For patients with Coronavirus having fever, don't give them paracetamol and other antipyretics unless their temperature rises to 39-40 degrees Centigrade

This is my opinion; it is logical and worth of trial

Why this almost is true
The body tries to overcome the virus by increasing the body temperature
The virus may be killed and overcome by heat and the high body temperature
The body will then sweat and may get rid of the virus via the sweat (and other ways of excretion

The risk of the very high temperature, but not of mild fever
Of course, high pyrexia is a killer of the patient, but mild fever may be beneficial for the body

So let the feverish Coronavirus patient be watched, or let him watch himself if he is intelligent, and when his temperature reaches 39-40 degrees centigrade, he then may be given the antipyretic, not before that

Give the patient ample amounts of fluids, especially hot drinks, like hot tea and hot milk, to enhance his sweating

My personal experience about any influenza fever

In the past years, when I had influenza many many times; sometimes, I felt my body cold so I would warm myself, and I would not take antipyretics like paracetamol (acetaminophen) or ponstan (mefenamic acid).. so I keep forbearing the fever, and then I will have sweating and the influenza weakens (the body starts to get rid of the viruses) and I keep warming myself and sweating will happen .. then cough will occur then when this cough becomes productive (sputum will come out, which is another way of getting rid of the virus), I feel better and I know that I have become cured almost.. but here I am still infectious to others .. so I keep away from others for few days until I am healthy once again by God's grace and blessing

This is the words of Prophet Abraham - salam to him - as God told us about them in the Quran
Quran 26: 80, which means

(And when I am sick, He heals me)
It means: God prepares for me the means of cure