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The role of the Moon in protecting the Earth - منتديات الهدى
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    The role of the Moon in protecting the Earth

    The Protective Role of Moon

    It seems that Moon has an important and serious role of protecting Earth from comets!

    When a comet falls on Earth, it digs in the ground and buries under the earth surface; this is opposite to the meteorite, which when falls on Earth it stays upon the surface, and does not usually bury under the ground.
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    The reason for that is that the comet is a flaming and hot object, while the meteorite is much less in heat, eventhough it acquires some heat from its friction with the atmosphere.

    Comets have affinity to be attracted to the cold and frozen areas of Earth, like Siberia, Alaska, the north and south poles and the surrounding regions; because of the attraction between the hot object of the comet and such cold regions.

    There are huge craters in some parts of US shores; these craters are ascribed to the impact of a comet in the past. These craters are like those on Moon surface; those on Moon surface cannot be because of volcanoes: the core of Moon is cold, not like that of Earth which is hot; so that a very hot lava emerges from the volcanoes when they erupt.
    Moon during its cyclic phases around Earth, will have a day (14 days of our Earth) during which its surface will be very hot, while its night is (14 days of our Earth) too. During its night its surface temperature will drop and become very cold; in addition to that its core is cold;
    Therefore, it will trap the comets; because it will be nearer to the comet than the Earth will be, and the comet will dig its surface making the characteristic pitted feature of Moon's surface.
    In these craters of Moon, we do not find rocks; because the meteorite will dig to be buried under the ground. Such craters have gradually been formed along its long history with its mother: the Earth.
    God - be exalted - said in the Quran 36: 39

    وَالْقَمَرَ قَدَّرْنَاهُ مَنَازِلَ حَتَّى عَادَ كَالْعُرْجُونِ الْقَدِيمِ

    The explanation:
    (And the moon, We have decreed it[s] phases, till it returns like an old 'curved stalk of a date-clusters.')

    The old 'curved stalk of a date-clusters', having its dates culled and eaten, and the remaining date caps, will have the shape of moon's surface and its craters; and this Quranic revelation may indicate that Moon going on its phases during all this long time until it became like the old 'curved stalk of a date-clusters'.


    It seems then that Moon - being the first line of defense and being very cold during its night, in addition to that its core being cold - has a protective function for Earth by trapping much of comets: before they may hit the Earth.
    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة إبن سينا ; 10-16-2011 الساعة 05:59 PM
    توقيع John Wassov

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