Prophet Mohammed was not any child raper or pedophile
Some people who are not God-fearing, insist that our noble Prophet Mohammed – salam to him - was a pedophile, by which they mean he was a child raper: i.e. that he took Aisha our "mother of believers" as a wife while she was only 9 years old, i.e. when she was a child; and that this is not a human act...etc.

The truth about this subject:
This is not mentioned in the Quran that she was 9 years old when he took her for wife; but there are some prophetic traditions that she was 9 years old while other narrations say she was 15 years, 20, 25 years and so on.

Now this honorable "mother of believers" was and still she is a subject of controversy among Muslims, because she was the daughter of the first Caliph Abu Bakr, and she had a stand against Imam Ali - salam to him.

Therefore, there is some enthusiasm about her with the Sunni Muslims, while there is some condemnation by the Shia Muslims; and each party produce their traditions: some of them exaggerates about her condition and others belittle of her situation.

Our way of dealing with prophetic traditions is that we refer to the Quran to see is this tradition agrees with the Quran --> then it is correct; or when the tradition contradicts the Quran --> then it is false and fabricated; i.e. it is ascribed to the Prophet that he said it, while he in fact did not say such a tradition.

Some researchers and scholars investigated the matter with dates and in comparison with other events to reach the conclusion that she was about 25 years of age when the Prophet - Salam to him - took her for wife.
IMOP she was young, I think may be almost 15 years or older, [the sexual maturity is at 9-10 years of age for the woman, and 14 years for the boy to be sexually mature and reaches his sexual puberty.]

And if they object to this marriage of our noble Prophet Mohammed to a young girl (but not any child as do they claim);
then they should know that Prophet and King David married 99 women : wives and concubines, then he took the wife of Uriah for wife after the death of her husband and after the elapsing of the stated "Idda" period following her husband's death;
then when he was old at his elderly, they gave him a woman to wife; and he could not take her in bed, but only she did warm him!