Tel Aviv intelligence stirs the hatred between America and Muslims

Who is greater: God or Prophet Mohammed?
God of course is greater than Mohammed, Jesus, Moses and all creatures?

Now America and the West incline to the atheism and a large number of them are atheists: they don't admit God's existence.

Many of them trespass on the position of God Almighty: the Creator: (He is the same: God in English = Allah in Arabic and Jehovah or Yehweh in Hebrew.)

Therefore, why don't Muslims become angry for the West and America trespassing the position of God Himself: this is of course out of the self conceit of the West and America?

The one that takes advantage of this situation is only Tel Aviv and their intelligence and their cunning design.

Muslims have the right to protest such acts and such films produced by Tel Aviv allies; but not to do any criminal work, like killing or transgressing, which will cause the hatred among people, specially about the time of 911 which has been discovered to be CIA arrangement.

And Muslims have the right that such films and any similar acts should be condemned by the free and brave American people. is divorced

And many people suspect that the death of the Ambassador and other 3 Americans in Libya is designed and carried out by the intelligence of Tel Aviv to make enmity and hatred between America and Muslims.