winds] that rushed with increasing speed! c


[4] 3. And [by those winds] that started swimming [through the air!]


[5] 4. And [by those winds] that outstripped [horses, gazelles and every creature on earth!]


[6] 5. And [by those winds] that thrust the am'r d [: genies, devils and spirits in their way] on their backs!


[Then God be glorified threatened them with the chastisement of Doomsday, and explained about some events which will occur then, so He said:]

[7] 6. On the day when the quaking earth will quake [the quaking of Doomsday.] e


[8] 7. Which the following [calamity: the tearing-up of the earth] shall succeed. f


[9] 8. [Some] hearts on that day will be agitated. g


[10] 9. While their sights shall be humbled.


[Then God be glorified explained about the doctrine of the associaters and their denial of the sending to the Next Life and the gathering-together, so He said:]

[11] 10. They say: Shall our [bodies] really be restored in the grave to our former state? h


[12] 11. "Even when we shall be decayed i bones [in the grave]?"


[13] 12. They say: "It would then, [if what Mohammed says concerning the sending forth to the Next Life was true], be a return with loss." j


[Then God be glorified told that they only have illusions about this, and it is not as do they think that We return bodies to life once again; because the sending to the Next Life and the gathering-together is exclusively for souls, and there will be no need for bodies, so He said:]

[14] 13. But surely, it will be but a single [compelling] cry;


[15] 14. When they will immediately be in the sleepless [world.] k



1 a They are the severe winds that pluck man out of his place and cast him on the ground so as to make him die.

1 b It means: the wind plucked out the disbelievers immersed or drowned in the disobedience and sin; its implication: I swear by the winds which plucked a people drowned in sins.

They were the tribes of Aad on whom God loosed the hurricanes and so He terminated them.

This actually is an oath of warning and threatening to the associaters with the punishment.

The meaning: if you do not believe in Me and believe My messenger, I will loose on you some winds like those winds, which will terminate you as did they terminate the tribes of Aad.

Similar to this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 54: 20, which means:

(Plucking out men [from the ground and throwing them; so they die, and be] like stumps of palm-trees cast [on the ground.])




2 c i.e. that wind became more severe against them more and more until it terminated them completely.




5 d This word (am'r) implies the spiritual creatures; it means: the jinn (or genies), spirits, devils and others; which are every creature invisible to material beings.

It means: Those winds were not confined exclusively to plucking out people from their places, but they plucked anyone in their way, even the jinn (or genies), devils and spirits, on account of their violent advancing and moving.




6 e Similar to this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 99: 1, which means:

(When the Earth shall be violently quaked!)




7 f It means: The next calamity will follow it, which will be the tearing up of the solar system including the earth.




8 g i.e. fearful and anxious.

The heart is in fact one of the body organs, while the spiritual heart is one of the soul organs.

The reason that God said: some hearts, because some planets whose axial rotations will persist, like Mars, Saturn and Jupiter; there will be living beings on such planets even after our earth will stop its axial rotation.

So God be glorified said some hearts and did not say: the hearts; for He meant by that the little number who will keep living till Doomsday.



10 h The meaning: They will say: Shall the parts of our decayed bodies return to each other to become alive once again as they were before; this is impossible and actually they will never return to life once again.




11 i i.e. rotten and disintegrated inside the grave.




12 j It means: they say: if what Mohammed says about the sending to the Next Life and the resurrection is true, then such return will be to our loss, because we will then lose the prosperity of Paradise, and suffer the chastisement of the Fire.









14 k It means: The angel of death will shout at them with one shout, and they will immediately die, and the souls get out of their bodies and go to the ether world: a world wherein they will not sleep, because souls do not sleep.

Similar to this aya, is His saying be glorified in the Quran 37: 19, which means:

(It will only be one compelling cry [of the angel of death]; and behold, they will be waiting [for the judgment and punishment!])



[16] 15. Have [you, Mohammed, understood] the story, of Moses [with Pharaoh, when it had previously] reached you?


[17] 16. When his Lord called to him in the sacreda Valley of Tuva:


[18] 17. "Go to Pharaoh; he has become a tyrant."


[19] 18. "And say [to him]: 'Do you like to purify [yourself from disbelief, by admitting that there is no god but God]?"


[20] 19. "And that I should guide you to [recognize] your Lord, then you shall fear [the consequence of your disbelief and oppression, in order to forsake all that]?"


[21] 20. And he showed him the greatest miracle [: the staff.]


[22] 21. But [Pharaoh] denied [it] and rebelled [against his Lord.]


[23] 22. Then he turned away [from Moses] seeking [to disprove his miracle.]


[24] 23. Then he mustered [his companions and retinue] and made a proclamation [to them:]


[25] 24. And said: "I [Pharaoh] am your Lord, Highest [than all other gods.]"


[26] 25. So God seized him with the punishment of the Next [Life: in the Fire] and the First [life of the World: by the drowning and disgrace.] b


[27] 26. Surely, in that [drowning and perishing] is a lesson to any who fears [God's punishment and avoids His disobedience.]






16 a The valley became holy because Abraham the Loyal Friend of God performed the prayers there; therefore, it became holy, for it became a mosque or a place of worship, which is called the Valley of Tuva.














































25 b They say he was Merneptah, the son of Ramses II.



[28] 27. Are you a the harder to [re-]create, or is the firmament that He did construct [making it seven layers?] b


[29] 28. He raised its high layers [and lowered its low layers] c, and arranged them [into seven layers.] d


[30] 29. And darkened its e night [by the setting of the sun], and brought forth its e day [by the sun light.]


[31] 30. And afterwards, He increased [the thickness of the cold crust of] the earth. f


[32] 31. [And He] produced, from the [earth], the water thereof and the pasture thereof. g


[33] 32. and the mountains He settled firmly [on the earth.] h


[34] 33. [And He made the water and the plant, which He produced from the earth] a provision for you and for your cattle.


27 a Associaters who deny the sending to the Next Life.

27 b It means: Do you consider (the resurrecting of your bodies and bringing them back to life once again, following their death) harder or the heaven; because the creation of the heavens and the earth is bigger and greater than creating you.

Similar to this is His saying be glorified in the Quran 40: 57, which means:

(Certainly, to create the heavens and the earth is more significant than creating people, but most of people know not [the truth.])




28 c The meaning: He raised the light gases, and lowered the heavy ones among such gases.

28 d After being a thick smoke.

God be glorified explained about them in the Quran 41: 11-12, which means:

(Then He tended to [build] the sky [of the earth] and it had been smoke; He said to the [sky] and to the earth: "Come, both of you [to the gravitation force of the sun], willingly or loath." The two said: "We [all] have come obedient. And He separated them into seven firmaments in two days.)

The meaning: At the start, the atmosphere was a thick smoke, which was a mixture of seven gases, then God be glorified separated those gases from each other, by raising the light among them, and leaving the heavy, so they became seven gaseous layers.




29 e God be glorified related that to the sky by saying: (its night) and (its day), because the sunrays spread on the gaseous layers, and the gases will reflect them to the earth, and so the day light will be formed.



30 f i.e. He gradually increased the thickness of the cold crust of the earth, until it became suitable to be inhabited.




31 g The explanation of this: is that: gases came out from the earth, and water was then formed from combination of the hydrogen with the oxygen.

Some of the water also came out from the hot fountains in the form of vapor.

Then when the rain came down on the earth, the grass grew, and as such was the pasture formed.




32 h He means by that the meteorites which fell on the earth in large number in the beginning, and they became the mountains.

Then other mountains were formed of three kinds:

The first: by the geological changes of the earth, like the earthquake, cleavage, volcanoe and others.

The second: by the factors of denudation and erosion.

The third: due to contraction and cracking of the earth surface to form the mountainous ranges.

So these are four kinds of mountains.



[35] 34. Then, when the 'great catastrophe' a comes.


[36] 35. The day when man shall remember [all the good work] b that he did [in his life in the World.]


[37] 36. And Hell is advanced to those who see c.


[38] 37. Then as for him who was insolent [towards Our messenger d]


[39] 38. And preferred the life of the World [to the Next Life.]


[40] 39. Surely Hell shall be his resort e.


[41] 40. But such as feared the Station of his Lord f and forbade [his] soul [its] caprices g.


[42] 41. Surely Paradise shall be his resort h.


34 a It is the tearing up of the earth and the solar system, which will happen on Doomsday.




35 b While as regards their sins: they will not remember them, but will find all that written down in the books of their deeds.




36 c For they will be captured by its gravity, and so they will see it with their sights, and hear its sound with their hearings.



37 d And did not believe in his Lord, nor did he comply with His messenger.









39 e And his home.




40 f And believed in His messneger.

40 g i.e. from committing sins and from wronging people.




41 h In the Barzakh world [or the Afterlife or the spirit-world.]



[43] 42. They question you [Mohammed] about the Hour [of death]: when its time will come! a


[44] 43. But have you any knowledge concerning it, so that you may tell them about it? [No, you haven't.] b


[45] 44. To [the judgment of] your Lord, will be the final end [of men, when their life term is concluded.] c


[46] 45. You [Mohammed] are only a warner of anyone who fears it. d


[47] 46. On the day when they see the [angels of death e], it will be as if they had tarried f only for a night or its day.



42 a This has been explained in the interpretation of the terminal part of chapter 7 of the Quran.




43 b No, you dont know about its due time, in order to tell them and specify its time to them.




44 c It means: to the decision of your Lord, will be the destiny of all people when their decreed life is concluded.




45 d i.e. a warner of anyone who fears Gods punishment, so he may believe in God and in His messenger and may not disobey them.





46 e Who will pluck their souls from their bodies, and they see the death event.

46 f In the life of the World.



By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 79 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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