"A woman from Hilla in Iraq, once, became ill, and her illness increased in severity day by day, until her death hour approached.

Her mother in law was with her in the house, and she heard the dying woman speak as if she was greeting and respecting someone; so that her mother in law asked her: 'To whom are you speaking?'

The dying woman [: that was about to die] answered her: 'My father and mother have come to see me, and they are [now] sitting near to me, so cover yourself with your wrap ; so that my father won't see you!'

But her mother in law did not take her words seriously, and did not wear her wrap, but instead she said to herself that her father and mother were dead, then how would they come to her!?

The dying woman went on talking as if she spoke to her father and mother, then turned to her mother in law and said to her: 'Wear your wrap; for my father is sitting beside me!'

But her mother in law did not consider her words, then she said to her mother in law: 'Wear your wrap, and go to open the door; for my brother Hussein has arrived!'

But her mother in law did not pay attention to her words; in stead she said to herself: this patient is delirious due to the severity of her illness.

No more than one minute later, the door was knocked; her mother in law went to the door and called: 'Who is there behind the door? Is it you Hussein?'

He answered: 'Yes, it is me: Hussein!'

So she opened the door for him, and he went in. He asked her: 'Who told you that I am behind the door?'

She said: 'Your sister told me that!'

When his sister saw him, she welcomed him and said: 'My father and mother have just been here with me. They talked with me, then my father said to me: Your brother is coming and we shall go.'

She talked with him few other words, then she became silent. Her brother shook her, but she was dead."

The hour of death (the death appointment)