Soora 82


[1] (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


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[Some associaters asked about Doomsday: when it will take place; so God be glorified said in reply to them:]

[These shall be some of the signs of Doomsday:]

[2] 1. When the heaven shall split open. a


[3] 2. And when the planets [shall break up into pieces that] shall be strewn about [in the space to be meteorites.] b


[4] 3. And when the seas shall gush forth [with the underground water.] c


[5] 4. And when tombs shall be [destroyed and] dispersed. d


[6] 5. [Then] shall [every] soul know what [good work] it has forwarded [to its everlasting life] and [what duties it has] put back [or neglected e.]


1 a The heaven is the gaseous layers which surround the earth.

The meaning: When it will crack, tear up then mix with each other to become like the smoke; such event will be one of the signs of Doomsday.




2 b This will take place when the sun will burst.




3 c I have previously said that the earth will stop its axial rotation, so the heat will increase on the day hemisphere, and the water of rivers and seas on the earth surface will evaporate; but the underground water will remain without evaporating so that people will drink of it, i.e. from wells.

Then when the earth will crack up and cut up, the water preserved underground will gush forth and emerge from such cracks and fissures, then will evaporate and go away into the space.

Therefore, this is the meaning of His saying be glorified in this aya:

(And when the seas shall gush forth); it means: the seas that are under the ground.




4 d This will take place when the earth will be quaked: houses, graves, mansions and every building on the earth surface will be demolished because of the vigorous shaking.




5 e So he/she did not carry out such duties.



[7] 6. [The angels will then say to the disbeliever:] "O man! What has made you careless concerning your Bountiful Lord" a,


[8] 7. "The One Who created you [from scanty seminal fluid], then made you [a man: hearing and seeing], then proportioned you[r organs] symmetrically b?"


[9] 8. "And He composed you into whatever form [of the four human races c ] He constituted."


6 a Who has been Generous to you with all such bounties, but you denied and did not show gratitude about them.

This is confirmed by His saying be glorified in the Quran 89: 15, which means:

(As for man: whenever his Lord tries him [with prosperity] by being Generous to him [with wealth], and by blessing him [with many bounties], he will say: "My Lord has honored me [because He favors me.])




7 b So that no hand is longer than the other one is, and no leg is shorter than the other is, but He made your body organs and special senses proportioned and equalized on one measure.




8 c The black, the yellow, the red or the white humans; for human beings are four races and colors. However, I have explained about them in my book The Universe and the Quran



[10] 9. Nay a ! But in fact you [disbelievers] give the lie to the Judgment and Requital,


[11] 10. Yet, there are [some] recording [angels]b in charge of you.


[12] 11. [That are] honorable [before God], and writers [of your deeds and words.]


[13] 12. They are aware of all that you do. c


[14] 13. Surely, the pious d [shall prosper] in the prosperity [of Paradise],


[15] 14. And surely, the libertines e [shall] [be chastised] in the hell [of Fire],


[16] 15. Wherein they will broil on the Day of Requital f.


[17] 16. Nor are they [today] absent from it [: the fire of volcanoes and the sun.] g


[18] 17. But can you imagine what the Day of Requital is? h


[19] 18. Again can you imagine what the Day of Requital is? i


[20] 19. [That is] the day when no soul can control any [intercession] for any soul; for on that day the authority will [absolutely] be God's [authority.]


9 a i.e. But it is not as you claim that there will be neither sending of souls to the Next Life, nor requital.




10 b Who record your sins, and We shall accordingly punish you in the Next Life.







12 c Because they accompany you: they walk wherever you may walk, and sit wherever you may sit.




13 d That are kind to the parents and are kind to the poor and needy and feed them.




14 e The libertine is the one who is a disbeliever, evil-doer and disobedient to Gods commands.




15 f Or the Day of Judgment: the day when they will be convicted and will yield to the punishment.




16 g i.e. the fire of volcanoes kindled round about them, but they do not know that they will be punished in it after their death; and as such is the sun which they see every day, but they do not know that they will be punished in it on Doomsday.




17 h The meaning: Can you imagine how they will be chastised following their death, and how they will regret when they will see the angels of death plucking their souls from their bodies?




18 i This is not any repetition, for the first [in the previous aya] points out to their chastisement in the Barzakh world [or the spirit-world or the Afterlife], while the second [in this aya] points out to Doomsday.


By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 82 of the Quran is completed;

So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)


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