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Most mountains are not from Earth in origin - منتديات الهدى
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    Most mountains are not from Earth in origin

    Most of the mountains are not from Earth in origin

    The mountains are two kinds

    First: The newly formed: were formed from volcano eruptions, from earthquakes causing depression and elevation of the earth surface and from various other geological factors.

    Second: But most of the mountains fell down on Earth from the outer space in the ancient times, in the form of meteorites and portions of the destroyed old planets of the previous solar system.

    The Previous Solar System:
    There was another solar system before this present one: there was a sun around which some planets were orbiting.
    The last Doomsday destroyed that sun together with its planets:
    • The previous sun was broken up into nine planets (: our present planets) that started to orbit around the nearest sun (: our present sun.)
    • The previous planets were broken up into many pieces that were attracted by the newly formed planets (: our present planets); they settled down on the planets forming the mountains and the mountainous ranges of the Earth and the rest of the present planets.

    The previous sun broke up --> formed the present Earth and the other planets.

    The previous planets broke up --> formed many large and small pieces and meteorites --> formed the mountains of our Earth and the other planets.

    Those pieces and meteorites, that became the mountains, carried life to the Earth and the other planets, in the form of seeds, branches of trees and decayed organic substances and remnants of corpses of animals; because the previous planets were inhabited by man, animal and plant. So life came embedded in the mountains, that were parts of the destroyed planets.

    Therefore, life started from mountains not from seas.

    Life is transmissible from one old destroyed planet to another newly formed planet:
    http://quran-ayat.com/universe/new_p..._Transmissible from one inhabited planet of the past solar system [that was destroyed in the past Doomsday], to another planet in the newly formed solar system.

    The settlement of the mountains on the Earth, in its early life, caused
    1. Its inclination of 23 degrees on its axis; to form the seasons and for other advantages.
    2. And made its movement more steady and regular (like the lead weights used in the car wheel balance); so that the movement of Earth becomes so steady that we do not feel it in spite of its quick movement around its axis; glory be to God!
    3. And carried life to it.
    4. And the mountains, after falling down, were firmly rooted like the pegs of the tent [they had roots and bases under the surface of the ground.] This may have an advantage of fixing the crust of the Earth?

    This is confirmed by many Quranic revelations.

    God – be exalted – said in the Quran 16: 15
    وَأَلْقَى فِي الأَرْضِ رَوَاسِيَ أَن تَمِيدَ بِكُمْ
    The explanation:
    (And He cast [mountains] that landed on the earth; lest it should move irregularly with you.)

    When scientists estimated the earth age, they in fact estimated the age of these rocks, which are very old, but may not have originated on our Earth. Even some fossils might have come embedded in those parts of the old planets that have become the mountains on our Earth.
    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة John Wassov ; 09-23-2011 الساعة 09:35 AM
    توقيع John Wassov

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